4 versatile and affordable hybrid cars to drive

Not long ago, one hand was enough to count the hybrid cars available in the market, but now you need several pairs of arms to navigate the ones available to you. A less obvious choice because there are so many good offers out there. To save time and make the right choice, L’AM regularly offers you a selection of the most suitable models. In the family of “simple” hybrids, in other words, when you’re not charging, here are four models that shine not only in their endurance, but also in their versatility. In the city, as on vacation – you will definitely need to pack luggage for luggage – the models will not disappoint you. Consumption for each was checked at our base in Montlhéry.

1. Renault Clio E-Tech 145 hp

Renault Clio E-Tech is the most versatile hybrid city car.©Renault

There are two viable options for you in the hybrid city car market today. But when it comes to versatility, the Clio E-Tech takes on the Toyota Yaris, which remains the queen of the city. With its innovative technology, the little Renault 1.6 l impresses with its ability to easily reach 50 km/h without starting and often drive 100% electric.. All this is accompanied by a pleasantly smooth operation, without the unpleasant flights of the Japanese diet. Hybrid Clio also offers tonic reminders of 145 hp, which allows you to appreciate the balance and versatility of this little Frenchman (4.05 m) as a big talent when passing. Its comfort/road efficiency compromise is the best of its kind, and careful sound insulation makes it a friend of long journeys. Especially since it offers a tidy interior with successful ergonomics. Finally, this Clio, which starts at €22,350, consumes little: an average of 5.1 l/100 km, 4.4 l in the city and 6.5 l on the highway..

2. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 140 hp

Toyota Corolla.
Toyota Corolla.©Toyota

At Toyota, the Corolla plays pragmatism. Here is a family-calibrated compact (4.37 m) that offers proper living and an introduction to the pleasures of the day. with mid-range 12.3-inch display meters and a 10.5-inch central panel. But the interest remains the arrival of 5th generation hybrid engines. The 1.8 and 2.0 do not evolve more than the chassis – always balanced and comfortable – but the electric part is refined with a more powerful battery that increases the overall power. The 1.8 version now has 140 hp and the 2.0 rises from 184 to 196 hp. Behind the wheel of the 1.8, the gain in brilliance is evident, even if you still need a velvety foot to get past 15 km/h without waking the 4-cylinder engine.. On the other hand, sobriety still seems remarkable. Therefore, many advantages for this hybrid Corolla, which now starts at 31,400 euros.

3. Hyundai Kona Hybrid with 141 hp

Hyundai Kona.
Hyundai Kona.©Hyundai

Even if SUVs aren’t a panacea when it comes to efficiency, you like them and they offer other undeniable advantages. To stay reasonable on the consumer side, the Hyundai Kona seems fit. At the end of its life, this first generation (4.17m) is still worth the money. First of all, because it knows how to talk to the wallet: it starts at €27,000, cheaper than the Renault Captur E-Tech (€28,400), while consuming less: an average of 5.7 l/100 km according to our measurements… Pleasant to use with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Japanese SUV does not offer all the “refining” qualities expected from a hybrid, with a complex braking dose and poor uneven filtration on the road punishing comfort. At least body movements are well controlled and benefit road behavior. In the end, nothing tarnishes this castle’s image of a welcoming style for everyday life, although it is not grand, especially on the highway side..

4. Honda Civic Hybrid

New Honda Civic.
New Honda Civic.© Honda

Often Honda plays the weak role. Its latest Civic is proof of that, allowing me to stand out from my competition without denying the basics of a large compact. Under 4.55 m, the internal hybrid technology is hidden in the version optimized for Europe.. If it really didn’t fool us in the HR-V, it seems even more believable here, where Honda has completely overhauled the system’s steering. Now, during heavy acceleration, the 4-cylinder no longer screams and climbs at a constant speed, but simulates the gears of an automatic transmission. It’s artificial, but it greatly improves the handling of this toned and stable Japanese. Its suspension prides itself on comfort, and it’s a pleasure to live in this Honda that doesn’t forget to be alert (average 5.7 l/100 km). Not bad for a family with 184 horsepower, especially since it spends about half its time in the city on electric power, it makes do with 5 liters. Otherwise, Starting at €32,400, this Civic knows how to entertain with plenty of storage and welcoming rear seats..

has been published 05/11/2022 Updated 05/11/2022 Francois Lemaur and editorial staff

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