We present to you three candidates for the presidency of LR, whose candidacy has just become official

There will be three competitors at the starting line. The Republican High Authority published a list of candidates who will compete for the leadership of the party on Friday, November 4. After collecting the required sponsorships from members and LR parliamentarians, deputies Eric Ciotti and Aurélien Pradié and senator Bruno Retailleau saw their documents approved by this internal body responsible for organizing the vote. A month before the first round of the December 3-4 electronic congress, franceinfo presents the three elected officials running to succeed interim president Annie Genevard, who have been in office since the resignation of Christian Jacob in June. the last one.

Eric Ciotti, the favorite

Due to the strength of his second place, the Alpes-Maritimes deputy became the first of the three to formalize his candidacy during the right-wing primary for the presidential election in the fall of 2021. “The unexpected success I achieved in this election motivates me to go further”he said he wanted it at the end of July “edit” by France “The way of reform”.

The 57-year-old elected official, deputy since 2007 and former president of the Alpes-Maritimes department council (2008-2017) chose the slogan “Right of the Heart”. A line supporter “straight and strong”emphasizes the ability “Make things clear”with “very open opposition to macronism” and especially a solid speech about the sovereign.

Eric Ciotti campaigned especially promising “Set from the beginning of 2023” 2027 Republican presidential candidate. “And there’s only one person who can do it for me, that’s Laurent Wauquiez”, he warned. The president of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region is also one of Eric Ciotti’s main supporters.

“He has this relationship with the militants, which is the first condition for me to be the president of the party”Bases Laurent Wauquiez on Eric Ciotti “courage” and “clarity on tough issues like security and immigration”. Thanks to his support and that of the powerful LR federations in the south-east of France, the Alpes-Maritimes deputy is regularly presented as the poll favourite.

Aurélien Pradié, opponent

The last of the candidates who started campaigning was MP Lot in mid-September Xavier advocates a social right line close to Bertrand. We judge the candidacies of their competitors “like”claims that the current general secretary of the party wants “to build again” a “popular law” WHO “appeals to young people and all social categories”.

He calls himself the number 3 of the attacking Republicans “right right” but he doesn’t hesitate to go against the grain, he’s crazy “an economic model of hyper-consumption gone mad” or refuses “Tell an 18-year-old employee that he will have to work a few more years”. Aurélien Pradie also intends to “change everything” especially within the party “name, seat [et] our organization”.

It is supported by part of the young guard, like the Republicans Deputies Julien Dive and Pierre-Henri Dumont, 36, were elected. he knows he’s a competitor: “You always have to be wary of the third person you don’t see in an election like this.” He thus provides “believed” at least to get to the second round and be able to create there “Surprise”.

Bruno Retailleau, consolidator

The head of LR senators entered the competition in early September. “To build this great right-wing, popular and patriotic party that France lacks today”. Between the very right-handed Eric Ciotti and Aurélien Pradié with a more social prism, the 61-year-old dean of the Vendée, a former philologist, “Candidate Against No One” but he wants to “suggest another way”.

His credo: to unite his political family. “I want the collected right, not the narrowed”he defends it by judging it“Small parts of the right have no future” WHO “to be cut up and sold later”. He promises “create new party”with “clear line” more “powerful words”. Supported by many administrators such as Gérard Larcher and François-Xavier Bellamy, he is seen as less divisive than Eric Ciotti. Some see him as a bulwark against a possible wave of departures in the event of a victory for the Alpes-Maritimes deputy.

Ideologically, Bruno Retailleau is known for his conservative positions. He comes from Philippe de Villiers’ Movement France and in 2017 inherited from François Fillon’s micro-party Republican Forces. The former prime minister recently applauded him “faithful beliefs” and ability “Leading the renewal of the republic”.

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