There is a theory about when Samsung will introduce Apple’s first foldable devices

In less than two years (or even two years): Samsung thinks Apple will bring its first foldable device to us in 2024… And it won’t be an iPhone!

We’ve known for some time that Samsung is firmly committed to folding phones as the big players of the future of the mobile industry, and that it’s the only one that dares to display a button like the Seoul giant ‘up to four generations’. Exploring the two most accepted formats without serious competition, at least on a global level, the Galaxy Z.

And there are many folding mobile phones, or at least Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Motorola or vivo have presented us with some, but almost all of them are limited to the Chinese market in very small series. and without a presence in international markets that would allow them to compete without restriction with the South Koreans.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, internal display

Samsung thinks there will be foldable devices in Cupertino in 2024.

So, perhaps to analyze the market and its next steps and strategies, the directors of Samsung’s Mobile eXperience (MX) division met with its key partners and suppliers to share information and feedback, offering juicy results like compound growth of up to 80% year-on-year. until next year 2025.

These are pretty ambitious numbers, but their thoughts on Samsung and Apple entering the sector in 2024 will help improve their numbers, as we already know the appeal of those in Cupertino when it comes to moving the wheels to new markets. marketing and especially for his big fans.

Samsung claims that the market for foldable devices will grow by 80% by 2025, and in fact, according to its forecast, Apple will enter the industry in 2024 with the first flexible panel terminals, which, as Samsung itself says, will not be smartphones, but iPad tablets or MacBook computers .

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The main surprise is that Samsung doesn’t believe Apple will be the first to introduce a foldable iPhone, as they believe the Tim Cook-led firm is relying on traditional form factors without much innovation until the needs are more defined and brought to market. more mature, so for the South Koreans in Cupertino, we will first be presented with iPad tablets or MacBook laptops with folding panels and new formats.

At the meeting, it was said that iPhone users in their 20s and 30s in South Korea are switching from phones to the foldable Galaxy Z family “3-4 times faster than before”. “, is quite an impressive milestone for Samsung and it gives them the confidence to continue betting on a winner with their fold.

Currently, only 1% of the global market share is represented by foldable mobile phones, but Samsung confirms that their market research is very positive in terms of satisfaction and feedback, so about 90% of users who upgrade their phones in the coming months will flock to foldable phones. rate, track and buy things that know.

Only 1% of activated phones worldwide are foldable, but Samsung’s market research shows such satisfaction that the penetration target is very ambitious: about 90% of new mobile phone buyers should consider and/or buy a foldable phone.

Among the improvements and challenges Samsung and its partners will face in the evolution of the Galaxy Z are key improvements such as slimmer, more durable and lighter constructions to make expandable formats more convenient, as well as less screen bending with the device. open

In Seoul, they understand that it will be important for them to integrate the S-Pen into the body of the terminal, as well as improve the cameras of some Galaxy Zs, which are still below the Galaxy S in mobile photography, and pale before some options. ZEISS is signed like the vivo X Fold and its camera system.

In addition, there is also talk about new software improvements and an interface better adapted to the 4: 3 format of the Galaxy Fold, which still does not convince me much, OPPO is betting more on formats similar to the Find N (closed). , which has a more normal 16:9 panel), as well as asking Samsung’s partners to develop new materials that reduce the weight of foldable phones.

Good words, lots of smoke and little facts as usual, although it seems clear that Samsung will continue to improve foldables, while Apple will wait its turn when the market shows signs of maturity and well-defined needs… Do you think foldables will be the next mobile revolution? is it worth it

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