What sanctions were imposed on MP RNGrégoire de Fournas after his racist comments in the Assembly?

What does Grégoire de Fournas risk? The fate of the elected representative of the Gironde is now in the hands of the National Office, the day after the electric session, which was suspended after the racist comments made by this National Rally deputy against La France insoumise (LFI) deputy Carlos Martens Bilongo. Assembly.

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The body, which meets at 2.30pm, could decide on any sanctions to be imposed on Mr de Fournas, who continues to protest the racist nature of his intervention. Mr. de Fournas shouted, according to a National Assembly report “Let him go back to Africa!” » His colleague at LFI asked SOS Méditerranée NGO about the boat with 234 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya. Mr. de Fournas assures that he is not talking about his colleague, but about the SOS Méditerranée boat.

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“Taking into account the weight of the facts” and “legitimate emotion” Assembly Speaker Yael Braun-Pivet, prompted by these words, almost immediately announced the suspension before the end of the session – an extremely rare gesture – and announced that the office of the National Assembly had been called urgently to make a possible decision. Sanctions should be announced against MP RN.

If a deputy can be sanctioned by his peers, the Constitution protects him from any criminal prosecution on the other hand: Article 26 states that“No member of Parliament shall be prosecuted, investigated, arrested, detained or prosecuted for any opinion or vote expressed in the exercise of his functions.”.

Who organizes the office?

The office is a kind of board of the National Assembly: it brings together the president, six vice-presidents, two members of the RN, three quaestors and twelve secretaries.

What are the errors?

The Standing Orders of the Assembly specify several circumstances in which a member may become a subject “Disciplinary Actions” :

  • if selected “Attracts demonstrations to disorderly or tumultuous scenes” ;
  • if he “Who objects to another deputy during a personal questioning or addresses one or more colleagues with insults, provocations or threats”if he[rend] guilty of contempt or provocation” Against the Assembly or its Speaker or the President of the Republic, ministers or senators;
  • if he “incitement to violence at a public meeting” or he[rend] He is found guilty of raiding the territories of the assembly”.

What sanctions apply and who decides on them?

Sanctions can be of several types:

  • summons in a simple manner that can be announced directly by the chairman during the meeting and does not cause financial penalty;
  • A call to order, which may be made by the President alone or by office, and recorded in the minutes. “deprivation of a quarter of the deputy’s allowance allocated to a deputy for a period of one month” ;
  • by simple censure or temporary suspension, which can only be announced by a vote of the Assembly, on the proposal of the bureau. If the former leads “deprivation of half of the deputy’s money allocated to the deputy for a period of one month”, the second is heavier. He predicts “deprivation of half of the deputy’s money allocated to the deputy for a period of two months” and “causes the prohibition of participation in the work of the assembly and the prohibition of speaking in the palace of the Assembly again until the end of the fifteenth session day after the day of the verdict”.. If the offense is repeated, and the deputy is punished with temporary expulsion for the second time, the expulsion is extended to thirty sitting days.

How’s the session going?

“When a punishment other than a call to a simple rule is envisaged, the administration listens to the relevant deputy or, at the latter’s request, one of his colleagues on his behalf.”, says the rules. The regulations do not specify the conditions under which decisions are made within the office.

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