LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russia accused of trying to “freeze” the population



As winter reigns in Eastern Europe, the Russians are trying to “freeze” the Ukrainians, accusing Washington of not being able to win on the battlefield. The fighting on the front is “the fiercest battle” in the east, Zelenskiy guarantees to “preserve their positions”. We assess the situation.



The Wagner paramilitary group is based in Vladimir Putin’s city of St. Petersburg. According to geopolitical scientist Colonel Peer de Jong, the exercise is funded by Russian oligarch Prigogine, who now “seems to be an almost central figure in Russian political life.” LCI covered in this report.


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According to British Defence, Russia is struggling to provide military training for its current mobilization and young conscripts for conscription, which opens on November 1 for 120,000 men. “The Russian armed forces were already struggling to provide training for the 300,000 soldiers required for partial mobilization,” the ministry wrote in a daily update.

The report further claims that new recruits “receive minimal or no training”. “Experienced officers and trainers have been sent to fight in Ukraine and some have undoubtedly died in combat.” Confronted with this situation, the Defense of England states that military training is organized in Belarus.


By striking Ukraine’s infrastructure, the West accuses the Russians of trying to “freeze” Ukrainians as winter approaches.

Ukraine: Russia’s tactics to “freeze Ukrainians”.Source: TF1 News

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Frontline fighting is intensifying in the east, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in a situation update published late Friday. The research center writes that in Donetsk, “Russian forces have tripled the intensity of military operations in certain parts of the front, with up to 80 attacks per day.”

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Russians will try to capture Bakhmut and Soledar in Donbass. It is in this region that “the fighting is fiercest,” Vladimir Zelensky confirmed in his daily address Friday evening. Moscow’s goal: to declare the “liberation” of Donbas (even if these gains do not guarantee control of the entire region).


Washington has accused Moscow of trying to subjugate Ukrainians by “freezing” them as winter approaches, calling on G7 countries to create a “coordinating mechanism” to repair damaged infrastructure.

“Almost half of the buildings in Ukraine have a heating system. These are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, apartment buildings (…) 78% of the buildings in Kyiv are currently heated,” the Prime Minister of Ukraine assured. Denys Chmygal. According to him, the gas reserve will be enough to survive the winter.


Vladimir Putin warned on Friday, National Unity Day, that civilians still living in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, which Moscow wants to annex, “must be evacuated” from the conflict zone.

Ukraine condemns the policy of “deportation” to the east of its territory under the control of Russia, even to Russia itself, and the international community is a witness to this. The latter stepped up its efforts to force Moscow to stop its offensive on the same day. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to use his “influence” in the Kremlin in this sense. Münster (Germany) reiterated its continuous support to Kyiv.

United States of America

Washington will finance the modernization of T-72 tanks and HAWK surface-to-air missiles as part of $400 million in military aid to Ukraine, the Pentagon said Friday. Air defense capabilities such as armor are high on Ukraine’s list of aid requests.

“At this critical time when Russia and Russian forces are raining down Iranian missiles and drones on this country’s civilian infrastructure, we recognize the dire need for air defense,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told Kiev on Friday. National Joe Biden, who is on a visit to Kiev.


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