LIVE – New Zealand v France: Big disappointment for the Blues who missed out on the final

Gael Hermet: “We will go for the third place”

“The score shows the brutality of the match, we are disappointed, we would like to get something, it is difficult. We have third place. We have shown a lot of heart since the start of the World Cup. We will take this third place, we deserve it,” said a very impressed Frenchman in front of the TF1 microphone. the captain Gael Hermet promises.

80th: It’s over, no final for France

Oh, how frustrating… France lost by one point to New Zealand (25-24) despite a great first round. There is no final for Les Bleues, who will play for third place in this World Cup.

79th: Missed…

Missed penalty by Caroline Drouin…

79th: Match point for Les Bleues!

Big pressure on Drouin in this long penalty!

New Zealand – France: 25-24

79th: Yellow card for New Zealand

Like France, the New Zealanders will outnumber the game. Penalty to be pursued for blue … 35 meters.

New Zealand – France: 25-24

79th: Penalty?

Video arbitration continues for a possible higher settlement on the New Zealand side…

New Zealand – France: 25-24

79th: Frustration for the Blues…

Ohhhh, a lost ball for the Blues nearing the New Zealand goal line! Terrible. It was match point.

New Zealand – France: 25-24

77th: The Blues want to believe it!

France continues the sequence of possession! We must manage to break the New Zealand defence! Three minutes left, what a doubt!

New Zealand – France: 25-24

75th over: New Zealand stand firm

Not enough attacking support… and France is punishing itself again.

New Zealand – France: 25-24

72nd over: Terrible New Zealand pressure

Heroic defending by the Blues against pressure from the five-time world champions. In this semi-final with the emperor Romane Menager.

New Zealand – France: 25-24

69th: France reduced to 14

Safi N’Diaye yellow card for high tackle! France will spend the next ten minutes at 14 against 15…

New Zealand – France: 25-24

68th: Les Bleues lose Lindelauf

A hard blow to France with Coco Lindelauf out with a goalpost injury, he was impressed as he gave way.

New Zealand – France: 25-24

66th: France back to a point!

And the transformation behind Drouin facing the posts! France returns to a small point, what a doubt!

New Zealand – France: 25-24

65th: ohhh French Rebellion!

Then maybe?! Great work from Safi N’Diaye early in the move and Romane Menager then made the difference by resisting the return of three New Zealand players! France starts again with this challenge!

New Zealand – France: 25-22

61st: Getting tough for the Blues

For the French team, it starts to get seriously complicated. New penalty for New Zealand: Demant adds three points to his team.

New Zealand – France: 25-17

58th: Les Bleues lead by five points

Ruahei Demant is afraid of this transformation, but it passes.

New Zealand – France: 22-17

57th over: New Zealand take the lead

We felt it coming… France break another New Zealand point. In this trial, it is Teresa Fitzpatrick who comes to punish Blue.

New Zealand – France: 20-17

54th: The match is on!

The game just got messier on every side in minutes! And for the moment, the Blues are always ahead! They are approaching their first historic final.

New Zealand – France: 15-17

51st: The Blues are heavily sanctioned

Les Bleues are trying to make their mark in the indoor game, but they are facing a better organized New Zealand block than in the first half.

New Zealand – France: 15-17

49th: The Blues are suffering

New whistle penalty against Boulard. Renee Holmes picks up points but misses…

New Zealand – France: 15-17

47th: Black Ferns persist

New Zealand will soon have a French reaction to the waves… Pushed by their community, the Black Ferns are chaining the highlights. France is suffering.

New Zealand – France: 15-17

44th: Test confirmed for New Zealand!

A big blow to France from the start of this second round. Emilie Boulard is moved by Ruby Tui on trial. Confirmed in the video. Only good news for France: Renee Holmes misses the transformation.

New Zealand – France: 15-17

43rd: Hey New Zealand try!

A video to watch to check for any possible progress, but a big mistake by the French in this test…

41st: here we go again in Auckland!

New Zealand will dominate this second round. Les Bleues are 40 minutes away from making French women’s rugby history.

New Zealand – France: 10-17

40th: France lead at the break!

A very good first period for the French team in this semi-final of the World Cup! Facing five-time world champions New Zealand (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2017) in Auckland, the Blues lead at half-time!

New Zealand – France: 10-17

39th: yes, the French test!

Oh, the new French essay! Les Bleues will not doubt for long. Gabrielle Vernier arrives to finalize a huge collective work and Caroline Drouin takes care of the subsequent transformation. We lead!

New Zealand – France: 10-17

38th: France’s response?

Great job for the Blues who spoke their strength in front of the opponent’s 22m line.

New Zealand – France: 10-10

36th: New Zealand Test!

A perfect combination for the New Zealanders with Stacey Fluhler on the left wing at the end! Les Bleues preempted the move. In the background, Renee Holmes handles the transformation. Everything must be done again for France!

New Zealand – France: 10-10

35th: Danger for the Blues

A fight on a five-meter axis from the French posts to arrive in New Zealand …

New Zealand v France: 3-10

32nd: big New Zealand moment

Reinvigorated by this punishment, the Black Ferns are insisting on a test in the French camp. But the French defense remains firm.

New Zealand v France: 3-10

29th: First score for New Zealand

Ouch, New Zealand capitalized on a mistake by French captain Gael Hermet with a penalty scored by Renee Holmes.

New Zealand v France: 3-10

26: France are going well

Penalty for a bit too hard on Gabrielle Vernier. A red card wasn’t too far away… The French center is doing quite well.

New Zealand – France: 0-10

23rd: Transformation for Drouin!

No problem for the transforming Caroline Drouin! France is flying!

New Zealand – France: 0-10

22nd: First try for France!!

What a French move! And the first try of this semi-final is for Romane Menager! The third line, absent in the previous two matches of the World Cup due to the knockout in the match against England, is making a brilliant comeback!

New Zealand – France: 0-8

20: France still ahead

The French try to exploit the gaps left by the New Zealanders on the sides. However, the game at the foot of the Blues is not yet fully resolved.

New Zealand – France: 0-3

17: A large strip of Black Ferns

But France’s defense is solid. Let’s remind that the goal of Les Bleues is to get a better result than the bronze medal obtained at the 2017 World Cup.

New Zealand – France: 0-3

14th: Strong pressure from New Zealand

Les Bleues are fighting back, but the five-time world champions from New Zealand are putting on a lot of pressure.

New Zealand – France: 0-3

12: waste in transmissions

A few too many balls lost by the Blue in a matter of minutes. Wayne Smith’s players are putting pressure on the tricolor camp.

New Zealand – France: 0-3

9th: An ideal start to the match for Les Bleues

Les Bleues made it to the semi-finals perfectly. Despite the pressure of this match, they are in possession and manage to take the New Zealanders by the throat.

New Zealand – France: 0-3

7th: first French points!

And that’s it! First penalty by Caroline Drouin without shaking, France already in front!

New Zealand – France: 0-3

5th: What a start for Les Bleues!

Great tricolor pressure in front of the New Zealand goal line! Now we have to wrap up!

New Zealand – France: 0-0

3rd: Les Bleues are in a good place

The French settled in the New Zealand camp early in the match. Despite the mutual struggles, they take the time to chain the formations. We aim for the first attempt!

New Zealand – France: 0-0

New Zealand – France, let’s go! (1′)

The start is given by Les Bleues in this semi-final of the World Cup! Unfortunately, the French have already lost the first ball…

Make way for New Zealand khaka!

Always a great time. But Mavi, far from being impressed, remains indifferent. Even better, they respond by capturing the Marseillaise in their corner!

Players enter the field!

Spectacular sunshine on the Auckland side. And let’s go to the hymns!

Les Bleues face a big challenge!

The big task that awaits Les Bleues: in the country of rugby, to face the five-time world champions from New Zealand (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010) in the temple of Eden Park, where around 40,000 spectators will welcome the occasion. and 2017). The Blues are hoping to reach the first World Cup final in French women’s rugby history.

England qualify for the final

England, the first world nation and the competition’s biggest favourites, qualified for the final of the Women’s Rugby World Cup this Saturday after defeating a gritty and gritty Canada team 26-19 at Auckland’s Eden Park.

At the same time, the “Red Roses”, who won a record 30th consecutive victory, will face the winner of the shock between New Zealand, the current world champion and France, in the final next Saturday.


Black Ferns XV

Holmes – Tui, Fluhler, Fitzpatrck, Woodman – (o) Demant, (m) Cocksedge – Mikaele-Tu’u, Hirini, A. Bremner – J. Bremner, Roos – Rule, Ponsonby, Love.

Here is the composition of the Blues

Boulard – Grisez, Philopon, Vernier, M. Ménager – (o) Drouin, (m) Bourdon – Escudero, R. Ménager, Hermet (cap.) – Fall, Ferer – Joyeux, Sochat, Deshaye.


Welcome to live coverage of the Women’s Rugby World Cup semi-final between New Zealand and France XV. The match kicks off at 7:30 a.m. French time at Eden Park in Auckland.

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