AUTOMOTIVE. Two versions for the Beuzeville-Honfleur 2022 rally (maps and start list)

The Beuzeville-Honfleur rally will start this Saturday, November 5, 2022 and end this Sunday, November 6, 2022. (© The Pays d’Auge)

The Beuzeville-Honfleur rally this weekend (November 5-6, 2022) will be the last meeting of the Pays d’Auge rally season not to take place this year, since the Pont-l’Evêque rally. On this occasion, the Saint-Hélier team prepared two versions of the Beuzeville-Honfleur rally, which will run parallel on Saturday and especially on Sunday.


Festivities will begin this Saturday, November 5, 2022, shortly after noon with the national version of the Beuzeville rally. Only 60 will be away for the first two matches of the Saint-Hélier team. A six-stroke course spread across two sites (Asnières and Martainville) will be on the menu this first day. From 10:00am on Sunday, competitors will have around 90 kilometers of timed courses before extending the fun on four timed courses spread across two fields (La Lande Saint-Léger and Beuzeville).

That’s it for the national part of the Beuzeville-Honfleur rally. Now the rally will not stop at this national version, as the organizers have organized a parallel regional rally with 60 other crews on Sunday (November 6, 2022). The route for negotiations will be the same in four stages, spread over two areas. It is clear that on Sunday, after the survivors of the national rally, they will chain the opponents of the regional rally. The award ceremony will start at 14:00 on Sunday in Honfleur.

“we are ready”

Organizationally, it’s time to wait: “We’re finishing up the final details,” admits Vincent Maze, president of the organizing committee: “We’re ready, we’re just waiting for the cars to go. We’re happy to be filled with participants. It’s already a big relief financially. We’re also happy that two years we are able to ride horses after absence. In the end, we express our great thanks to the municipalities that welcomed us, sponsors, as well as to the farmers who played the game. We thank the volunteers, without whom nothing is possible, as well as the team members and officials.


In the national version of the Beuzeville-Honfleur rally, Sébastien Alémany will inevitably be one of the favourites, if not the favourite. Opposing him is the winner of the Coupe de France 2009, Arnaud Gautier, who will have the car to race. The main outsider will be Frank Willy.

In the regional version, the competition seems to be promised in Alexis Flambard. Richard Vallois, an R5 model, should be his main rival.

List of those who started the national rally

1 Alemany Sebastien – Mallet Mathieu Skoda Fabia R5 Frc2 R5

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2 Gautier Arnaud – Dubos Edouard Ford Fiesta R5 Frc2 R5

3 Villey Franck – Andrieu Ludovic Ford Fiesta R5 Frc2 R5

4 Sebastien Veillepeau – Red Alexandre Bmw 135 I Frgt Gt10

5 Lemire Nicolas – Haouit Marie Peugeot 206 Frn F214

6 Surin Ludovic – Surin Eloise Citroen Zx Frn F214

7 Rambure Alexandre – Toussaint Lea Renault Clio Rs Frn F214

8 Helaine Bruno – Martin Enzo Peugeot 206 Rcc Frn F214

9 Levaufre Sébastien – Helaine Quentin Renault Clio Frn F214

10 Colette Alexandre – Colette Benoit Renault Clio Frn F214

11 Duval Damien – Duval Constant Ford Puma Frn F214

12 Jaudinaud Valere – Julien Adrien Bmw M3 Frn A8

14 Guegan Frederic – Simon-Lebaillif Nadege Mitsubishi Evo Ix Frn A8

15 Halley Alain – Delabarre Francois-Xavier Mitsubishi Evo X Frn A8

16 Duchesne Anthony – Leblanc Florian Mitsubishi Evo VIII Frn A8

17 Langlois Anthony – Pottier Margot Mitsubishi Evo VIII Frn N4

18 Mace Vivien – Raes Simon Mitsubishi Evo X Frn N4

19 Lesnis Arnaud – Boulet Julien Mitsubishi Evo X Frn N4

20 Deslandes Dorian – Pustelnik Lea Peugeot 208 Frc4 Rally4

21 disclaimers Stephane – Enault Maxime Peugeot 207 Rc Frc4 R3

22 Delanney Sebastien and Natacha Renault Clio Frc4 R3

23 Baronet Sebastien – Hornet Orlane Citroen Ds3 Frc4 R3

24 Gouley Pascal – Dufay Franck Renault Clio Frc4 R3

25 Stephan Stanislas – Houelle Corentin Citroen C2 Frc4 A6k

26 Deschamps Daniel – Paygambar Steven Citroen C2 Frc4 R2

27 Letalleur Nicolas – Letalleur Chloe Citroen Saxo Frc4 F213

28 Leon Patrice – Leon Nadia Seat Ibiza Frc4 F213

29 Ouzouf Nolan – Reboursiere Manon Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 F213

30 Primois Thomas – Primois Dominique Renault Clio 2 Rs Frc4 A7

31 Riviere David – Hardy Handrea Renault Clio Frc4 A7

32 Merlin Thomas – Grosvalet Estelle Renault Clio Ragnotti Frc4 A7

33 Pierre Christophe – Pierre Kelly Peugeot 206 Rc Frc4 A7

34 Ohio Emmanuel – Amblard Patrice Peugeot 306 Frc4 N3

35 Dardenne Angelique – Vaillant Nicolas Peugeot 206 Rc Frc4 N3

36 Eudeline Charly – Gouley Marceau Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 A6

37 Roussel Mickael – Bellengier Ludovic Opel Adam Cup Frc5 Fr2

38 Alleaume Christian – Hemery David Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 A5k

39 Samson Jean-Jacques – Raut Dominique Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 F212

40 Leblanc Guillaume – Arnoulin Clement Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 F212

41 Lecomte Thierry – Lecomte Nicolas Talbot Samba Rally Frc5 A5

42 Piel Pascal – Bread Florence Talbot Samba Frc5 A5

43 Chauffray Jean-Pascal – Fauvel Mickael Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 A5

44 Leg Kevin – Dawn Elodie Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 A5

45 Alleaume Bastien – Paul Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 Outside A5

46 Denis Benoit – Vivien Florian Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 A5

47 Thuillier Romuald – Metot Jerome Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 A5

48 Pallu Theo – Jaffrelot Hugo Renault Twingo Frc5 R1

49 Travers Morgan – Schmitt Kevin Citroen Saxo Vts Frc5 N2

50 Grieu Christophe – Bidault Mathys Citroen Saxo Vts Frc5 N

51 Delamare Nicolas – Dubos Morgan Citroen Saxo FRC5 N2
52 Auguste Maxime and Charly Citroen Saxo VTS FRC5 N2
53 Edouard Philippe – Boudin Patrick Citroen Saxo FRC5 N2
54 Brismontier Arnaud – Andrieu Lucas Peugeot 106 S16 FRC5 N2
55 Liard Julien – Berthaume Kevin Peugeot 106 XSI FRC5 N1
56 Delabrière Ludovic – Ladhuie Jordan Peugeot 106 XSI FRC5 N1
57 Rousval Francois Hugues – Plusquellec Enzo Citroen AX Gti FRC5 N1
58 Jouvin Christophe – Osmont Alexandre Peugeot 106 S16 FRC5 N2S

List of regional rally starters

201 Flambard Alexis – Wow Arthur Ford Fiesta R5 Frc2 R5

202 Vallois Richard – Vallois Manuela Volkswagen Polo R5 Frc2 R5

203 Bigorne Didier – Dumont Nicolas Citroen Ds3 R5 Frc2 R5

204 Bertho Renald – Bertho Titouan Peugeot 206 Frn F214

205 Bachelet Max – Mustel Vincent Renault Clio 2 Rs Frn F214

206 Guilard David – Buxart Nicolas Renault Clio 2 Rs Frn F214

207 Ballot Pascal – Ballot Chloe Peugeot 205 Gti Frn F214

208 Martin Nicolas – Chefdeville Alexandre Renault Clio Rs Frn F214

209 Perrotte Aurelien – Le Cunff Nolwenn Peugeot 206 Frn F214

210 Fagnen Florian – Plumet Franck Citroen Ax Sport Frc5 F212

211 Piau Jean-Francois – Caen Stephane Subaru Impreza Frn N4

212 Hochedez Frederic – Petit Caroline Renault Clio Frc4 R3

214 Jeanblanc Patrice – Lebecq Lucile Renault Clio Frc4 R3

215 Loiseau Julien – Pottier Eric Peugeot 206 Xs Frc4 A6k

216 Lacaine Dimitri – Lacaine Anaelle Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 A6k

217 Delacour Gabriel -8 Leg Joigneaux Corinne Citroen C2 Frc4 R2

218 Lherondel Cyril – Lherondel Camille Peugeot 208 Frc4 R2

219 Laine Jonathan -2 Verdure Antoine Peugeot 205 Gti Frc4 F213

220 Daigneau Benjamin – Daigneau Katia Peugeot 206 Frc4 F213

221 Rabel Sylvain – De Jong Claire Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 F213

222 Bucaille Jordan – Bourg Sophie Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 F213

223 Rabel Steven – Le Guen Loic Peugeot 106 S16 Frc4 F213

224 Coris Thibault – Saint Requier Aude Peugeot 205 Frc4 F213

225 Roger Yvon – Aranda Julien Renault Clio Frc4 A7

226 Salles Tony – Brunel Rachel Renault Clio Williams Frc4 A7

227 Courraey Johann – Courraey Clement Renault Clio Williams Frc4 A7

228 Hunot Cedric – Hunot Alexandre Renault Clio Rs Frc4 A7

229 Mallet Julien – Sebire Loic Renault Clio Ragnotti Frc4 N3

230 Leclerc Ludovic Renault Clio Frc4 N3

231 Gaillardon Fabien – Dagorn Jordan Renault Clio Ragnotti Frc4 N3

232 Wuillaume Mickael – Delabriere David Renault Clio Ragnotti Frc4 N3

233 Launay Nicolas – Primak Patrick Renault Clio 2 Rs Frc4 N3

234 Germain Ludovic – Heuzey Michel Renault Clio 2 Frc4 N3

235 Lange Chris – Roney Nicolas Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 A6

236 Gallot Frederic – Gallot Astrid Citroen Saxo Vts Frc4 A6

237 Joigneaux Didier – Audra Laurent Peugeot 106 S16 Frc4 A6

238 Pestel Laurent – ​​Colette Loueva Citroen Saxo Frc4 A6

239 Laleman William – Goulard Thomas Peugeot 106 S16 Frc4 A6

240 Scrap Arthur – Scrap Jessica Citroen Saxo Frc4 A6

241 Causier Romain – Lemoine Thomas Citroen Saxo Frc4 A6

242 Marie Jean-Louis – Marie Laurent Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 F212

243 Delamare Clement – ​​​​​​Coadou Jason Citroen Saxo Frc5 F212

244 Desvaux Arnault – Lebas Cassandra Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 F212

245 Renaud Kylian – Paul Steven Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 A5

246 Ledrait Thevenin – Massy Audrey Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 A5

247 Barranger Adrien – Delaunay Enzo Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 A5

248 Auffret Franck – Lintot Laurent Volkswagen Polo Frc5 A5

249 Vallot Mathieu – Vallot Matteo Peugeot 106 Frc5 A5

250 Pestel Gaetan – Pestel Helena Peugeot 205 Rally Frc5 A5

251 Saint-Clair Vincent – ​​Delasalle Benjamin Peugeot 205 Rally Frc5 A5

252 Mahieu Wilfried – Mahieu Florian Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 A5

253 Chalots Antoine – Maurey Pauline Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 A5

254 Thoretton Francois – Thoretton Tom Peugeot 106 16s Frc5 N2

255 Delanney Valentine – Drink Matteo Citroen Saxo Vts Frc5 N2

256 Eudeline Xavier – Eudeline David Citroen Saxo Frc5 N2

257 Perthuis Jean-Bernard – Merchant Mickael Peugeot 106 Frc5 N2

258 Auguste Olivier – Auguste Valerie Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 N1

259 Gautier Nicolas – Gallais Sebastien Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 N1

260 Verdier Jerome – Foucher Jefferson Peugeot 106 Xsi Frc5 N1

261 Lollier Eddy – Verdier Joanna Citroen Ax Gti Frc5 N1

262 Joris Bastien – Pillaz Romain Peugeot 106 Rally Frc5 F211

263 De Wever Jonas – De Wever Laurent Citroen C1 Frc5 F211

264 Imbert Alexis – Dupuy Fabienne Renault Twingo Frc5 N2s

Waiting List: 265 Herry Dylan – Leroux Louise Peugeot 205 Rally Frc5 A5; 266 Robine David Bmw 320 I Frn F214; 267 Madelaine Theo – Madelaine Charlie Renault Clio 3 Rs Frn F214; 268 Bazin Jean-Emmanuel – Durassier Marc Bmw E36 Frn F214; 269 ​​Simenel Pierre – Hamard Anthony Eugeot 208 Frc4 Rally.

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