Ukraine, oil, Iran, North Korea… What should be remembered from the statements of the G7

Foreign ministers of the G7 countries met in Münster under the chairmanship of Germany. In the final communiqué published at the end of the discussions on November 4, they reaffirmed their support for Ukraine and condemned the repression in Iran.

• Creation of a “coordination mechanism” in Ukraine

G7 countries have agreed to accommodate “coordinating mechanism” Helping Ukraine repair and protect much-needed electricity and water supply infrastructure hit by Russia in recent weeks.

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He lives in Odessa despite the war

The mechanism must also allow delivery “water pumps, heaters, living and sanitary utensils, beds, blankets, tents”, Thursday, November 3, explained the head of German diplomacy, Annalena Baerbock. The G7 confirmed its determination to prevent Moscow “To be hungry” and to do “freezing to death” Ukrainians this winter.

The foreign ministers of the countries condemned it “Russia’s unacceptable nuclear rhetoric” and they repeated “Stable Support” to Ukraine, in their final communiqué.

• Call to increase oil production

The G7 group has called on oil producers to increase production to help lower prices, a month after OPEC+ decided to sharply cut black gold production.

The G7 also intends to conclude “in the coming weeks” Implementation of the Russian oil price capping mechanism. This unprecedented mechanism, which has yet to be capped, is supposed to limit revenues from the sale of hydrocarbons that finance Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine.

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• Condemnation of North Korea’s missile launches

There are G7 countries “We strongly condemn” North Korea’s latest missiles were launched amid sharply rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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“We, the members of the G7, strongly condemn North Korea’s illegal and unprecedented ballistic missile launches, including multiple intercontinental ballistic missiles.”He reads the final communique of the two-day meeting held in Münster.

They additionally call North Korea “Immediately end destabilizing activities” and for “meet one’s obligations” international.

• Support for protests in Iran

The G7 countries expressed their support for the ongoing protests in Iran and condemned the repression “cruel” By Iranian authorities and activities “destabilizing” of Tehran in the world.

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Protests in Iran: “If you kill two, it will replace thirty people”

“We, the members of the G7, express our support for the fundamental aspirations of the Iranian people for a future in which security and human rights are respected and protected”The foreign ministers in Münster, Germany said in a statement.

The statement also condemned “cruel and disproportionate use of force” The protests that resulted in the death of Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini on September 16 have been suppressed in Iran for almost two months.

• A restrained response to China

In their final communique, the G7 countries said they were ready for a deal, with carefully calibrated reference to China. “Constructive cooperation whenever possible and in accordance with our interests” As the German minister pointed out on Thursday evening, with Beijing, which is both a partner, a rival and a competitor.

At the same time they called Beijing “Respecting international obligations” and human rights and “avoid threats or intimidation”Alluding to Taiwan.

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