Republican Ron DeSantis is threatening Donald Trump for 2024

DAVID DEE DELGADO/Getty Images via AFP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may face Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may face Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

USA – Despite his defeat in 2020 (hard to recognize), Donald Trump is not giving up. If the former American president has not yet officially announced his candidacy for 2024, numerous hints in his speeches indicate his desire to return to the White House. “To make our country prosperous, safe and full of glory, I very, very, very likely will do it again.”he reiterated Thursday, Nov. 3, during a meeting at Iowa State.

However, the journey could be long and difficult, as one figure is emerging in the Republican Party: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump is well aware of this threat, but the war between the two men has never been exposed until recently. Ron DeSantis endorsed Colorado Senate candidate Joe O’Dea in late October, vowing to fight the former president if he runs for another term. “Big mistake”reacted to Donald Trump, whose break has ended on his Truth Social platform.

Frustrated, he even chose to ignore his opponent and not invite him to his big rally in Florida on Sunday, November 6, where he will support re-electionist Sen. Marco Rubio. The team of Ron DeSantis, who is fighting for a new mandate in the midterm elections that will be held on Tuesday, November 8, confirmed it: the governor will not go to the meeting of the former head of state.

From breaking away from the political tandem

Four years ago, Ron DeSantis, who was almost unknown to the general public, nevertheless made it to the national level thanks to … Donald Trump. Born in 1978 to a nanny mother and an Italian television installer father, he was educated at America’s top schools, first at Yale and then at Harvard. In addition to his academic success, he also excelled in baseball. After graduation, he joined the Navy, deployed to Iraq and then briefly worked as a federal prosecutor in Florida. Soon he turned to politics.

In 2012, he was elected to the Republican House of Representatives. He was re-appointed twice in 2014 and again in 2016, and two years later he decided to run for the post of head of state. For this new challenge, he is far from the favorite, but he has significant support: the support of Donald Trump, then president of the United States.

To show their closeness, Ron DeSantis preaches Trumpist slogans “build a wall” and “Make America Great Again” with his children in one of his campaign ads. Thanks to this new visibility, he manages to overturn all predictions and win a landslide victory against the Democratic candidate.

Four years later, Ron DeSantis is strong enough to separate himself from his mentor. This time, FoxNews didn’t ask Donald Trump, a conservative with a napkin ring, for support, on the contrary. The governor, who has been almost certain to be re-elected for several months, does not shy away from criticizing the former president. Far from being moderate, his orientations are also highly controversial.

Anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant, DeSantis divides

Ron DeSantis stood out for handling Covid during the pandemic for the first time, against all the advice of the authorities. As of May 2020, it has allowed Americans to visit Florida beaches, which quickly become crowded and whose pictures have been shared around the world. Then, he announced that schools would reopen when the number of contaminations was at its highest. On The Conservative Podcast Mercilessthe governor even lamented that he did not oppose Donald Trump’s arrest more strongly.

Recently, the governor of Florida caused controversy with his anti-LGBT+ campaign. Last March, he passed the “Don’t Say Gay” law, which bans the teaching of subjects related to sexual orientation or gender identity in schools. The text caused a stir all the way to the White House. The head of Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, also shared his displeasure. Immediate response: Ron DeSantis eliminated the benefits of a park with management autonomy and exemption from state regulations.

A few months later, his use of migrants from South America as a tool again angered the political class. Ron DeSantis, copying the governors of Texas and Arizona who chartered buses to Washington and New York, sent two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a popular vacation spot for the ultra-rich, including the Obama and Clinton families.

“Donald Trump with a Brain”

“We are not a sanctuary state and it would be better if we could go to a sanctuary jurisdiction. Yes, we’ll help facilitate that move so you can move on to greener pastures.”he defended himself, while the White House a “political maneuvering (…) cruel”. A group of associations complained to the governor.

Regularly qualified “Donald Trump with a Brain”Ron DeSantis has made no secret of his next goal: 2024. Asked during a televised debate whether his Democratic opponent would serve four years if re-elected, the Florida governor completely avoided the question. The real estate tycoon preparing his comeback is clearly and more disturbing.

The game has not been won yet. If 4 in 10 Republicans want Ron DeSantis ” Many “ As for the primary election for 2024, Donald Trump remains the leader of the party against one-third, second. However, the former president has reason to worry, as someone he has positioned as his main challenger continues to make progress. for months. It is evident that the presidential elections are also at stake in the midterm elections.

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