Handball: The step was too high for PSG

At the end of the match, in which Vesprème dominated head and shoulders, the Parisians showed all their limits. Despite having the stratospheric Mikkel Hansen, they won’t be going to the Final Four in Cologne.

Very difficult first half

PSG will go through the Vesprèm Arena washing machine in the first half. However, the Parisians got off to a better start thanks to Gunnarsson’s two goals (1-3 – 4th), which immediately broke the deadlock. But with the atmosphere of their rooms, sometimes vuvuzelas, very similar to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Hungarians will come back with a 4-goal streak (5-3 – 10th). Veszprèm’s defense is quite tough and hardly penalized by the Serbian duo of referees, but the Parisians return to their courage in the tie (6-6 – 14).

Momir Ilyich’s teammates do not hear this and decided to compete in the leadership. With a new 4-0, they created the first real difference of the match (10-6 – 18). Chema Rodríguez, with his very close races to the defenders and the distribution of the game, gives a very bad blow to the Paris defense. Hansen scored 4 goals in the last 10 minutes of the break. First half score: 16-12

A sense of helplessness

We tell ourselves that Paris can come back if they start the second half big, but the first fifteen minutes will be very painful. Even with Zeitz temporarily outnumbered, the Parisians could not succeed and every shot from Veszprèm came back. Suddenly, Gardent replaces Omeyer with Annonay due to gambling or physical failure? Whatever the reason, Paris are headed for a heavy defeat as their opponents reach the mark by 7 goals (23-16 – 43rd).

But Hansen didn’t want to give up on his Final Four dream and scored the next seven Paris goals (29-23 – 54th) to keep his team within reach. 6 goals and 6 minutes left. This is a situation where every goal counts. Paris is very close to believing it with a 4-goal (30-26 – 26) comeback by Abalo, but Marguc and Chema Rodríguez in quick play will douse any hope of a comeback. As last year, PSG was stronger than him and failed at the gate of the “Final Four”.
Final score: 34-28

Veszprem: Mikler (9 saves), Ilic (7), Sulic (5), Nagy (4), Chema Rodriguez (4), Ugalde (4), Gulyas (3), Marguc (3), Ruesga (2), Nilsson (1) ) ), Tailor (1)
PSG: Omeyer (8 stops), Annonay (2 stops), Hansen (15), Gunnarsson (3), Akkambra (2), Kopljar ​​​​(2), M’tima (2), Abalo (1), Barachet (1) , Melic (1), Nargiz (1)

The Hansen Show

In other matches

Barcelona, ​​Kielce and Kiel will accompany Veszprem to the Final Four in Cologne at the end of May. The favourites, the top four of the Champions League group will meet for a spectacular celebration of European handball.


0-1 Barachet’s goal
1-1 Goal by Chema Rodriguez
1-1 Very quick engagements from the Hungarians
1-1 Mikler saved
1-2 Gunnarsson goal
1-2 Stand next to Omeyer
1-2 Great start in defense of the Parisians
1-3 Gunnarsson’s goal
1-3 Omeyer parking lot
Mikler saved 1-3
2-3 Goal Ilyich
2-3 Mikler saved
Barrel for 2-3 2 minutes
2-3 Omeyer will stop
3-3 Ugalde’s goal
4-3 Gol Ilic
4-3 Akkambra big foul 2 minutes no…
5-3 Gülyas’ goal
5-4 Accambra goal
6-4 Sulic’s goal
6-4 2 minutes Nagy
6-5 M’Tima’s goal
6-6 Accambra goal
7-6 Gulyas goal
7-6 Mikler saved
7-6 Omeyer parking lot
8-6 Sulic’s goal
8-6 2 minutes Gunnarsson
Mikler saved 8-6
9-6 goal by Nagy
9-6 Stand by Omeyer
10-6 Goal by Chema Rodriguez
10-6 TM Protection
10-6 2 minutes Vori and Schuch
10-7 Hansen goal
11-7 Ilic goal
11-8 Arm of Narcissus
12-8 Gol Ilich
12-9 Koplyar’s goal
13-9 Nilsson’s goal
14-9 Ugalde’s goal
14-9 +5 as on the road
14-10 Hansen goal
15-10 Ilic’s goal
15-11 Hansen goal
15-11 Too many illegal Hungarian defensive fouls
16-11 goal by Nagy
16-12 Hansen goal
16-12 Stand by Omeyer
17-12 Gol Ilich
17-13 Gunnarsson’s goal
Omeyer saved 17-13
18-13 Sulic’s goal
18-13, the Hungarians prevent the Parisians from making a substitution
18-13 Mikler saved
19-13 goal by Nagy
19-14 Gol Koplyar
19-15 Melich’s goal
20-15 Ugalde’s goal
20-16 Hansen goal
21-16 Goal by Chema Rodriguez
21-16 Omeyer ruling
22-16 Terzic’s goal
22-16 Annonay replaces Omeyer
22-16 TM Protection
22-16 2 minutes Zeitz
22-16 failed to score on 5-for-6
23-16 goal by Nagy
23-17 Hansen goal
24-17 Ruesga’s goal
24-18 Hansen goal
25-18 Goal Sulic
25-18 Mikler saved
25-18 2 minutes Nargiz
26-18 Gol Ilich
26-19 Hansen goal
26-19 Mikler saved
26-19 Annonay parking lot
26-20 Hansen goal
27-20 Ruesga’s goal
27-21 Hansen goal
28-21 Goal Sulic
28-22 Hansen goal
29-22 Gulyas goal
29-22 2 minutes Sulic
29-23 Hansen goal
29-24 Goal by M’Tima
30-24 Ugalde’s goal
30-25 Hansen goal
30-26 Abalo goal
30-26 Annonay parking lot
31-26 Goal by Marguc
31-27 Hansen goal
32-27 Goal by Marguc
32-28 Hansen goal
33-28 Goal by Chema Rodriguez
33-28 Mikler saved
34-28 Goal by Marguc

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