Theater, cinema, Europe, music, space… What’s happening in Upper Vienna?

Music, juggling, humor, poetry: the Colle Brothers, three disbanded artists with a certain family spirit, will be in Feytiat at the Espace Georges-Brassens on Thursday, November 10 at 20:30. These three brothers from the Bordeaux region, Clément, Cyril and Stephane, have been playing drums since birth. Juggling is the red theme of their show, wordless and full of humor. The trio also play the fiddle, flute and guitar with virtuosity.

Information and reservations: Feytiat municipality, culture department,;; single price: €18; Cultural passport: €14; half price: school children, students, job seekers; Free for children under 10 years old.


Le P’tit Bidule in Saint-Junien hosts the show The voice of heroes, Cie de l’Oiseau de l’aube, Wednesday November 9, 8:00 p.m.

Text by Marie Jarnoux, with production by Giulio Serafini, Elisa Delorme and Marie Jarnoux. A long time ago, on an island surrounded by the sea, a man undertook to build an incredible city. Blinded by their pride, they dug a thousand holes underground and built high walls. It is then that a monster that has been buried for centuries emerges from the belly of the city. Then the inhabitants suffered a terrible curse. One morning, a young woman named Sofia washes on the beach bordering the City. There he meets Lydia, a townswoman who is responsible for leading him to the monster.

Recommended reservations: or; full price: €10, reduced price: €7.


François Reynaud, teacher-researcher of the University of Limoges, specialist in space imaging, and Sylvain Valat, head of the Space Center of the University of Limousin and leading member of the amateur radio network, will speak at the Xlim laboratory. Conference on Thursday November 10 at CALM, Limoges Faculty of Sciences, 123 avenue Albert-Thomas, from 18:30 to 20:00., as part of the interesting Afterwork of Récréasciences. In particular, it will be mentioned about the pictures taken Thomas Pesquet, the famous French astronaut, from the ISS.

Free entry with reservation here.

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Czech Republic

On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union,o Maison de l’Europe-Europe Direct Limousine and Limoges BFM invite you to discover the Czech Republic.

Two events are planned at the BFM center:
– Wednesday, November 9, at 18:00, café de l’Europe on the theme “Czech Republic in the West” to get acquainted with the institutions, geography and history of this country; A meeting moderated by Guy Royer and Jean-Pierre Foulletier, administrators of the Maison de l’Europe building in Limousin;

– Wednesday, November 16, Czech culture review: 15.00, screening of a Czech cartoon for children (from 7 years old); 15:30 screening of the Czech biographical film about Václav Havel; 18:00, short Czech literary panorama; 19:00, small musical panorama.

During the month of November, the BFM hosts exhibitions dedicated to the city of Pilsen, which is related to Limoges, Czech children’s authors-illustrators associated with the New Education movement, as well as the engravings of Pavel Macek, since 1987.


In November, the Cinemas 87 chain presents a series of documentaries at the Jean-Gabin cinema in Eymoutiers:

– Monday, November 7, at 18:30: Black Hussars, featuring director Fabrice Marache. This film tells the story of a family over five generations, where everyone is a teacher and committed to public service;

– Friday, November 11 at 8:30 p.m.: Our anger is leftof Jamila Jendari and Nicolas Beirnaert, the story of Ford workers in Blancfort (Gironde) who managed to save their factory in 2011, but only for a few years; assembly lines closed permanently in 2020. The inspection will be followed by a debate with Philippe Poutou, trade union member and former worker of this factory;

– Friday, November 18 at 8:30 p.m.: Entering between the margin and the norm at school, by Florent Tillon, in collaboration with Télémillevaches associate television, on children with disabilities;

– Tuesday, November 29, 8:30 p.m.: RunA story by Jonas Rasmussen that tells the story of Ami, a gay Afghan refugee, linking his story and his family’s escape from Taliban capture.

Prices: €5 full, €4 discount.


The association of Edam Mgt organizes on Tuesday, November 8 at 20:00 at the John-Lennon cultural center in Limoges. A metal night with Lordi (Finland), Dymytry (Czech Republic) and Almanak (Germany), disguised as monsters and known as the winners of Eurovision 2006. Prices: €22 per rental (usual networks) and €25 on site, free for under 14s. Information:;

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