Rome designated a safe harbor for Humanity 1, while two other ships remained off the coast of Italy

Italy announced on Friday (November 4th) that it has granted a safe port to the ship of the German NGO SOS Humanity to check the health of 179 migrants it rescued in the Mediterranean Sea. Minister of Foreign Affairs. , Antonio Tajani. Ship Humanity 1 in the evening it goes to the port of Catania, Sicily.

Upon arrival at this port, doctors will check the health of the people on board. Ship “The ship will be able to remain in our territorial waters for as long as necessary to check all emergencies” let it be known Mr. Tajani, who is sure that Italy will receive people “minors”they are “pregnant women or women with young children” as well as sick people. But “All people who do not meet these criteria will have to be removed from our territorial waters by boat”he warned.

Three ships carrying migrants rescued in the Mediterranean have now been off Italy for more than a week, awaiting permission to dock from the new far-right government. So far, all their appeals have been rejected. to 179 people saved by Humanity 1an additional 234 were rescued by survivorsocean viking and 572 were rescued by migrants Geo Barents, both under the Norwegian flag. This means a total of 985 people.

“In eleven days, 234 survivors were rescued by rescuersocean viking stuck on board the boat. “They have been waiting for eleven days to be able to land in a safe harbor.” : In the National Assembly on Thursday, “rebellious” MP Carlos Martens Bilongo challenged the government over migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.

He added: “I can only share the concerns of these migrants at a time when Italy’s new prime minister has promised to block the arrival of immigrants from Africa. (…). Rescuers are in an absolute emergency, and weather forecasts indicate a significant deterioration in the climate…” He was interrupted by a racist tirade from MP RN GrĂ©goire de Fournas, as a result session termination on an almost unprecedented scale.

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“Products are running out”

SOS MĂ©diterranĂ©e sought help from France, Spain and Greece on Thursday, while Malta and Italy did not respond to dock requests. The NGO expresses its fear “strong winds, high waves and falling temperatures by the end of the week” and adds “Products are running out” on deck. “Rescued passengers are calm, but some are beginning to show signs of seasickness”explained a photographer on the plane on Friday, adding: “It is raining, it should increase towards evening. »

After the first rescue operation, on October 22, SOS Méditerranée, as usual and in accordance with maritime law, asked the authorities of the search area, Libya and Malta, without receiving a response, explained the director and co-founder of the NGO, Sophie Beau. He then sought help from Rome, but the recent rise to power of the far right left little hope of his approval.

SOS MĂ©diterranĂ©e then appealed to the maritime authorities of France, Spain and Greece. “We are facing an absolute emergency and any additional day of waiting could have serious consequences”Sophie Beau warned. “The current blockade of 985 people at sea is illegal and inhumane”he said.

In turn, the ship’s crew Geo Barents It is struggling to care for the 572 migrants on board, including around 60 unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and the elderly. Many are lying on the ground and supplies are dwindling.

On Thursday, Germany sent a diplomatic note to Italy “The Italian government will provide emergency aid” given the humanitarian emergency.

In Paris, Interior Minister Gerald Darman said he had no doubts. Italy for a moment respect[ait] international law” and greetingsocean viking. “International law is very clear: when a boat wants to dock with shipwrecked people, it is the safest and nearest port that should receive it, in this case Italy”he said on BFM-TV on Thursday. “But we have told our Italian friends, our German friends, that we are open to taking women and children, as we have done before.”so that Italy does not suffer alone “The burden of this coming”Mr. Darmanin added.

Colleague Jean-Christophe Combe from Solidarity provided France information that “France [Ă©tait] ready to meet » 234 immigrants whom [le ferait] any country. According to him, A “a matter of humanity”. “A port in Europe or France should be able to receive them so we can treat them (…). We will not allow them to die in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.he said.

According to the International Organization for Migration, since the beginning of the year, 1,765 migrants have disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea, including 1,287 migrants in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is the most dangerous migration route in the world.

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Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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