What are the criteria for selecting music on hold?

Indeed, it affects the image of the customers about the company.

Then you can think about how to choose it to put all the odds on your side.

Here are the criteria you should consider when choosing the expected music for your company.

What is music on hold used for?

Hang-up music is a key element of hang-up. It serves to reduce the perception of waiting for customers as well as prospects. Indeed, consumers are less patient. Most want to wait less than a minute for a response. However, the waiting time is perceived by customers as 2.5 times longer than the actual time.

First point of contact with callers, music is part of the process of minimizing this perception of waiting on hold. It aims to make waiting time less painful and more pleasant. It also serves to introduce callers to your brand universe and also reinforces your communication strategy.

Therefore, it is important that the anticipated selected music is pleasant to listen to. If you want to broadcast a message through this music, it should have clear and good sound quality. In addition, there should not be too much information.

Selecting music on hold: criteria to consider

There are certain criteria you should consider to select music on hold that reflects the mastery of your sound showcase.

Your field of activity

One of the important criteria for choosing your music on hold is your industry. At this level it is necessary to consider:

  • the size of your business;
  • your company profile;
  • positioning of the company in relation to competing companies.

The choice of music on hold depends on the type of callers in your business. If you’re dealing with professionals, it can’t be the same if you’re dealing with the general public. The profile of your customers, i.e. their age, social-professional category, etc. It is also taken into account when choosing the expected music for your company. If your customers are young and you choose classical or music from the 80s, be sure that your customers will be bored and impatient, that is not the goal.

The message you want to convey

People call your business because they need your services. They usually listen to 100% expected music. As the caller won’t leave the phone for fear of missing the caller, anticipatory music is an ideal time to convey information about unmissable offers or advertise your products and services.

The style of music will also depend on your purpose. It’s up to you whether you want it to be calming, reassuring, or more dynamic or put your customers in a good mood.

Your company values

Selecting the music on hold is not the same as selecting the currently trending song or favorite song. It’s more about choice music that matches your company’s values.

Select the music on hold

These are the principles your company relies on to evolve in its field of activity and make strategic decisions.

These principles can be moral, strategic, social or marketing related.

All of your company’s communication, whether it’s visual or audio, whether it’s intended for customers, your financial and commercial partners, or your employees, should be coherent and revolve around these fundamental principles.

Music is waiting for prevention

Some music may tempt you, but it should be avoided. First and foremost is the elevator music. This term refers to ambient or background music. This is the music we hear almost everywhere: in waiting rooms, shopping malls, hotels and even some car parks. It’s an old music sequence that repeats endlessly, so it’s not very popular. If you use it as music on hold, it will annoy callers and make them want to hang up instead.

You should also avoid the latest trend fabric. The latter may not suit the type of customers you have. Hearing this kind of music will surprise them unpleasantly and may seem like a bit too much of a personal choice. The purpose of keeping music is to set you apart, not to appear in trendy company.

Also ban low quality posts. The quality of the recording affects the image of the company to the callers. Therefore, it is important to provide them with music with good sound quality to positively influence the image of your company. Avoid music from smartphone speakers.

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