Apple is talking about the awesome NightWare app in the App Store

The App Store has many incredible apps that can change our daily lives. While Apple regularly promotes them in app store adoption, it’s pretty rare for the company to release a press release! That’s what NightWare got right, this app helps veterans escape nightmares after a long war.

Apple is talking about NightWare

In a press release published late yesterday, Apple shares the story of veteran soldier Robert Guithues. high risk missions in his career. He was taken to burning oil fields outside Baghdad and to a forward operating base in the mountains of Afghanistan, where he came under numerous attacks.

Like many retired veterans, Robert Guithues collected nightmares once he returned home with his family. He tells Apple:

Your mind and psyche are not designed to handle some of the things you encounter during and during combat. Over time, my nightmares became more vivid and physical—screaming, yelling names and commands. If it was thundering outside, I wouldn’t go to bed until sunrise. At the worst time, I didn’t sleep for three months after returning from Afghanistan.

Then Robert Guithues discovered the revolutionary watchOS app that changed his daily life. NightWare a digital therapy system It can be used with an iPhone or Apple Watch to relieve PTSD-related nightmares. It is the first and only digital therapy system created specifically for the treatment of nightmares, available only with a doctor’s prescription.

Apple Watch is simple to use with heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope define nightmare, NightWare creates light impulses on the wrist, which gradually increases until the user wake up not from his nightmare, but from his dream.

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Nightware was conceived by Tyler Skluzacek 7 years ago. Young was studying computer science at Macalester College in Minnesota and regularly saw his father (a retired veteran) having nightmares and many sleepless nights. He could not forget what he had seen during his missions, the loss of some of his colleagues and the particularly dangerous missions he had experienced for many years.

Tyler Skluzacek wanted assist his father’s recovery, finding full nights where the horrors he’s seen won’t bother him. He had the idea to create Skluzacek, who was sure that technology could support him “Night products” prototypean app paired with a smartwatch like the Apple Watch that can detect nightmares and help users keep them as short as possible.

Grady Hannah, CEO of NightWare, said in Apple’s press release that the app has a lot serious and he even bought it fire green of FDA In the United States:

We had to do an independent safety audit and submit it for FDA clearance. Since NightWare works on the iPhone and Apple Watch, I think the quality and security of those products were the main factors in getting that permission. It’s important to us that NightWare works optimally for the many people who give so much of themselves.

Thanks to this revolutionary application, many warriors who have served for the United States today can sleep better and no longer have nightmares that last for hours and can ruin their nights. Guithues revealed that the NightWare system was effective very quickly, he was able to sleep from the second night of use. 9 hours, something that hasn’t been around for a long time. What’s surprising is that the iOS NightWare app displays an accurate wake-up report showing how many times the automated system needs to run during the night.
Robert Guithuis claims that NightWare has already intervened about thirty times in one night, and he never woke up during the entire sleep cycle!

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If Apple is highlighting this great app today, it’s because it’s now a reference for veterans, is used by many active and retired military personnel, and is even prescribed by doctors.

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