Online sales of cars complements the discovery of vehicles in the showroom | Distribution

Today car buying trip it starts online more and more often not in the hall. According to Google, global searches for “car sales” have grown more than 60% year-over-year since 2019.

The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated this phenomenon, with 92% of buyers now researching vehicles online.

Car manufacturers and dealers must follow them new digital uses.

In 2020, UK car buyers are more likely to arrange video meetings with car dealers (37%), visit car dealerships virtually (35%) and ask for shopping options. buying a car online (32%) (Think with Google 2020) education).

With the help of VTEX’s multi-channel e-commerce platform, Mazda is responding to these digital trends with the aim of transforming the online experience through a restructuring project launched in 2021.

It is active from January 2022 new vehicle inventory online tracking system Mazda (Vehicle Stock Locator) is available at all UK Mazda dealers. Customers can easily identify nearby vehicles and reserve a vehicle online before confirming the vehicle purchase at the dealership.

Mazda dealers in the UK report that they have benefited from more qualified prospects and their salespeople are more effective since the launch of their e-commerce platform.

Approximately 60% of customers come to the stock locator through dealer websites, and sales conversion rates for these customers are approximately 85%.

Matthias Sileghem, vice president of communications and public relations at Mazda Motor Europe, explains: “This first step in transforming our shopping experience has received great feedback from dealers and customers. The online purchasing process is important in almost all sectors, and new innovative entrants to the online channel push us to innovate to stay close to our customers’ expectations. »

“The showroom will always play an important role, but this first step to identify and discover models online greatly improves our customer relationship at the dealership. Customers are becoming more informed. »

Mazda developed the Vehicle Stock Locator with VTEX in less than six months. Matthias Sileghem explains the next stages of development: “This early feedback will allow us to add new features and improve the user experience, so that we can then roll out the solution across all of our 1,600 dealers and 22 European countries. We will also introduce used cars to new cars at the end of 2022 We are working on a business case to add to the models.”

“The final purchase price of new cars is negotiated at the dealer. With used cars, our dealers must have the flexibility in the system to add a variety of images and vehicle condition information, as well as their market price. »

This new tool is part of a global transformation strategy launched by Mazda Europe, which aims to connect its dealer network with all its customers through digital solutions. Finally, the manufacturer intends to offer complete online shopping experience including vehicle configuration, test drive booking, financing calculation and approval, purchase of accessories, as well as full purchase of new and used vehicles.

“We are pleased to allow Mazda to carry out this project. Our integrable commerce architecture allows it to have a flexible, modern and robust solution that seamlessly integrates with the customer experience and allows other channels to be part of this strategy, creating a true omnichannel scenario. We have found a great partner in Mazda to explore the new frontiers of e-commerce in the automotive industry and we are very excited about the next steps of the project. » Daniela Jurado, VTEX’s general manager for the EMEA region, explains.

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