The Assembly largely rejects the motion to challenge the budget LFI, which was passed on first reading

Despite the support of the RN group, the Insoumis’ proposal received 188 votes, far from an absolute majority of 289 deputies.

The National Assembly on Friday, November 4, rejected a motion of no confidence by Insoumis MPs, once again supported by the RN but lacking Socialist votes, allowing the executive to close the first chapter of the stormy budget debate. In response to the fourth invocation of Article 49.3 of the Constitution by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the motion received only 188 votes, far from an absolute majority of 289 MPs.

Its rejection would mean that the whole of the state’s 2023 budget would have to be passed at first reading, as Secu already did on Monday. Thus, the draft budget is forwarded by the government in a revised version to the Senate, which will consider it at the meeting from November 17.

The vote took place on Thursday in a semi-bicycle still reeling from the RN-elect’s remarks against his colleague Insoumis, which were deemed racist by the vast majority of MPs and led to his 15-day expulsion. This time, the far-right group chose not to present its own proposal, but voted for LFI’s votes. a move”not an endorsement of a political project“deputy RN Laure Lavalette justified. This support did not push the protests of the majority of the president.dealfrom left to extreme right.

I don’t confuse La France Insoumise with National Rally“Elisabeth Borne was released in the hemisphere. But thenmean insult“From Deputy RN”RN’s voices will join them» from LFI «once again“, he was sad before the vote, judging that”rebellious ambivalence reaches its climax“.

PS says no

The LFI deputies were careful to show in their petition that their “project“and their”society’s view“they”place them in direct opposition to the far right“. “There should be no front opposition, none of us should be the lifeblood of this government“, However, it was started for “all parliamentarians» the rebel Jean-Hugues Ratenon, at the opening of the debates, urged not to be afraid «blackmail to cancel“. But not a single socialist brought his voice to the LFI movement “not to trivialize its use“, claimed their speaker, Jérôme Guedj. In total, 51 votes were missing among the 151 Nupes deputies (PS, EELV, PCF, LFI).

The proposal had no chance of being accepted as it was not supported by LR deputies. “In due course, if we deem it useful, we will present our own rebuttal proposal“deputy LR Veronique Louwagie assured. In their texts, the Insoumis condemned the government “for the break”.contempt for parliamentary authorityIn addition to the budget considered insufficient, they also criticized the fact that the executive power, which lacked absolute majority, rejected many amendments that the opposition managed to adopt.

The Prime Minister defended the text tooth and nail, emphasizing “mass means to achieve full employment», «large investments for ecological transition“, and the budget for sovereign ministries is increasing. He also assured that he took into account certain votes of the Assembly.

Restructured budget

in the game”cost“, the executive branch mostly kept the amendments made by the president’s camp, such as salary increases for accompanying students with disabilities or support for emergency housing. However, he voted against his idea, rejecting the 12 billion euros allocated especially for the heating repair of the apartment. in the game”receipts“, the government also rejected amendments voted as PS for a tax credit for all residents in nursing homes.

He also did not accept the amendments related to taxation.super dividends“, a proposal from the opposition and even his ally Modem, who gathered support during the Renaissance. Authority justifies the sorting that the character does.”irresponsiblewith several votes. According to Elisabeth Borne, certain actions would thus result in “cancel“, depriving it of funding,”tariff shield“, the main measure of the draft financial law is to limit the increases in the regulated prices of gas and electricity to 15%. According to the left, the government could find new funding.

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