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Eric LeFrancois

Eric LeFrancois
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Pocket Electric

I got the impression that the manufacturers are producing nothing but large electric cars. I’ve had a Spark EV for four years and it’s our champion in the city. My daughter wants to buy the same type of car. Are there small electric cars for urban needs?

Helen P.

If automakers are to be believed, the SUV is here to stay. And they won’t complain. Unfortunately, focusing too much on high-profit models (primarily SUVs), they forgot about low-cost vehicles. For size, but not price, only the Mini E and Mazda MX-30 meet your criteria.

Don’t break the bank just yet


Subaru Impreza

2009 Impreza in excellent condition: paid $14,000 in 2013, currently has 155,000 km on the odometer, has had two catalytic converters and brakes recently replaced, and has new paint (has been in an accident). My wife works 10 km away, we cover a little over 5000 km a year. We are debt allergic, have $10,000 in car savings, and our budget will allow us to take out payments of about $300-$400 per month. A childhood friend has always provided me with quality used cars and has a 2018 Buick Encore AWD, A1 condition, 38,000 km for $17,000. However, the advent of electrics has me wavering: Buick Encore, new electric/hybrid, or keeping the Impreza?

Luke L.

And why not save more? Your current car, if well maintained, can last you a few more years (no more than 5000 km per year). Moreover, the (sometimes ridiculous) price of second-hand cars has started to fall. Better to wait a little longer.

Long live France!


Citroen C3

I just returned from a trip to France and my rental Citroën C3 was spacious and relatively efficient. I really liked this little car. In addition to other Citroën models, I focused on Renault and Peugeot models. I believe there will be a market for these cars in Canada, can we consider bringing these brands back here?

Louis D.

Obviously, no! Peugeot and Citroen are attractive in the Stellantis galaxy based on a strong North American presence (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram). As for Renault, it is an ally of Nissan and Mitsubishi. However, it is not impossible that certain architectures of these French marques will be offered in Canada, but they will be finished with special bodies and will defend the colors of brands that are already established in our market.

Prevention is better than cure


Anti-rust treatment can be helpful… but which method should you choose?

I am renting a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus with 45,000 km on the clock. I intend to buy the car before the lease expires. It expires in April 2023 and has a redemption value of $28,000. My question is: is it advisable to treat the rust or is it overkill? I intend to keep this car for another two to three years.

John R.

Currently, rust perforation warranties generally cover vehicles for six years. On the other hand, a warranty against surface rust, if there is one, rarely exceeds four years. Anti-rust treatment, but which one? Currently, specialized companies offer liquid oil, semi-solid oil, grease, permanent treatment and electronic rust protection. Every treatment has benefits. Including protection against electronic rust is considered ineffective by some “experts”. The same ones who see no problem in drilling holes to better “circulate” the protective treatment. To avoid. On the one hand, some manufacturers will not hesitate for a second to void their warranty. On the other hand, opening holes in the structure has the risk of weakening certain components and favoring rust… In other words, without questioning the effectiveness of the treatments offered on the market, rust always risks showing itself no matter what we do. The problem lies in the application of the products used, which are not always perfectly uniform, in the season and also in the design of the car (ventilation).

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