National Rally: 7 things to know about Jordan Bardella, who likes to lead the party

Jordan Bardella is expected to succeed Marine Le Pen, the leader of the party, although the elections for the presidency of the National Rally will be held this Saturday, November 5. Here are seven things to know about the 27-year-old politician who has become the new figurehead of France’s far right.

Jordan Bardella is due to take over the presidency of the RN on Saturday, November 5, signing the withdrawal from the apparatus by presidential finalist Marine Le Pen, who has kept his Elysian ambitions intact. But who is this 27-year-old who has won the trust of the Le Pen clan? Midi Dispatcher gives you seven things to know about Jordan Bardella.

He was the youngest branch secretary of the FN

Jordan Bardella – a former RN – got his National Front membership card more than a decade ago, when he was 16. At just 19, he became the youngest departmental secretary of the FN in Sene-Saint-Denis, where he later became. In 2015, he became deputy assistant to Jean-Francois Jalx (lawyer of the party accused in 2016 of “embezzlement of public funds” and accused of denying the use of Zyklon B gas in the camps. The extermination of the Nazis) and suburban.

He created the “Banlieues Patriotes” collective.

In 2016, Jordan Bardella, then 20 years old, created the collective “Banlieues patriotes”. The goal: to convince residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods to vote for Marine Le Pen, who is still unpopular among this community. In a promotional video, Jordan Bardella explains his passion to rid neighborhoods of “all forms of communitarianism” and advocates the slogan “Muslims maybe, but French first.” Very quickly, he joined Marine Le Pen’s campaign team to lead the 2017 presidential election.

He was praised for his oratory skills

Jordan Bardella’s announced coronation should complete a meteoric rise that began in 2019 when he led the RN list for Europeans before winning the party’s interim presidency last year. The man, who celebrated his 27th birthday in mid-September, revealed himself especially during the presidential campaign through televised debates, where his ease and skill sometimes put his seasoned opponents at a disadvantage.

Is Marine Le Pen considered a “creature”?

Jordan Bardella, famous for his armed base, praises his “singular relationship of irreplaceable trust” with Marine Le Pen, to whom he regularly swears loyalty and allegiance. But presented by some as a “creature” of the boss of the French far-right, he will now have to find his place, with the party often reserving a cruel fate for the number two – “the fate of dolphins sometimes run aground”, as Jean-Marie Le Pen summed it up in his day.

His wife is the leader’s niece

Jordan Bardella’s closeness to the Le Pen clan extends not only to the political, but also to the personal, as he shares his life with Nolwenn Olivier, niece of Marine Le Pen and daughter of Marie-Caroline Le Pen and Philippe Olivier. This family closeness with the leader has earned him accusations of turning a blind eye. Marine Le Pen does not remember her admiration for him. “I have great confidence in Jordan Bardella. He fulfilled his mission as the interim president of the movement with brilliance, talent and great courage,” he declared in the columns of the article. Figaro June 29.

His affinity for Eric Zemmour’s dessert

Apart from his own ambitions, his line, even his political friendships, are highlighted by his detractors, the MEP is suspected of dating the “identity” and Eric Zemmur is too soft on those who leave. In mid-October, his desire to participate in the demonstration launched by Reconquête! After the death of young Lola in Paris – which he gave up in the extreme – it highlighted the problem in his ability to assess the political situation at best, and his real intentions at worst.

He was brought before the court

In February 2022, Jordan Bardella was charged after calling the town of Trappes the “Islamic Republic”. “I am sorry that the French justice is pursuing the same goal as the Islamists today, that is to silence those who condemn reality and those who refuse to see the change of countless neighborhoods in France,” the politician reacted on Europe 1.

This evening I learn that I have been formally charged for describing the town of Trappes as an “Islamic Republic”.

The physical or legal persecution of truth tellers says a lot about the state of France. Let’s act before it’s too late.

-Jordan Bardella (@J_Bardella) February 1, 2022

The result of the members’ vote, which will be announced this Saturday during the congress at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, should put an end to a false doubt: after three months of campaigning, no one imagines interim president Jordan. Faced with Perpignan mayor Louis Aliot, Bardella will not be able to be elected as the former leader of the National Front.

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