Princess Esmeralda of Belgium supports acts of vandalism against works of art

In recent days, acts of vandalism have increased in European museums. Artworks are polluted by climate activists who spray food and substances on the canvases. Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, who is known for her environmental activism, gave her perspective on these shocking moves that have divided opinion.

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Princess Esmeralda of Belgium expressed her opinion about the works of art vandalized by activists in museums.

Popular painting in recent days The girl with the pearl Exhibited by Johannes Vermeer at the Mauritshuis in The Hague, attacked by a sticky substance. It was a Claude Monet painting that was the target of a mashed potato jet in a museum in Germany some time ago, and it was there even before that. Sunflowers By Vincent Van Gogh placed in tomato soup in London.

attacks by groups such as environmental activists are on the rise Just stop the Oil Where last generation. The acts of vandalism take place ahead of the COP27 climate conference, which will bring together world leaders in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Princess Esmeralda of Belgium, daughter of King Leopold III and aunt of King Philippe, is a well-known environmental and feminist activist. This November 6, 2022, the 66-year-old prince, who lives in London, agreed to participate in the show in a duplex. Sunday is not every daya political and social debate program broadcast live on RTL TVI on Sundays.

When asked about these growing movements, the princess explained “It reflects what people think. People are afraid. People are worried about their future, and we see that it’s not just young people. It really reflects that concern. We are definitely in a climate emergency. »

Princess Marie-Esmeralda of Belgium expresses her opinion on recent acts of vandalism against works of art, in a duplex interview on RTL TVI this November 6 (Photo: RTL video screenshot)

Regarding the methods used, characterized as vandalism and civil disobedience, the prince believes that these are radical methods, but they should be listened to. “We have tried everything, demonstrations, petitions, arrests of politicians and still the same inaction. So I think it’s perfectly normal for us to turn to civil disobedience. » Princess Esmeralda was arrested by London police in 2019 while participating in a protest by the group. Extinction Rebellion.

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Princess Esmeralda will fly to COP27 in Egypt

Viewers, who could communicate live by sending their questions, especially faced the carbon footprint of relocating all decision makers to Sharm el-Sheikh. Princess Esmeralda will be visiting. As an activist, he will participate in a number of events organized within the framework of COP27. The prince said he would take a plane to get there, not a private jet. He admits that he is “He asked to go there” but above all, he wants to add that we shouldn’t make those trying to act for the planet feel guilty by talking about inevitable air travel.

“We have to be perfect and stop saying activists can’t fly, we have to stop eating meat… I think that’s the important message. Stop shooting the messenger.”finished Princess Esmeralda.

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