Roadmap to facilitate employment and integration for and through sport

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Minister of Sports for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will go to Seine-Saint-Denis this Monday morning for a morning dedicated to the Drancy Rugby Club (Merwoine Majidi club, winner of entry through sports trophies). to professional integration through sports.

He will first chair a roundtable on initiatives in this area (actions affecting more than 20,000 beneficiaries per year), then develop an overall “road map” with his Labor colleagues Olivier Dussopt and Vocational Education and Training Carole Grandjean. ” on employment development and integration through sports. Which document Team could learn.

This text introduces five main themes. Basically, it is a question of coordination of the entire complex of measures aimed at improving integration through sports. Coordination between the various signatory ministries should allow for simplification and clarification of a number of points. “These moves will address a lot of the practical aspects that actors face on a daily basis.”it is estimated at the Ministry of Sports.

Build bridges between degrees leading to careers in sport

When it comes to integration or employment, union leaders often do not know who to turn to to initiate such action or resolve the issue. Some of the actions summarized in the roadmap aim to simplify, clarify and develop systems in this area.

Thus, the focus is primarily on improving the readability of the sports training and certification offer. “In sports, We show Avenue de France, there are many degrees (900!) leading to a career in sports. degree that “don’t talk to each other”. The aim is, therefore, to bridge between them or to develop continuous training to reduce the high turnover in the field of sports work.

The government intends to facilitate access to employment schemes, whether through communication efforts or, for example, support for the promotion of sports employer groups, an important tool for pooling sports jobs. “Grenelle” on employment and sports professions should be held in early 2023.

a network of “busy clubs” can be launched

The roadmap also envisages launching a network of “busy clubs” based on the existing “busy companies” model. The idea is that integration clubs can now be identified by communities or companies and thus supported in their activities. The goal is to reach 10,000 tagged clubs in 2024.

The employment development of the stadium system launched in the North in 2019 by Philippe Lamblin (1997-2001), former president of the French Athletics Federation. The aim is to connect companies and job seekers around sporting events: a bit of sport for everyone in the morning, interviews between employers and the unemployed who will meet on the road or on the lawn in the afternoon. “We have an ambitious goal, it is noted to the ministry: In 2024, there will be 500 operations, which means 50,000 people will be affected.”

Evaluation of the status of volunteers

Another thing that has been close to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra’s heart since she took office is the promotion of the status of volunteers. The text emphasizes the integration of the sports component within the civil service for the validation of earned experience (VAE) provided for in the draft law. Recognition of skills developed by volunteers in the field of sport may entitle them to practice.

Finally, the text includes a chapter devoted to the retraining of high-level athletes with a quantitative objective: the Performance Pact system organized by the Sports Foundation under the chairmanship of former Secretary of State Thierry Braillard can benefit 1,000 athletes over five years. many times more than today.

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