Forget Apple and Samsung, this Mi 11 Ultra is at an outrageous price (-50%)

The Mi 11 Ultra is one of the latest premium smartphones to be made official by Xiaomi, with a spring 2021 release date. The brand has included many high-end features that allow this model to compete with the best manufacturers in the world. .. If we can show its high price, this is no longer the case with this Singles Day offer from Aliexpress.

So, thanks to the code SDXFR13, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is shown at a price of only 604 euros instead of 1199 euros. By choosing a smartphone on AliExpress now, you get an instant -50% savings on this model. It’s a golden opportunity to be able to get such a premium model for such a low price, which means the flash sale won’t be live for long on Singles Day.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Gets Crazy Price on AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

This particular operation only highlights the flash offers, which is what the Mi 11 Ultra does. In fact, stocks and codes are very limited on AliExpress, which explains why the offer will not continue, despite the fact that the smartphone has already attracted many people. Moreover, some colors are already sold out at the online merchant, we can only recommend you to be reactive to order your model while you have time.

Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi’s (ultra) high-end flagship

If Xiaomi is very famous for its mid-range smartphones, the brand is not left out when it comes to offering high-end models like the Mi 11 Ultra. With this version, it proves that it has a perfect place in this niche and puts its know-how at the service of excellence, as we see in this high-flying technical sheet. The phone has not one, but two screens, both of which are interesting.

To be clear, the Mi 11 Ultra has a 6.81-inch QHD+ OLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Xiaomi has gone further by installing a smaller 1.1-inch display next to the block image on the back of the smartphone. It shows the time as well as any notifications or video feedback you’ve received. This is not a simple gadget, so its presence is very noticeable in everyday use.

Autonomy is not excluded with Mi 11 Ultra either. This feature is still an element that Xiaomi attaches great importance to, as we find a 500mAh battery with 67W fast and wireless charging. So you get all the autonomy in less than 40 minutes, it’s also reliable without it. Tel. This feature is really premium, no competitor can do it in such a premium model. For photography, the brand relies on a 20 Mpx selfie sensor, as well as a triple photo sensor that includes a 50 Mpx main sensor, a 48 Mpx ultra-wide angle and a 48 Mpx telephoto lens. The quality of the images is up to this configuration, a very good point for the manufacturer.

I take advantage of the offer

In conclusion, the Mi 11 Ultra runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G enabled chip, a very premium processor that is efficient in running your mobile apps. You can play power-hungry mobile games without any lag, this is also true for all daily services. Finally, we find MIUI, an Android skin developed by the manufacturer for an aesthetic and easy-to-use interface, even if it is your first Xiaomi smartphone.

Opt for Xiaomi’s smartphone on Aliexpress

The Mi 11 Ultra is not the last smartphone in its category, as the brand has made the Mi 12 series official for spring 2022. Nevertheless, this does not stop the model from continuing to sell like hotcakes due to its solid data sheet and technical data sheet. attractive price. With the offer put forward by AliExpress, it becomes even more interesting than its successor, which, although it is displayed at -50%, still has a very high price.

No smartphone as high-end as the Mi 11 Ultra has an equivalent discount on AliExpress. You won’t find a model like this at -50%, be it Apple, Samsung or otherwise. If you want to choose a phone with affordable specifications, go for it without hesitation. Rugged and robust, it combines the qualities of an equally premium design.

We must remember that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is not designed to be available for a long time at such a price. Luckily, it’s still in stock at the time of writing, but the deal on AliExpress can disappear at any time. Single Day remains a very popular deal around the world and many users want to get this smartphone at a really low price.

If you order the Mi 11 Ultra directly from AliExpress, you get free shipping within 3 working days, as the phone ships from a French warehouse. You have 14 days to change your mind for free with a withdrawal period, as well as a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the smartphone. Don’t wait any longer, this flash offer is bound to end soon.

Mi 11 Ultra is available for cheap on AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

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