19-year-old Helana was stabbed to death in Ronchin.

A 19-year-old woman was stabbed to death in her boyfriend’s apartment in the Marcel-Bertrand residence in Ronchin on Wednesday evening. The latter, the alleged perpetrator of the incident, was arrested. He was seriously injured and hospitalized.

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Helana’s father, David, has red eyes from a night when his world came crashing down: ” I know hate, I know anger, I know sadness, but this is something else, horror, I didn’t know you could experience something like this His daughter Helana was stabbed to death by her boyfriend on Wednesday evening in the residence of Marcel-Bertrand in Ronchin, in the apartment of a 23-year-old Afghan young man who came to France a few years ago.


We spent the day with him, went bowling, and he asked to spend the night at his apartment, as he did from time to time. “, David continues. Around 20:50, his daughter calls him: I heard noises, friction, but nothing else. It bothered me. When he didn’t answer, I called his phone. “.

“I told him to give me Helena. He replied, “She’s dead. I killed your daughter.”

The following exchange is cold: I told him to pass me to Helan. He answered:
“She’s dead. I killed your daughter.” I said that I would come, asked for the address again and left “. On the road between his house at Triolo in Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Ronchin, David has the presence of mind to call the police.” They arrived at the same time as me “.

There is a tense situation at the scene, although the police knocked on the door of the apartment, the person who carried out the fatal blows refused to open it. ” The police wanted to take me away. When I opened it, blood was flowing, I jumped on it. The police blocked me and took me away “. Investigators confirm at this time that the young man was also stabbed and bleeding profusely. He was rescued and hospitalized in critical condition, a situation that has not changed as of Thursday morning.

Helana was a student at the Villeneuve-d’Ascq school of architecture

David was slightly injured in the rush and soon found himself in front of the police to talk about his daughter: ” He is a quiet, humorous, friendly child. He was in his second year at the Villeneuve-d’Ascq school of architecture. Everything was going well, he had plans “. His relationship with the alleged perpetrator of the incident is also being investigated: ” They knew each other for two or three years. He is a young man who came to France as a teenager. He knows French well, went to school and has a job “. David was not there friendship with him “, but he didn’t hesitate to combine it with family outings, such as bowling on Wednesdays.

The alleged attacker had already had an argument with the police two days earlier: he had gotten into a fight with his roommate over an exchange of personal items, and the police crew had to intervene. As for Helana’s tragic death, the current investigation points in two directions: a fatal blow followed by an attempted suicide, or a stabbing fight with mutual violence. Listening to the lover whenever possible will certainly shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy.

The city of Ronchin is organizing a rally against femicide in front of the Marcel-Bertrand residence this Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m.

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