Magical Brazil, artistic Platini, inept Domenech… 14 World Cups as seen by Jacques Vendroux

But what if we had to recall the best and worst memories of his 14 World Cups behind the mic? Jacques Vendroux, Brazil 70, praises the USA and Platini, but takes serious issue with Raymond Domenech, who has been called a “famous incompetent”.

special messenger for Europe 1 (with Jean-Francois Perez and Cyrille De la morinerie) Jacques Vendroux in Qatar will come after 15 years.c World Cup as a journalist.

16c In total, if we count the World Cup held in Sweden in 1958, he participated in the semi-finals and finals with his father. At the time, Jacques was 10 years old and probably had no idea that the World Cup would become a chestnut tree marked in his diary every four years for almost 60 years.

“Raymond Domenech is a notorious incompetent and fraud”

“I have watched all the world championships held in England since 1966”proudly emphasizes the emblematic journalist EEurope 1. No journalist has done a better job. With less than twelve weeks until the event kicks off (November 20 – December 18), Jacques talks to a global audience about these magical races for us.

The best team

There have been many great teams, but the most beautiful is undoubtedly the 70-year-old Brazil. Pele, Rivelino, Gerson, Felix… exceptional players! Real wizards and big guys on top of that. They entertained us on the pitch and remained approachable outside. I remember the goalkeeper Felix. It was the first time I saw a goalkeeper wearing black. With her hairstyle, she looked like a tango dancer.

The most beautiful game

The semi-final between France and Germany in 1982. This is my fondest memory as a commentator. An exceptional game. We thought we knew the ending and after a few minutes everything changed. An incredible match in terms of quality and emotion. I recommend you relive the progress of the Blues through Alain Giresse’s podcast * There is incredible emotion!

The player who admires him the most

Michael Platini. This is an artist. To be a great number 10 you have to be a goalscorer, a provocateur and a magician… Michel had it all. Like Zidan, Maradona, Messi… But the best Platini, we will see him especially in 1984, in the European Championship, in France. He was a bit tired in 1982, injured in 1986…

The best moment

1998 of course! You won the World Cup at home, defeating Brazil in the final! Couldn’t be a better scenario.

The best world championship

1994 World Cup held in the USA. The matches took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington… With Michel Platini we had fun while traveling: “We’re going to Chicago, we have a meeting with Al Capone”Where: “We’re going to Los Angeles to see Brad Pitt”. Everything was incredible.

Worst World Cup ever

The masquerade of the 2010 World Cup. I say masquerade because we knew in advance that France would not go far. The team was not good, but above all, it was coached by an incompetent man. Raymond Domenech may be a nice guy, but he is definitely not cut out to be a manager. He is a famous incompetent. With his friend Pierre Repellini (Editor’s note: Pierre Répélini is the deputy vice president of UNECATEF, the coaches association)these are two frauds.

Worst game ever

France – South Africa 2010. Not just after the Knysna masquerade, we bow to the South Africans. (Editor’s note: who will finish 3rd in the group and who will not qualify)but in addition, Raymond Domenech refuses to shake hands with Carlos Aberto Parreira (CAR coach, champion, 1994 with Brazil)!

“I have a lot of faith in the French team”

The world championship held in Qatar

Of course, I’m aware of everything that’s been said, but I’m happy to cover up my 15th birthday.c World Cup, at the rate of three matches a day. I don’t have a lesson to teach, I go there to do my job and comment on the matches. I have a lot of faith in the French team, I am also waiting for Brazil, Argentina and England.

* A dream team for season 2 of the Europe 1 Podcast, Giants : Michel Platini, Alain Giresse, Fabien Barthez, Hugo Lloris, Wendie Renard. The greatest moments in the history of French football are told by legends. Episode 1: Fabien Barthez and Euro 2000. Listen here:

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