Critique Seth – Against the Walls: Art flows through cities

Seth – Facing the Walls traces the ten-year journey and creativity of one of the most famous street artists around the world.

In Looking at the wallsSeth opens his doors wide his universe is very inspirational and inspiring. His painted children travel the world and say it delicately and poetically changes shaking our planet.

And for a while his new Paris exhibition “Empreinte / Carbone” currently offers us a new poetic escape at Fluctuart urban art center, this the artist’s first monograph the globe painter retreats ten years of travel and creativity. A real gem!

Walls as a playground

It is the first On the walls of ParisIn the mid-90s, Seth let his talent shine before he left to conquer the world and new painting techniques from 2003. Its children’s silhouettes with often hidden faces and life-exploding colors, he creates his art instantly recognizable and hypnotic.

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Indeed, there is something extra about his universe that immediately sets our imaginations in motion. It evokes a certain form of sweetness, hope it comes out straight childhood world, is very dear to the artist. But there was still hopekind of melancholic that none of his works escape. Because light also has shadows.

No doubt this is due to the character of someone who often has a stooped posture faces often elude usback-painted, masked, immersed in a chromatic vortex or hidden by staging, keep a secretleaves plenty of room for imagination. “Above all, don’t force it; propose. » explains.

Seth gives us the world with paint

On all pages, so we travel from wall to wall Cambodia, Reunion, France, China, Ukraine, New Zealand, Italy and the United States, among other destinations. So, the ruins of the occupied Palestinian territories or the demolished neighborhoods of old Shanghai become ephemeral canvases, and in Madagascar, regatta on the ocean serves as varnish for dozens of huge canvases.

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And then, the drawing is sometimes done is the preferred tool for strength workAs we discover, young refugee women who have lost their home and world after a volcanic eruption, as in the South Java region of Indonesia, paint alongside the artist. on the ruins of their houses… Photos entirely beautiful and moving seems like a tribute to great sophistication.

Poetry on every street corner

So, Each of these paintings has a story. Meeting, place, event, culture. But their story belongs to every eye that falls on them. Because it is an encounter between a painting, its context, the personal story of the observer and the chance of the moment, the light. transitive meaning of a work.

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Through art inspired by his travels, street artist celebrates the diversity of the world she delicately touches his darkness with her finger, never allowing herself to be completely closed to him. because poetry wins, still. This is what makes all the magic of these artists’ work, where Art comes out of the frame like C215. Banksy, Miss.Tic, Shepard Fairey (obey) or even Jef Aérosol to cite only a few. Maybe a little more than Seth.

Seth knocks down his Art-wall

Because Seth’s works do not blend into the background. They are coming with much courage and ingenuity complete it, enrich it, enliven it, play with it. They pass through walls that take shelter, protect, separate, fall sometimes it opens the horizon sometimes creates where there is none real and amazing trompe l’oeil.

“After covering the walls for years, I decided to paint to reveal them. »

It’s a book you don’t want to put down, read page after page. We were literally caughtalso by beautiful pictures we sometimes think for long seconds that texts and anecdotes who accompanies them. Because they are alive like paintings, they give us an opportunity put these things into perspectiveand Get a better understanding of Seth’s personality and the spirit of his art causing poetry to emerge where it is lacking.

Seth – Facing the walls will be published by Éditions de la Martinière on November 10, 2022.

Review Set - Facing the Walls



Falling into something

Magnificent photographs of the paintings, interpreted and explained by the artist, weave together a story of customs, historical or political facts or statements. One of the most successful books in living book and street art.

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