Samsung is trolling Apple and launching a foldable iPad instead

News apparatus Samsung is trolling Apple and launching a foldable iPad instead

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is not new, but it has rarely been highlighted as much as it is today. For 2 days, Samsung is taking on Apple in an official video, and we learn that executives from the South Korean company have leaked information surrounding the foldable iPad. We have a lot to say about it, so let’s not waste another minute!

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Samsung is still poking fun at Apple and its lack of foldable smartphones in advertising

In a promotional video released this Thursday, November 3, 2022, Samsung subtly attacks its big rival in the smartphone and tablet market, Apple. Obviously paid for by the Seoul firm’s American branch, here’s the famous video that has all the tech press talking today:

This is smartly played on Samsung’s part. The name of the competing brand is not mentioned, but the pictures speak for themselves. Let’s decipher it all together:

  • The scene takes place in a closed world high fenceWhat we envision as a metaphor for Apple’s ecosystem is often criticized for its “lack of openness.”
  • We see in this small world pure universe… Apple Store style. In the background, people work on MacBooks. In the foreground, the antagonistic characters, also very (very?) clean, hold iPhones.
  • The hero we are watching is dressed more modern and comfortable: an open denim jacket over a hood. He embodies a freer spiritunbound, future-oriented.
  • This hero sits on a high fence and watches towards a shiny exterior. The grass looks greener there because there are advanced technologies… like foldable smartphones.
  • The antagonists try to save this character with a false argument: “here (understand at “Apple”), we just have to wait”. The message of the ad is clear: stop waiting jump Go to the “other side”, a world similar to yours, the world of Samsung.

Whatever you think of this or that brand, we have to admit that this 30-second clip is pretty genius. The very small niche represented by the folding smartphone market makes strategic sense for Samsung: to show that there is great innovation at home.

Let’s use this little scoop between manufacturers to open up the interesting topic of Apple’s foldable display technology. Why is the Cupertino company still not up and running? Let’s analyze all this.

Why is Apple still shying away from foldable iPads and iPhones?

For a year now, we’ve been hearing rumors, some of which are very credible, that Apple is seriously interested in foldable displays. Attention, if Apple is looking at the technology, it does not mean that the manufacturer intends to implement it in its products.

Apple is a brand known for its love of finishing. You won’t see Apple getting into it until the technology is fully mature. For example, Apple started using facial recognition to unlock the iPhone long after the technology was available on some Android smartphones. Besides, Apple did it with Face ID, a facial recognition system that has nothing to do with what’s done elsewhere. Same with wireless charging: nothing at Apple…before the invention of MagSafe.

Samsung is trolling Apple and launching a foldable iPad instead

Therefore, it is legitimate to think that Apple will follow the same direction for the very interesting technology of folding smartphones. As much as we love the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Flip, and other foldable smartphone lineups, we have to admit that their uniqueness has yet to be fully embraced. Apple won’t bring foldable products to market unless certain details are worked out. What details? We can mention 4 main ones:

  • Folding smartphones have always been around thickness problem. Considering the large space occupied by modern photo modules, things will not go any better.
  • The central layer is always visible to the naked eye when the smartphone is on. This is especially noticeable when text is displayed on the screen… Apple hates this kind of problem.
  • For the screen to be foldable, it currently has to be made of plastic, a material less noble and less solid. A less noble and less solid business is not really Apple.
  • For Apple to launch a technology, it must meet a specific need. For many Apple brand managers, the foldable screen answers a question that has yet to be asked. It’s just showmanship, technique for technique’s sake.
Samsung is trolling Apple and launching a foldable iPad instead

When will the foldable iPhone or iPad be released? Samsung has some exclusive information

That being said, you understand that it is quite difficult to imagine the arrival of an iPad or a foldable iPhone in the near future.

The most reliable, serious and informed analysts and insiders are called when it comes to Apple Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman. According to these two world-renowned figures, Apple really tried everything, especially with foldable OLED screens supplied by LG, but both say that this initial work made no sense.

As for Ming-Chi Kuo, we won’t have any concrete news until at least 2025. That’s where Samsung comes in.

Samsung is trolling Apple and launching a foldable iPad instead

This Friday, November 4, 2022, the South Korean giant not only released an ad to poke fun at Apple, but also talked about the future of the iPad series instead of Apple.

according to the sources of our colleagues from Electricity, some executives of Samsung’s mobile division have spoken to their suppliers. This discussion will discuss one topic: Apple’s foldable display is taking orders for an iPad model to be released in 2024. The date is consistent with the date announced by other analysts CCS Insight.

If Samsung executives revealed the existence of this project to the world before Apple, it certainly means one thing: after all, The Apple brand would betray LG Display to provide foldable OLED screens from Samsung Display.

To continue.

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