Great figures of modern art: three artists not to be missed

We present to you three outstanding personalities in the rich and abundant world of modern art.

In the rich and rich world of modern art, we present to you three personalities that stand out from the landscape: to the treasurea self-taught free spirit whose rankings have risen exponentially and have already made a name for themselves beyond our borders; Axel Roumythe plastic artist with his multisensory and developmental works now defines him as a leading contemporary artist; Bilce evoking the art world with works that look like timeless journeys, his colorful universe is decorated with friendly monsters. Three rising values, three singular personalities in the service of great creativity, have in common a breath of fresh air in the world of French contemporary art. A good reason to discover them!

Le Bilce, or the universe of an artist with his feet and head in the stars as a child

His first influences date back to his childhood in the 90s. Whether it’s in cartoons or toys, it’s all a colorful universe that led him to work on his imagination. This universe cradled his youth and created a strong referent to develop his creativity, which originates from magical memories. a dreamy, carefree and boundless art. This is how the artist Le Bilce was born in the spirit of creative freedom.

Each creation is a buried reference to childhood dreams, stuffed animals metamorphose, puzzles come to life, robots turn into sculptures… Children’s sadness turns into adults’ laughter, carelessness consciousness, a toy single piece, a work of art. in its own right. For several years, Le Bilce has established itself and is known in the art world in France and abroad An unprecedented success. The artist carefully selects each of his exhibitions.

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Magot and his “sketches on canvas”: an entire artist’s fantasy world that goes against the grain

Each era of painting has seen the emergence of unexpected trajectories, defying the laws of the time. Magotunki could be like this. There is no theory in his work: it is a mighty universe, a painting drawn by instinct, based on a self-taught and yet surprisingly mature technique. Magot defines himself as a thinker, attached to a certain solitude, which he willingly carries out while walking on the rooftops of Paris, listening to the pulse of the city-universe. His paintings beautifully reflect his desire to make us feel the fantasized dynamics of the world. The artist works to achieve his dreams.

By clarifying them, he transfers them to the canvas, presenting us with a dream-like and perfectly original universe. By painting on an unstretched canvas, he allows uncertainty to participate in the movement, an effective dialogue between the subject—a Parisian building here, a cloudy landscape there—and its support. The frame of the canvases, minimalist, in the metal on which the name of the creation is engraved, gives the overall street spirit in a supposed displacement with the work itself.

This great humble artist has something of Van Gogh and Monet in his paintings, but he does not claim to belong to any school. And yet, this impressionist “French touch” for two years An artist featured by big names in the industry and leading media personalities ? Today, many people consider him part of the first circle of modern French painters.

The mark of the elders, the signature, recognizable at first glance, has become a popular seal. And his rating, if still favorable, continues to rise. Eager to stay true to his early convictions, he makes sure to keep his creative aspirations intact while keeping a respectful distance from the sirens of success. This is how Magot follows his journey into a modern universe where he doesn’t expect it: with freedom and sincerity. The best is yet to come.

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Axel Roumy: sensitive and multi-emotional works

On display: Axel Roumy, plastic artist seen in 2019 at Art Center Basel in a spectacular immersive installation: L’ENVOL D’ANGELO. This former photographer goes further than the cliché. Our artist immediately captures the feeling of his precious life parts. Axel never leaves his bag with a sketchbook, watercolors and oils. He inevitably restores his emotions on the spot, mainly due to his trips and encounters. Riviera, Brittany, foreign beauties, etc. ; Axel Roumy is inspired by authentic places rich in visual, olfactory resources and more. The result? Small watercolors or large oils on canvas where the color and texture of a single lemon transports us to the south of France, we can almost feel it. His mantra? Awakening a person to use the five senses while thinking.

Axel Roumy’s latest outdoor fashion? Our artist frees himself from the gallery walls to transfer his sensibilities into a vibrant creation. This lover of open-air ballets (urban sweeps) combines worlds that could be considered contradictory in monumental works: street art, academic codes of classical dance, electro-acoustic digital music, etc. The effect is harmonious, lively and inspiring. We liked “TOURBILLON,” a 10-meter-tall fresco enlarging an islet in the Loire, commissioned for an artist residency last July. A favorite for dominant black-and-white, it subtly emphasizes color by its absence. His latest work will be unveiled on November 23 at the Orleans Hospital Center. A dreamy and dancing fresco: a display of a new dimension that promises a delight for the senses!

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