All the know-how of artisans is on display in Montargis this weekend

“The flute represents two months’ work.” Véronique Gardy, from Flût’A Pa’ workshop, at Montargis Village Hall, cleans the material of one of his latest flutes, recycled newsprint. unique know-how selected during the first Biennale of the Guild of Craftsmen.

This exhibition and sales fair opens its doors until Sunday evening. Thirty-four artists and creators It is there from all over France. A good part of this comes from the district.

“This tool requires 50 layers of paper”

Recycled paper flute maker Véronique Gardy, based near Beaugency, explains the specifics of her craft to those interested: “For a flute, you need stack dozens and dozens of layers of paper“.

Also a flute master, the artisan who started out on his own 25 years ago knows a thing or two about wind instruments. “What will change in the sound produced between a wooden or paper flute is the “color” of the sound.its perception by the listener”.
The designer also makes the xun, a very ancient Chinese instrument, a type of globular flute. “This instrument requires, for example, 50 layers of paper”, – Véronique Gardy, emphasizing the creation in hand.

Recover unused leather in the leather goods industry

Behind her booth, Aurélie Delobelle works with leather, offering purses, bracelets, pockets and even earrings. Its specificity? Located near Lorris, this designer, offers to combine both artistic leather products while giving leather a second life.

“I work mostly on leather scraps sold by the big names in leather goods. In other words, they are small pieces that they no longer use after their collection is over”, emphasizes Aurélie Delobelle at the “Dame Goupil” workshop.

The leather goods manufacturer also uses skins from the food industry, e.g salmon and sturgeon skin. “My goal is to use material that already exists.”

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Thirty tradesmen were represented

“This fair, I have already organized two such fairs in Ferrières-en-Gâtinais in 2018 and 2021. Coming to Montargis allows you to reach a wider audience and welcome more artists. This is a way to show off the “little hands” of fine craftsmanship“, describes event organizer Nicole Davis.

“Many of our businessmen are represented cabinet maker, stained glass artist, jeweler, fashion designer, mosaic artist, book designer, furniture designer or watch repairer“, also pleases the creator of lampshades.
After two years interrupted by a health crisis, this show is once again a showcase of artistic craftsmanship.

Experiment. The show is open this Saturday and November 6 at Montargis Village Hall from 10am to 7pm. Entry is free.

Sylvain Riollet

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