POLITICS: Bruno Retailleau wants to “rebuild a new party to bring together the real right”.

The presidential candidate of the Les Republicains party held a public meeting in Talant this Saturday, November 5. On security, Bruno Retailleau calls for an end to “judicial slowness” and “migration slowness”.

On December 4th and 11th, Republican members will vote electronically to elect their new president, replacing Christian Cabot, with Dubiste Annie Genevard in charge on an interim basis.

After Éric Ciotti, on September 24, the departmental federation received Bruno Retaillou this Saturday, November 5, 2022. Bruno Retailleau, originally a member of Philippe de Villiers’ MPF, joined the UMP in 2012. Senator of the Vendée since 2004, he leads. Political group of Republicans in the Senate since 2014.

Valerie Grande as referee

On the Côte d’Or, his counterpart is Valérie Grandet, the opposition municipal councilor in Longwich. This Saturday, he spoke in front of about 70 people.

In the front row, in particular, we found the regional councilor of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, Martin Dechaud, the municipal councilor of Dijon, Emmanuel Bichot and the deputy mayor of Beaune, Charlotte Fougere.

Safety is a priority for locally elected Republicans

The speaker was welcomed by the mayor of the city and the first speaker, Fabian Ruinet, in the room of Edmond Michelet in Talant. He said Republicans have “a lot of future” because there are a lot of local elected officials.

The mayor of Talant insists on the issues of security and immigration and believes that the “leftists” have an “ideological problem with weapons.” [des policiers municipaux] and video surveillance”.

“The Senate plays a very important role in the balance of power,” recalls François-Xavier Dugourd. For his part, the president of the Côte d’Or federation, who is also the department councilor of the canton of Dijon 1, insists on the “security problem”, referring to the various events that have taken place in Dijon, especially in recent weeks. of the Republic. He continues by mentioning the subject of immigration and “France’s position in Europe and the world”.

“The French want authority at all levels”

At the national level, François-Xavier Dugourd analyzes that the executive power is “paralyzed” and Emmanuel Macron will not be able to represent himself: “the succession is open”. “Therefore, the responsibility of the Republicans is proud to create a proposal that truly represents an alternative for the French, a Republican right-wing alternative, in the key dates of 2027, in the presidential and legislative elections.”

He believes that this alternative cannot come from the Renaissance period, nor from the “extremists” who have one goal, which is to bring chaos to the streets and neighborhoods.

“The French want power at all levels: in school, in families, in public life, in neighborhoods. They want responsibility, more freedom, especially freedom of action in economic matters. The greatness of France is the fundamental right-wing values”, insists the president of the federation.

“Emmanuel Macron, it’s over”

The guest of the day then launches into a tea speech that is sometimes a little too quiet. It will be necessary to wait 40 minutes until the first applause intervenes. Candidates will be more regular when they address issues that attract activists’ attention: taxes, security, immigration, patriotism…

“Emmanuel Macron, it’s over. (…) He will do everything to cut off his successors, as François Mitterrand did. (…) Only we, the French right, can offer an alternative, because there have never been so many French voters on the right”, says Bruno Retailleau, admitting the defeat of Valery Pécres with 4.78%. Presidential elections to be held in April 2022.

Wait for the Europeans before nominating a presidential candidate

The candidate with the “right that speaks the truth” hopes that the Republicans will be able to embody the “new French ideal”: “I want to rebuild a new party to bring together the true right.”

In the event of an election, Bruno Retailleau suggests organizing “internal referendums” to decide the party’s “main strategic political directions”. For example, the question of whether to participate in the government coalition can be asked. “The French don’t even know what we’re thinking anymore, (…) there’s a constant dissonance.”

It plans to create a “veto right” for the federations over appointments deemed “too Parisian” by the national investment commission, by the president of the Pays de la Loire regional council.

“I want to build a popular, (…) patriotic party,” the candidate says, calling on right-wing voters to rally in the absence of a union of rights: “all right-wing voters, even when they vote for Zemmour, even when they vote for Le Pen, even when they abstain, for Macron they voted.”

In the process, Bruno Retailleau encourages the 2027 Republican presidential candidate not to run until after the 2024 European elections. Thus, he marks his difference with Eric Ciotti, who is immediately favorable to the candidacy of Laurent Wauquiez.

“It is a disastrous idea for the party, but the qualities of Laurent Wauquiez are not in question”, Bruno Retaillou invites to “work at the bottom” to add, then calls on the armed to choose the candidate.

He retired at the age of 64 “for the good of the French”.

The impact of excessive transfer of European standards, especially in agricultural matters or even the legal weekly working time set at 35 hours, public spending or the level of health management… the speaker makes observations that are consensual among Republicans.

From an environmental point of view, Bruno Retailleau insists on energy issues. In particular, he criticizes the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant and seeks “scientific solutions to today’s problems.” “That’s the way to be on the right side of the environmentalist.”

On pension reform, Bruno Retailleau says he is in favor of adjusting the contribution period and raising the retirement age to 64 “for the benefit of the French”.

“Over five years, 8 million pensioners lost an average of 1,300 euros a year because this reform was not carried out. When we put less labor into the economy, we get poorer. If we want to preserve the purchasing power of our retirees, (…) we need more work,” the speaker says.

“When we are on the right side, we are not fake in generosity. We are not creating new rights on the backs of younger generations, through debt or on the backs of the French taxpayer,” he adds.

Combine social minimums into one limited benefit

To counter the “assistance”, the candidate proposes to “merge all the social minimums into a single single social benefit (ASU) and we limit this single social benefit to 75% of the SMIC” so that “we ensure that there is “There is always a big gap between income from work and income from aid.”

“Absurdistan’s motto is, (…) “we tax everything that moves, we regulate it that still moves, we subsidize it that doesn’t move at all,”” then turns on the “speaker”. The projection that caused the first applause.

Break out of ‘judicial lag’ and ‘migration lag’

“The project of civilization is the fight against Islamism,” said Bruno Retailleau, predicting “other attacks” – especially “low-cost” ones – before addressing the “barbarism” of society, where Dijon will be “on the front line”.

In response, the candidate calls for an end to “judicial inertia” and “migration inertia.” Two topics that help confirm the help. Specifically, he proposes a “crime revolution” that involves the principle of double punishment, that is, the deportation of foreign criminals and criminals, as well as the minimum sentences dear to Nicolas Sarkozy.

This is to prevent a “government of judges”, because he believes that “there are some, not all, of our judges who judge according to leftist ideology and not in the name of the French people”.

Mafias a comparison countries

“Networks, mafias are the new slaves. They earn billions from the backs of poor people looking for an Eldorado”, says Bruno Retallou, who started the research, analyzing that the said sectors have classifications at the European level in terms of the right to asylum, family reunification, citizenship, and free health care. care to guide their criminal activities.

Like Marine Le Pen, Bruno Retailleau therefore calls on the French to question their migration policy through a referendum, assuming a constitutional evolution to circumvent French constitutional case law and European case law.

“We will build a school from knowledge”

“For thirty years, the French school has been deconstructed by all these sixty-eight ideologues,” says the candidate about education. “Today’s votaries are ultimately only executors of wills, their heirs. The school collapsed. The Republic school is one of the most unequal schools in Europe. (…) We will rebuild the school from the knowledge we will pass on, from the teachers we will improve. (…) The school we will give to love France”, says the candidate, emphasizing the low level of students in European rankings.

Bruno Retailleau refuses “death”.

Despite these negative observations, the candidate denies any “death”: “France is in decline, but France has known worse times; every time he was gathered, every time he was directed, he made everyone blush at the post. We can do this because we have great wealth. (…) In the history of mankind, France is this small miracle from which the greatest chaos, the most beautiful explosion can arise.”

During the exchange, an event will bring out the tension that the party has passed. An activist quickly took the floor and congratulated the senator for calling on Nicolas Sarkozy to leave Republicans and rejecting the Senate’s demand to enshrine the right to abortion in the Constitution. An obliging intervention that would continue and eventually bring François-Xavier Dugourd to intervene with diplomacy to recover the microphone.

However, Bruno Retailleau brings a nuance to the activist’s enthusiasm by noting that Les Républicains does not seek to ban abortion and that this right of women is already included in the “constitutional bloc” in terms of the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Council.

An activist from Châtillonnais asks a candidate about the regulation of the installation of wind turbines: “We are invaded by wind turbines, (…) we will install wind farms everywhere.”

Bruno Retailleau, who is waiting for the evolution of the text in the National Assembly, reports that the LR group of the Senate voted to allow mayors to exclude the installation of wind turbines in urban planning documents. “The right of veto to mayors”, in short.

Before the traditional friendship glass, Bruno Retailleau willingly lent himself to the level of ritual selfiesespecially with the Young Republicans.

At the end of November, the federation plans to receive the party’s third presidential candidate, Aurelien Pradien.

Jean-Christophe Tardivon

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