Jordan Bardella was elected president of the National Rally with 85% of the vote against Louis Aliot

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11:44 : Jordan Bardella, widely touted as head of RN, continues his supersonic rise. A mere 27-year-old MEP, Marine Le Pen is positioned as a natural appeal if she refuses to run for the 2027 presidential election. Portrait.


11:40 a.m : Marine Le Pen announced that Jordan Bardella is the new president of the National Rally with 84.84% of the vote.

11:31 a.m : The message is clear about Marine Le Pen’s desire to continue the political struggle. “There will be no rest for me, as for all of us we will have reformed the country”, he adds. From there to run for president in 2027? To be continued…

11:25 : Our journalist Antoine Comte is still at the Mutualité in Paris, while the National Rally is holding its 18th congress. The name of Marine Le Pen’s replacement will be announced in a few minutes.

11:25 : “I am not leaving the presidency of our movement to go on strike. I remain mobilized. For the future, as for France, I will be where the country and the national cause need me for the movement.”, launching @MLP_officiel. #CongressRN #RN @franceinfo

11:25 : Marine Le Pen’s insulting speech at the opening of the #RN congress: “Those who thought they had dealt us a fatal blow have seen their hopes dashed. The disappointment of failure is enough for us,” says the presiding judge. Party since 2011 and who will deliver today…

11:49 : “Dear members, the road map you elected me had a dual mission: the approval of the national project in France and in Europe and the overhaul of our political project.”

Marine Le Pen is currently speaking at the Mutualité in Paris on the occasion of the 18th congress of the National Rally, and her successor is due to be appointed in the morning.

10:48 : Marine Le Pen will take the floor in a few minutes to present the moral report of the party. His speech is preceded by a short tribute clip that party activists and elected officials have been eagerly waiting for. #CongresRN #RN @franceinfo @franceinfoplus

10:48 : According to #RN press service, “about 1400 people are expected during the day and 130 journalists have passed accreditation”. The departure of the day was delayed by about thirty minutes: Marine Le Pen should speak in a few minutes. #CongressRN @franceinfo

10:48 : Jordan #Bardella is the overwhelming favorite in the poll. He should succeed Marine Le Pen at the head of the party. But earlier, it’s MPs @ljacobelli and @LaureLavalette who are currently opening the convention. They give the floor to party treasurer @K_Pfeffer. #CongressRN #RN

10:49 a.m : Hello! Today I present to you the 18th congress of @RNational_off from the Maison de la Mutualité in #Paris. The name of the new party chairman should be announced at 11:25. In the race: MEP @J_Bardella vs Mayor of Perpignan @louis_aliot. #CongressRN #RN

10:50 : The 18th Congress of the National Rally begins at the Mutualité in Paris. The name of the new party chairman will be announced there by noon. Our reporter Antoine Comte is there, I’ll spare you some of his tweets.

10:34 : These are a few words that will be significant in the 16th legislature, both for their meaning and for the very strong reactions they evoke. On Thursday, Grégoire de Fournas, deputy RN for Gironde, shouted the verdict. “his (they) return to Africa” Carlos Martens Bilongo, his elected colleague from La France insoumise in Val-d’Oise, spoke at the Hemicycle. Yann Thompson and Thibaud Le Meneec tell you how we got here.

09:57 : Event closed? Danièle Obono responds: “We believe that what needs to be done has been done (…), but it does not wash away what I consider to be a stain”

10:00 A.M. : “At La France insoumise, we believe that what needs to be done is done,” Paris MP Danièle Obono was judged on fraceinfo in the morning following the sanction passed by the National Assembly against MP Grégoire de Fournas for racist remarks.

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