“I’m the N’Golo Kante of basketball! »

The discovery of the euro, where he showed his qualities as a defender, the new darling of the French public, Terry Tarpey, who injured his hand in mid-October (fracture of the 3rd metacarpal against Boulogne-Levalloi, he will return in January), he should not make old bones at Le Mans… Signed interview France Basketball and Daily Sports.

Isn’t this silver medal worth its weight in gold for you, without even realizing that you are in the Euros?

We can’t say that yet. Cold, I feel the same way as my teammates. We were all disappointed. We didn’t play well in this final and it’s hard to digest after two miracles to reach the final. Looking back, I might see things differently, but a silver medal is still a silver medal. I’m perfection and that’s when you win a gold medal.

Rudy Gobert said before the Euros, I don’t know you. It’s amazing what has happened for you since then!

It’s normal that he doesn’t know me. I didn’t play at a very big university (William & Mary, Editor’s note) and then I played in Pro B (at Denain, Editor’s note) and then at Le Mans. During preparation, I was very motivated to climb the hierarchy. Finally, I was in the group for the Euros and these players are now friends, whereas before they were wondering who this guy was (smiles).

Did they find you a nickname in the team?

It was Gandalf the white or Gandalf of Gondor after the short Lord of the Rings video (smiles). Otherwise, it’s T or Terry.

What image will you keep of this euro?

Game against Lithuania. I didn’t know I’d be on 5 bases five minutes before the break! Other than that, I’m playing a good game (8 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, 1 against, Editor’s Note). Accomplishing it (sic) for my first start, a moment I’m not ready to forget. My father and wife were also there. I could share it with them. The best! I really lived a dream Euro.

Will this Euro give you more confidence for the rest of your career?

I think so. I was able to realize my level in a big competition. It’s always been my dream to play in the EuroLeague or the NBA one day. After this euro, I can still wish for higher ones. We’ll see what the future holds…

We will expect more from you at the club, especially in terms of points.

I say. I was able to meet the best during this euro. We get better by playing against the best.

“These players are friends now, whereas before they thought who was this guy”

We have praised your defensive features, interceptor and blocker. Are we enjoying it as much as dunk?

Yes!!! Not everyone can do what I do. It is a great honor to defend well and put so much pressure on the match.

Do you like the comparison with footballer N’Golo Kante?

I like this player, his personality, his style of play, he is everywhere on the pitch. I try to do the same thing with him in basketball.

Have you received multiple offers from Euro?

Like I said, I want to play as high as possible, and this Euro reinforces the idea that one day I can play as high as possible.

In 2016, “Celtics” asked you to participate in the training camp. Later, you preferred to join the France A’ team. After the Euros, is the NBA still a goal and more?

It’s always been my dream to participate in the 2024 Games. It was my choice in 2016 and it was better to start my career in Europe than playing in the G-League or signing a two-way contract. Now, you never know…

Terry Tarpey has the NBA in the back of his mind

Your father lives in New York. Wasn’t it a dream to play for the Knicks?

When I was little, I dreamed of playing in the NBA. During my last two years at university, I first found my way around Europe. Today, I still dream of playing in the NBA. It doesn’t matter the team! (laughs) If the team wants me, I’m here!

Have we talked about your magic euro in the US?

Especially after the game against Turkey, we visited the Sports Center several times. My family and my dad share everything on facebook, so we talk a little bit about me.

In general, how do you experience this news from the media around you?

I try to stay humble and focus on my club goals…

… How do you experience this new “star” status of French basketball?

I’m not really a star… (smiles) I keep to myself. I’m still pre-Euro Terry.

How does it feel to be a crowd favorite (he’s the number 1 jersey seller for the French team, Ed)?

Seeing all these reactions, hearing the thanks, seeing all this support from the community really touched me…

What is your personal goal this season?

I just want to continue my form. I wasn’t taken to the Euros because I scored 20 points and had 10 assists, but because of my team-leading play. I will try to continue.

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