Modern art: tips for traveling to Paris, the capital of modern art again

It’s a testament to Paris’ place in contemporary art (again) with the route you can take in the French capital right now.

Place for Henri Sala at the Exchange (Pinault Collection), until January 16. A 48-year-old Albanian videographer living in France presents four videos there (three on big screens). His beautiful 1395 Days Without Red (2011) shows a musician trying to join an orchestra in a basement to play Tchaikovsky’s Pathetique during the siege of Sarajevo. At each intersection, he must run to avoid snipers. The big rotunda, his last film no more time on a large curved screen, as in an apocalyptic future where man no longer exists, Olivier Messiaen and the Quartet show a disc spinning in weightlessness to play.

At the Tokyo Palace (until Jan. 8, also in anticipation of Lafayette), 42-year-old Cyprien Gaillard (and Berlin resident) questions the human footprint on nature with a spectacular video of parakeets in the skies of Düsseldorf. In front of the screen is a moving statue of Kat Kollwitz with a mother protecting her two children from the strangeness of our world. Another video shows dozens of New York subway cars being thrown into the sea in an attempt to recreate the cliffs. He looks againHome Angel It was turned into a fascinating hologram by Max Ernst (1937). At the entrance, the famous stack of love padlocks threatens to collapse the Pont des Arts.

Cyprien Gaillard: nautilus, living fossil ©DR

Until January 8, the Petit Palais hosts the works of Ugo Rondinone, 57, Switzerland, in the entrance galleries and in the forecourt (free entry). Humansky, seven men float in the room, painted in the colors of the sky and clouds, like Magritte. Sitting along the walls, we discover other molded objects based on clear wax mixed with soil taken from different continents. These sculptures depict the bodies of seated and resting dancers.

Ugo Rondinone at the Petit Palais
Ugo Rondinone at the Petit Palais ©DR

Fire in the world

We remember Adel Abdessemed’s powerful exhibition at Mac’s in 2017. Born in Algeria in 1973 and living in France, the artist returns with a real exhibition (until November 26) in the spacious new premises of the Galleria Continua in Paris, 87 rue du Temple. His powerful works talk about the collapse of the world and the artist facing the world in fire. In a large video, we see a boat approaching us in the Mediterranean Sea (the graveyard of migrants), the boat is on fire, and the artist stands alone on the deck. His exact double carries a burning globe on his shoulder. Protesting against the horrific images of the war in Ukraine, he created a large polyptych with a burnt wood carving of damage and two children in front, outside the image, thinking about the war. He also painted the faces of children fleeing the war.

The Musée d’Orsay in Paris presents three monumental works by Kehinde Wiley, an American black artist born in Los Angeles in 1977 who lives and works in Brooklyn. painting and two equally colossal bronze statues, elevating the battle dead, as we did in the old days to celebrate our “white” heroes. But here the hero is black. In 2020, we were able to discover eight paintings dedicated to Memling by Kehinde Wiley at the Saint-Jean hospital in Bruges. Later, he painted young black men on the streets of Brooklyn, posing as in Memling’s grand classic portraits.

We should also remember the magnificent exhibition of the Australian Aboriginal artist Sally Gabori, who died in 2015, offered by the Cartier Foundation until the beginning of November. At the age of 80, he began to paint completely abstract, but very large paintings for us. for the scenes he painted in the Pacific islands of his childhood. In eight years, he shot 2,000 and became a huge hit in Australia. The choice of colors, the texture, the balance of volumes, the internal dynamics are excellent, completely enveloping us and unconsciously bringing it closer to the great American abstracts.

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