A hive of grand Palais Éphemère spotlights nine artists

At a quick count, there would be more than 5,000 images presented on the picture rails of the Grand Palais Ephemère. Paris The great masters in the photo are the recently deceased William Klein, the Englishman Martin Parr with a look both sardonic and subtle, or the black-and-white shots of Eastern Europe by Josef Koudelka, but also the most innovative and contemporary photographic creations.

From pictures for less than 1000 euros to masterpieces for several thousand euros. It’s a spotlight on nine artists who combine all genres.

Salgado surprises again and again

Polka, the photography star still manages to surprise. The Brazilian photographer trained us in these strong contrasting prints that sometimes emphasize the intensity of the image. The gallery for Paris Photo presents the landscape of Zambia, a Platinum-Palladium print with surprising softness. Polka director Adélie de Ipanema comments on this image: “With this choice of prints, Salgado gives a new reading of these photographs. Here, these gentle grays, set off with lots of water, fog, and clouds, give us the impression of a lost paradise.”

Price: 105000 Euro, #4 Kafue National Park, Zambia

 "Kafue National Park, Zambia, 2010"From the Genesis series.  (@Sebastiao Salgado)

In search of Marguerite Duras

At Clémentine de la Ferronnière, a three-grain image from another time is striking. These are photos of FLORE. Three elegant, mysterious shots that radiate melancholy. This work was selected by Rossy de Palma for his journey of 25 images to be discovered in Paris Photo.

FLORA, photographer French-Spanish for several years Marguerite has been roaming the Duras territories. Both geographically and romantically. He follows the path of the writer and creates these images Mythologized Indo-China.

He deciphers these poetic photographs: “It’s an attempt at time travel, an idea to answer the alleged life of Duras, would be Marguerite Duras’ imaginary memories.”

Monkey Emilie Pascal, 2022 Courtesy Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière (@FLORE)

Image as in the 19th century

110 Galerie was born in June 2022. Four months later, the young gallery was chosen by Holly Roussel for the Curiosa course, which gives visibility to young artists and young creators. For its visit to the Paris Photo Temple, the gallery has chosen the solo work of Sara Imloul.

Sarah Imloul was born at the end of the 20th century, but her photographic process dates back to 1841. This is a process invented by William Talbot: the calotype. In the era of digital dominance over images and social networks, this artist chose slowness, the Arte Povera of photography. “It also reminds me of the poses of models in paintings if I am stuck in this process, which is painful and exhausting, with a very long exposure time. Mostly, I’m interested in staging, and that’s how I create this fictional diary.”.

The result: images close to surrealism, dreams or nightmares, hazy memories with a grain that evokes pencil drawings.

Depending on the format: from 1300 to 6000 euros


Rediscovering lost photographers

Paris Photography is also an opportunity to resurrect lost, forgotten artists. Such is the case in Les Douches La galerie with Roger Catherineau. This gallery is presented on the same walls as Hervé Guibert, Sabine Weiss or Frank Horvath and these well-known artists: two photograms by Cathérineau.

The photogram is a technique of non-contact and device-less imaging, a process that allows you to compose works with only light and the imprint of an object.

The artist, who died in early 1962, is in museum collections, but his works are rarely seen in galleries. It’s a way to return to this universe and gallery director Eric Remy: “It is a way to witness the technical virtuosity and great experimental freedom of an artist who died too soon.

Price: 5000-7000 Euro

Vintage photogram courtesy of artist Showers (© Roger Catherineau)

Artist Morandi under the eye of the photographer

Paris Photos hosts galleries from 29 countries around the world. Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv has brought Israeli photographer David Adika on board.

Painting and photography have been turning and intersecting for two centuries. Proof with David Adika. In 2016, he moved to Bologna, to the workshop of artist Morandi. Giorgio Morandi painted and repainted still lifes in his studio after the war, after the chaos. The photographer took the everyday objects of the Italian artist to revive this thought, the care given to the light, these subtle colors with something a little different each time.

The visitor remains motionless in front of these photographs in front of a calm, balanced, soothing interior landscape. Like Morandi in this tumultuous and painful time, the visions bring calm to the calm.


Cuban art cut brut images

In the gallery christianburst Art Brut, this Art Brut, this time intervenes in the field of photography. Cuban Jorge Alberto Cadi is known as “El Buzo” on the streets of Havana. Like his schizophrenic brother, this Cuban artist is nicknamed “the diver” because he constantly searches for material for his works among the city’s abandoned objects. In Paris, images from magazines are presented, patched and patched, and postcards are cut up like surrealist photomontages.

“We have grown a little over time”, it is hidden in a rather poetic and disturbing word. And the images take a diabolical, grotesque, funny turn, and if the artist does not think about it, the visitor definitely thinks about the fragmented society of Cuba.

untitled, 2015. Ink collage and stitching in photography (@ Jorge Albero Cadi)

Bernard Descamps’ Humanistic Vision of Africa

For 30 years, Bernard Descamps traveled through Africa. The Camera Obscura gallery presents three square formats that showcase the feel of the frame, the elegance of the lines and the humanism of this photographer’s vision.

Far from grandeur, Bernard Descamps spoke about his work in 2000 in Filigree’s book dedicated to him: “A. The dawn of photography was presented to photographers who traveled the world in wonder. It was a wonderful gift. Today, everything seems accessible, we have the impression that we know everything, but this is a trick. There is still much to learn. Photography is an exchange.”

Taken in Mali in 1997, this Fulani herdsman rings true in light of these statements.

Price: 1500-4000 Euro

 "Niger River, Fulani herdsmen, Niger, 1997" (@Bernard Descamps)

Unbridled fashion photography by Mous Lamrabat

Another view of Africa is offered to us by Mous Lamrabat, who comes with the baggage of the Loft Art Gallery in Casablanca.

Mous Lamrabat is a young Moroccan photographer living in Belgium who mixes codes, compresses them, superimposes them. They overuse fashion and luxury, sometimes making fun of it. Losing all their gender identities, these models strike stunning poses in the desert landscapes of their native Morocco.

“He wants to shout slogans of peace, slogans for living together,” Gallery owner Yasmine Berrada says Sounni.

In October 2021, she spoke to GQ magazine about these models, whose bodies we guess more than we discover, as opposed to a high fashion show: “I have always been interested in the way people dress (…). By the way a person dresses, you can put them in a box. But when a person is veiled or wears a uniform, all this suddenly disappears. I like how you keep people guessing.”

Prix: 6400 Euros


A family album in front of everyone

Julien Magre, unlike the photographers traveling for the Niépce Gens d’images 2022 prize, it’s all with the family.

“This is a very intimate work, a shot that follows me around for a very long time. I have been photographing my family since I met my wife 23 years ago, in 1999,” he tells us as he browses through a series of hangings on picture rails at Réverbère de Lyon, one of the oldest galleries dedicated to photography.

With a series of intimate and personal images from Sally Mann to Leah Edelman-Brier, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, to make this family a universal family, the feeling of voyeurism is slowly diminishing. His series “Alive”, mixes everyday life with simple and elegant landscapes. Julien Magre, although a member of this family, is a discreet observer. A strange and successful life bet.

Photo: Julien Magre, Louise, series "The" (@Julien Magre, 2022 Niépce Gens d'images prize)

Paris-Photo until Sunday 13 November at the Grand Palais Ephemère

13 Place Joffre75007 Paris Metro: Military School

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