Basketball: SAB women beat Ambarès 70-43

Playing in the pre-region, SAB’s senior women hosted their counterparts from Ambares in La Garosse on Saturday 5 November.

They got their first win of the season in Game 4.

It was important to win this match so that the two teams, who are at the bottom of the table and have not won yet, can think more calmly about the upcoming matches. SAB played great defense throughout the game, which allowed them to make up for the setback. There was a lot going for this match, especially since the coach of Ambarésiennes had the advantage of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Cubzagaises, having coached them last season.

It was a difficult first half for both teams

In this first round, the game was difficult for both teams with a lot of rain, missed opportunities and a lack of skill. In the first minutes, SAB tried to apply its game by intercepting the balls, unable to move. Marin Legendre, who recovered under the opposing boards, led his teammates on the counter-attack throughout the match, while the Ambaresians, especially S. Ontanillas and A. Colin, tried to hit 3-pointers, but the Kubzaguaz defense gave them no chance. The first quarter ended with a score of 14-7 for SAB.

The second quarter was also quite chaotic at times, with plenty of offensive and defensive errors for both teams. The Ambares girls gradually asserted themselves with a calm and aggressive game that allowed them to equalize at 18 each at 3’34 from the whistle of the first half. Attacks and multiple catches do not always materialize for SAB due to a lack of shooting success, but on a pro rata basis it has allowed the tally to go up, especially thanks to Myriam Fructueux.

However, we saw a team starting to find their game, with combinations starting to pay off, especially between Marine Legendre and Emma Ohl.

The last quarter was difficult for Ambarésiennes, who retreated less and less in defense, fatigue was felt. It must be said that Ambares made two substitutes against five for Saint André de Cubzac.

In the final minutes of the 2nd half, it was Laure Saguez who cheated the defense twice at the end of the game, giving her team a 25-18 lead.

Veronica Birot

Elodie Vaudon in the basket

The second half “starts to play!”.

The break allowed both teams to come together and we could see it from the first minutes of the second half. The visitors, who did little to recover under their own panels from the start of the match, left the pitch open, allowing Marin Legendre to continue counter-attacking. “It’s starting to play!” could be heard in the stands. Elodie Vodon, who was well placed in the trajectories, played the interception, which gave her team a total of 27 points. After the halftime break, the Ambaresians took a 42-23 lead at 4’26 of this 3rd period to stop the progress of the Cubzaguaises. stuck in individual defense.

From the beginning of the second half, we started to make good plays, a more organized game with a time delay. The Cubzaguaises were outscored 45-31 in the 3rd quarter.

The last period allowed the locals to increase the difference in the score, 53-33 in the 27th minute. A game based on interceptions, with Marine Legendre and Élodie Vaudon contributing greatly against an Ambarezian team that could no longer find a solution.

The match was played by both teams, and the referees, in turn, said that the match was good for the referee.

Result: SAB 70 – Ambarès 43

Nicolas Fredon, who has coached the senior girls this season, is satisfied with his team’s performance. “We played all the tackles, hats off to Elodie Vaudon who had at least ten tackles on her own. We defended well. The beginning of the match was difficult for both sides. We were able to show some aggression in the passing lanes, which allowed for a lot of interceptions. Great performance from Marine Legendre as well. They all put stones in the building to win. Even those who played less scored baskets, it was good! A win will allow us to work in peace this week. We can continue to win against the teams we have. We have to make it happen next week in Sainte-Eulalie. Very positive feedback. »


M. Fructueux 12, S. Costes 2, M. Legendre 4, E. Vodon 27, R. Lacour 2, M. Pouzon 4, L. saguez 4, N. Gourdin 3, F. Rey 3


J. Custe 5, S. Ontanillas 13, G. Pescay 5, A. Colin 10, J. Lafaye 6, M. Colin 4, A. Dubreil

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