Six days before the election, Biden warned against the risk of “chaos in America”.

“We can no longer take democracy for granted,” the Democrat warned, warning against many Republican candidates ready to abandon the results of the Nov. 8 vote.

“This is unprecedented, illegal and anti-American.”: Six days before the midterm elections, US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, November 2, warned candidates who are ready to abandon the results of the vote, saying that “leads to chaos”. “We can no longer accept democracy as normal”– warned the democratic leader in a serious tone.

President Biden was speaking just a stone’s throw from the Capitol, the seat of the US Congress, where supporters of Donald Trump, who is confident of winning the 2020 election, attacked in undisclosed chaos on January 6, 2021. “I wish I could say that the attack on our democracy ended that day. But I can’t”said Joe Biden, listing the number of candidates willing to reject the results of the Nov. 8 election, the first nationwide poll since the attack.

“At all levels of the US administration (…) there are candidates who refuse to accept the results of the elections they are running for”, warned the White House tenant. During these elections, Americans are called to renew all seats in the US House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. A number of governorships and local elected officials are also at risk.

Among those candidates, Lake Curry’s meteoric rise to run for governor in the highly contested state of Arizona has Democrats in a cold sweat. The Republican continues to decry the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, insisting that the election was stolen from Donald Trump despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This 50-year-old also threatens not to recognize the result of his vote. “I will win the election, this is the result I will accept”– said the contestant to CNN.

Former President Donald Trump, who has never admitted defeat in the 2020 presidential election, is also apparently preparing to challenge the results of the “midterm elections” if they are unfavorable to Republicans. “This is leading to chaos in America”Beating Joe Biden, he called the country to oppose “political violence and voter intimidation”. The president cited the case of Paul Pelosi, the husband of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who was attacked with a hammer at his home on Friday morning. The attacker said he was actually looking for the American leader. Some election officials and elected officials have also reported an increase in threats and intimidation.

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Inflation, the most “urgent” issue

It is the people who promote these theories “They are determined and able to make themselves heard”, warned Joe Biden, who is trying to focus the debate around preserving democracy when Republicans attack him over his economic record. He accuses his Democratic president of mismanagement “cruel” inflation, Republicans are increasingly confident of their chances of stripping him of his majority in Congress. However, 36% of Americans believe inflation is the most important issue, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. “urgent” facing the country. Abortion rights, where Democrats are trying to rally their base, came in second at only 10%. Elections are 6 percent.

According to the latest opinion polls, the Republican opposition has a very good chance of taking the House. The fate of the Senate remains more uncertain. Joe Biden is trying to turn the tide. Americans “always suffer” inflation, he acknowledged in a speech on industrial jobs at the White House on Wednesday after attending masonry and welding demonstrations.

Facing headwinds, the Democratic Party called on heavyweights like former President Barack Obama and his undeniable oratory skills to the rescue. “If you’re worried or frustrated right now, don’t complain. Don’t listen. Don’t let the other party convince you that your vote won’t count.”Barack Obama made the argument Wednesday while traveling in the hotly contested state of Arizona, Kari Lake.

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