Turn YouTube Music into a Smartphone Ringtone

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest media databases. Its library has millions of videos, including albums from the world’s biggest artists.

The content of this music platform is really diverse for the enjoyment of thousands of Internet users.

However, the use of YouTube remains quite limited. For example, the platform does not allow internet users to use videos as ringtones for their smartphones.

Turn YouTube music into a ringtone

If you have faced this difficulty and are looking for a solution, you are clearly in the right place.

Discover these tricks to turn YouTube music into ringtones for your smartphone!

Although YouTube doesn’t offer a traditional music download feature, you don’t need to be a computer expert to get it working. The process is also quite simple. First, search for the selected music video, then copy its URL.

All you have to do is right-click and select “copy video URL”. You can also use the inevitable “CTRL” + “C” combination after selecting the URL to copy. Once the link is copied, go to the conversion site of your choice.

Paste the video URL in the field provided and click “Convert”. Before downloading the audio version of the video, select the appropriate or desired format. There are also some points to consider when choosing a YouTube music converter.

Choose a solution that offers fast downloads regardless of file size. Also, choose a converter that works on all types of operating systems. In particular, you will have a choice between a paid or a free tool to download your YouTube music.

The process of converting an audio file into a ringtone on a smartphone

Today, all smartphones are equipped with a ringtone customization feature. Moreover, the process of converting an audio file into a ringtone is quite simple. Usually it is enough to go to the settings and, more precisely, to the “Sound and vibration” section of the device.

This window usually allows you to set an audio file as a ringtone from a file manager or audio player. However, handling may vary from one brand to another. The model and versions of the phone are also important.

While some devices are equipped with only the minimum, others are equipped with quite advanced features. For example, in order to set an audio file as a ringtone on a Samsung Galaxy, it is important to ensure that the device has the latest software updates.

Then you can follow the usual process. The peculiarity of the Samsung Galaxy is that it offers the possibility to apply a precise transition of music for the ringtone.

Some features of Apple devices

The procedure for customizing ringtones on iPhone devices is slightly different. Apple-branded phones have an exclusive operating system: iOS. Their iTunes media player is also dedicated. This program allows you to convert any type of audio file into a ringtone.

However, the song must be in the music library. iTunes conversion also limits call delay to 30 seconds. Apple device users can also customize their greeting tones with iOS.

However, this option comes at a cost. However, there are many other iOS-compatible apps that can convert any audio file into a ringtone. These programs are also generally quite practical.

YouTube Music guide to ringtone converters

There are many solutions that offer the ability to convert YouTube music to smartphone ringtones. Here’s a mini guide to guide you!

YouTube mp3 converter

YouTube MP3 Converter is an effective application to convert YouTube music to smartphone ringtone. Its specialty is that it offers the ability to convert videos to MP3 format. YouTube MP3 Converter has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

The conversion procedure is quite simple. Just copy the link of the selected video and paste it in the special area of ​​the software. Then click the “Convert” button and then the “Download” button when the conversion is complete to save the song to your phone.

After the video is converted to MP3 format on the device, it remains to set it as a ringtone. However, the platform only allows videos of less than an hour to be converted.

Apowersoft Free Video to MP3 Converter

Apowersoft Free Video to MP3 Free Converter is an instant video to audio file converter from any site including YouTube. Unlike YouTube MP3 converter, this program supports almost all video formats:

Conversion on the platform is quite simple. Go to YouTube to copy the wanted video link and then paste it into Apowersoft’s URL bar. Then click “Convert” to start processing. All you need to do is upload the file after processing it in the desired format (MP3 or M4A).

This app is available on iPhone and Android. Apple smartphone users can also use FonePaw Audio Recorder Converter. There is a video cutter that allows you to select your favorite parts of the song. After that, you can set any one you want as a ringtone.

FLVTO converter

FLVTO Converter is an ideal solution to get high quality converted audio files. It is available online and as an app. The conversion process is also easy in this program. Just paste the YouTube video link into FLVTO Converter’s address bar and start processing.

The special feature of this program is that it also allows you to download YouTube videos and save them to disk for later use. The options offered by FLVTO Converter work similarly to other video-on-demand services.

MiniTool uTube Downloader is also a great program to convert YouTube videos to audio files. It has very interesting features: fast download speed, high-quality video conversion and unlimited download. The conversion process here is similar to other software. However, you will need to download and run the app.

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