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The Jeep Avenger is the first model in an electric assault that will expand to four models by 2025. JEEP Jeep

NEWS – Whether they are on the show or not, most of the producers show unparalleled dynamism. Here are some of the models that will shape the landscape in the coming months.

The car has a premium for dynamism. Manufacturers know that a hiatus or soft patch in a product plan is tantamount to taking the risk of relegation to the second division. In order not to leave the light, all actors try to maintain a constant pace of shots.

Thus, the market can create the impression of drowning in a constant stream of innovations. This storm is all the more impressive because this period of ecological transition is marked by the juxtaposition of thermal and electrified ridges.

100% electric

The Stellantis group did not come empty-handed at the Paris show. Peugeot presents its first go at the 408, a new number that attempts to synthesize between a sedan and an SUV. This upgraded model does not replace anything existing that fits between the 508 and 3008. With a wheelbase of 2.79m and a length of 4.69m extended by 110mm from the 308’s EMP2 platform, the 408 is a sensation with a very curved roof, wider tracks and large 720mm diameter wheels. More versatile than the 508, this car inherits most of the 308’s engines, including two plug-in hybrids with 180 and 225 hp, and a 100% electric motor in 2024.

Between a sedan and an SUV, the Peugeot 408 will be fully electric in 2024. Peugeot

Returning to the operating table to offer sleeker lines and a more refined interior, the DS3 took the opportunity to update its powertrain. The engine can be increased to 115 kW (156 hp), and the battery can be increased to 54 kWh, with a range of 402 km. The system runs on 400 volts and now incorporates a heat pump to reduce charging time and extend battery life. Jeep chose Paris to take its first steps in electric with the Avenger. If much of the DS3 e-Tense technology is to be found under its hood, this 4.08m SUV will honor the American brand’s all-terrain DNA.

This model will be distinguished from its French cousins ​​by an all-wheel drive option equipped with a small electric motor on the rear axle. The Avenger is the first model of the electric attack, which will be enriched with four models by 2025. In 2030, Jeep announced that it will market only zero-emission models in Europe. Although it has skipped the Paris show, Citroen is using this period to announce the French marketing of the C4X, a trunk variant of its compact sedan. This elongated model of 240 mm is presented in the electric version of the ë-C4 X. Its 100kW motor is powered by a 50kWh battery that can provide a range of 360km.

For its part, Mercedes announces a higher range of 547 to 590 km for the EQE SUV thanks to the 90.6 kWh battery. However, the price of this electric car will reach heights above 80,000 euros, which is slightly shorter than the sedan it is produced in versions with 292 and 408 horsepower.

Citroën is announcing the next edition of the C4X, the trunk variant of its compact sedan, in France. Citroën

Sports and ecology

At BMW, electromobility is also accelerating. The German group has already more than doubled its worldwide sales of electric vehicles in the first nine months of 2022 to 128,196 units compared to the same period of the previous year. Next year, its electric portfolio will expand further with the launch of the BMW i5 and Rolls-Royce Spectre.

This turn does not prevent the Bavarian manufacturer from continuing to offer sports versions with heat engines. In April next year, a new M2 will invest in the scenery. Starting with the last 2-series coupe, the designers sketched a body builder body that was basic and mostly marked by recessed shields. The turbocharged 3-liter straight-six from the M3/M4 is detuned slightly. Thanks to more weight, 460 horsepower provides M4-like performance.

Korea’s Hyundai, for its part, aims to reconcile sport and ecology with the development of an electric range bearing the N sport label. An Ioniq 5 N will be presented next year.

In April 2023, the new M2 will complete the range of BMW sports cars. BMW

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