Automotive: VinFast, a Vietnamese manufacturer, will set up a dealership in Montpellier in 2023

The manufacturer presented two world premieres in the compact format during the Paris motor show, which will not be immediately available in France. But from December, it will grow its range with forced mileage and launch its SUV-only range.

Starting from scratch, many are trying to find a place in the electric car market. The simplicity of these engines, the lower development cost compared to the heat engine – the heart of the know-how of traditional manufacturers – are not related to the margins that can be achieved in sales or the high performance levels that can be achieved.

Several American and European manufacturers, Fisker, Rimac, Bollinger or Rivian, thus tied themselves to a high or very high level vein. Others, China’s BYD and Great Wall Motors, have ambitions for large volumes that will enter the French market in 2023 at extremely high price levels. VinFast is coming to Vietnam, a country that has not been in the automotive world until now, but probably would have been inappropriate to underestimate for a long time. Koreans for a long time.

A Vietnamese who made his fortune in Ukraine

VinFast is only four years old and has produced 150,000 vehicles in its first decade of existence, more than Tesla. It built a $1.5 billion factory on more than 300 hectares and was funded by billionaire brand owner Pham Nhat Vuong, who made his fortune from a Vietnamese restaurant he built. The engineer once studied in Moscow before developing in the agri-food industry in Ukraine and then luxury tourism. He returned to Vietnam.

Discover the portrait of Pham Nhat Vuong, the tycoon of the month, the founder and leader of Vietnam’s largest conglomerate! #Emerging markets #Vietnam

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Today, it is building a distribution network on the Old Continent, which will include Montpellier from 2023.

“We are setting up headquarters in Paris and opening our first European dealership in Cologne in November”, explained Jean-Philippe Mercier, deputy managing director for Europe at the Paris Motor Show. Paris will follow”until the end of 2022″, then the metropolitan of Nice and Montpellier in the second wave of deployment of his concept. Sometimes a showroom connected with an after-sales service workshop, sometimes a simple point of sale combined with a mobile service that intervenes in the home of the owners. “I’m in the process of hiring two hundred technicians equipped with electric vans.”

Wide variety from top to bottom

So what does he sell? Tesla, again, serves partly as a reference to this industrial adventure. On services – repair at home -, on connection of vehicles – “they will update remotely”Says Jean-Philippe Mercier -, all-wheel drive or even for top-to-bottom expansion of the lineup.

It’s an all-in-one driver! Pre-installed ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Smart Services in VinFast #Houses ready to deliver a smart, fully connected, one-of-a-kind experience!
For more information on our smart EVs and their smart features, visit

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Thus, two models are open for order in France, which will be delivered in 2023. The compact (4.75 m) SUV VF8 with a very successful silhouette and engines up to 400 hp, and the large VF9 at 5.11 m, seven seats more intended for the American market, are similarly motorized and claim 594 km of autonomy.

The first starts from 62,200 euros, the second from 82,950 euros, if you choose a complete car.

Buying a complete car or renting its battery?

It has been somewhat forgotten, but in the face of public questions about battery longevity and reliability, the first Renault Zoe was launched with a rental battery. The rental fee varied according to the autonomy and selected annual mileage.

With no mileage restrictions, VinFast uses this principle by renting a battery “€120 a monthJean-Philippe Mercier explains, throughout the life of the vehicle, including the last replacement. When purchased, this brings the price of the battery-free VF8 down to €45,000″, exactly €46,050. Add a ten-year lease of €14,400 and the total is less than the cost of a complete new car.

VinFast 2022 Paris Motor Show (PMS) officially introduced these electric vehicle models to the French market, bringing the 4 VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9 models.

— VinFast (@VinFastofficial) October 26, 2022

The same scheme will be offered in the VF6 and VF7, two other small SUVs unveiled in Paris and touted as more affordable. Especially the VF6, which is included in the B segment of versatile city cars. The VF5 is available in Dacia Spring guise, although it was seen in the US, but not at the Paris Motor Show.

All share artwork with their elders entrusted to an Italian studio, Pininfarina for the VF8 and 9 and Torino Design for the others. And the brand’s desire to be “a place among the world leaders in electric cars”does not hide that its director general is the deputy for Europe.

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