Basketball, athletics, badminton, gymnastics, tennis… Sports in Saint-Jean-de-Védas are not lacking in talent.

Midi Libre decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. Find out who made the sports news through December 13. Concepts that do not pretend to be comprehensive, of course

Basketball: Sjvba aims for the top of the basket with the flag team at National 3

After a very good 2021/2022 season in the Pre-National, Sjvba, the senior pennant team of the Vedasian basketball club, entered the French championship to improve in the National 3, where it is currently ranked 10th out of 14.

This membership is a big problem for officials say This means for us adjusted logistics, capacity building, but also a bigger budget, this year the goal is maintenance.

For this purpose, the city club has just given Additional grant of €20,000. Meanwhile, all other teams remained in their respective divisions. An overall assessment that is certainly indicative of the quality of work done for this club over the years.

A contractual agreement between the clubs of Saint-Jean-de-Védas and Fabregues has been concluded in order to better respond to all the issues and objectives of the club (discovery, recreation, competitions, care in the National 3, etc.). U15 categories (under 15 years old). “Each club maintains its own identityindicate responsible persons, however, it allows us to have a bigger pool of youth alongside the top team at the Pre-National at Fabrègues with a bridge to the flagship team at N3 at Saint-Jean-de-Védas to further expand our workforce . .

In the end, this means 350 licensees under the Fabrègues contract to date, including 15 mixed U7 teams, 14 U9 men’s senior recreational teams and 13 U9 women’s leisure teams.

On the management side, the municipality employs 14 educators, two state certified, including one employee, two BBPJEPS trainees, and ten volunteers in federal patent training. Finally, the club has created a handicap basketball center to make the practice of this team sport accessible to all.

Many elements that indicate the growing strength of this sports union.

Record: Jordan Guehaisem aims for the Olympics

“Disc throwing? A very aesthetic gesture”.
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Jordan Guehaisem, 25, from Saint-Jean-de-Védas, where he attends college, is one of France’s discus hopefuls. “I played football for the first time in Saint-Jeanand at the age of 15, I took up athletics and discus throwing, because I realized that this discipline is a very aesthetic gesture, “he said.

Rising rapidly after the French junior title in 2014, he now has 21 caps for the French team and 14 French championship titles. “Now I train 22 hours a week at the Philippides stadium with the aim of qualifying for the world championships in Montpellier and the 2024 Olympics in Paris.”

Although sports played an important role in his life, this did not prevent him from studying law and currently receiving professional training in physical education.

Badminton is a speed-gaining activity

Badminton is a very complete sport.

Badminton is a very complete sport.
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Badminton often becomes a beach sport. However, it is a very sophisticated sport that requires muscles, reflexes, coordination of movements in space, endurance and strategy. Three Vedasien who love this sport created Badminton Club Védasien at the end of May 2021.We wanted to create a friendly club in Saint-Jean to welcome both beginners and experienced players.“, its president Thomas Combriat shows.

The BCV has 58 adult members, 32 women and 26 men, who meet regularly at the JB-Mirallès gymnasium, which is run by the club’s volunteers. In another testament to its growth, BCV is recruiting a new inter-club team for this season. So two teams are ready, level D3 and level D4.

Thomas Combriat’s dream? “We hope to take advantage of the new slots to introduce this sport to youth and adults. The demand is very strong as there are still about sixty people on the waiting list.”

Gymnastics: between sport and choreography

GRS, a particularly great discipline.

GRS, a particularly great discipline.
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Rhythmic and gymnastics (GRS) is to the gym what ice dancing is to ice skating, a highly spectacular activity involving a combination of grace and skill, mastery of gestures and an artistic sensibility to music, using adjustable apparatus and various hoops, balls, clubs. , string or ribbon.

Created in 1995 by Martine Vital, the Spirale védasienne, associated with Ufolep, welcomes many gymnasts grouped by age and level every week in the JB-Mirallès gymnasium and under the guidance of two DE employees and one DE volunteer. , from 5. 17 years and older who can explore this activity and participate in competitions. “There are 60 members from 5 years old“, confides its president Christine Bartoli-Petit.

Tennis: big blue sky for the little yellow ball

Juliette Vado, President of the Védasien Tennis Club.

Juliette Vado, President of the Védasien Tennis Club.
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The president of the Védasien tennis club smiles. “For the second year in a row, the number of our members will exceed 500“, says Juliette Vado. This club, installed in the Parre area, combines sports, recreation, training and competitions.

His school welcomes more than 250 children from 3 to 18 years of age, who learn tennis every week under the guidance of seven qualified and paid instructors, as well as volunteers, many of whom gradually enter tournaments or competitions according to their age.

In terms of competition, the club is very successful. Without forgetting the planned work “Covers 3 courts and go from 9 to 10 courts including 2 clay courts. They will last for 1 year, during which time we will adapt, but in the long term it will offer both the recreational experience we want to preserve and additional accommodation opportunities for schools and competitions.“.

An intense sports life with 28 associations

Sports clearly constitute a particularly dynamic sector of Vedasia community life. This is evidenced by the 28 sports associations operating in the area, some of which are quite new, thus offering a wide range of individual or collective activities for all age groups, from 4-5 years old to seniors.

Many facilities, including two sports complexes (stadiums), two gymnasiums, a multi-sport field (La Parre) and specially equipped rooms are made available by the municipality.

So, due to the strong and continuous demographic development of the municipality, the demand is constantly increasing, for certain equipment, used by many associations, being close to saturation, especially gymnasiums.

So, obviously, not being able to curb activities or even prevent new creations, there is an increasing need to create additional equipment, such as sports fields or the project for the new gymnasium, which is currently being studied and which many are waiting for. A significant problem, but one that already exists too much.

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