Seoul deploys stealth jets after detecting 180 North Korean fighter jets

The South Korean military has deployed 80 fighter jets in response to the mobilization of North Korean fighters.

South Korea’s military said on Friday (Nov 4) it had deployed stealth jets after detecting 180 North Korean fighter jets on the Korean Peninsula, where Seoul and Washington have been conducting exercises, a new episode in a dramatic escalation of tensions in recent days. military.

Our servicemen detected about 180 North Korean fightersSeoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said they were mobilizing in Pyongyang’s airspace, adding that “It has deployed 80 combat aircraft, including the F-35A“. Aircraft mobilized for military exercises with the United States also “loansfly according to the same source.

“Very dangerous and bad choice”

The joint air drills were extended until Saturday after North Korea failed to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday morning. They are among the largest ever conducted, involving hundreds of fighter jets from both sides.

Pyongyang said that the extension of these exercises “it is a very dangerous and bad choiceand fired three short-range ballistic missiles late Thursday. Shortly after the announcement, starting at 11:28 p.m. local time on Thursday, Seoul’s military detected about 80 artillery fire from the north.bufferby sea from the Kumkang area in Kangwon Province on the east coast of the country.

“Clear Violation”

This shooting”obvious violationSouth Korea’s General Staff said there was a 2018 inter-Korean agreement that established these buffer zones to ease tensions between the two sides. The United States condemnedthe illegal and destabilizing firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile“. Seoul and Washington have promised to take further steps to demonstrate their positions.determination and their abilitiesIn the face of increasing threats from the north.

Pyongyang fired about 30 missiles on Wednesday and Thursday, including one that fired near the South’s territorial waters for the first time since the end of the Korean War in 1953. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said it was a “actual territorial occupation“.

Pyongyang’s provocations,especially in our time of national mourning, they are against humanity and humanismLee Hyo-jung, deputy press secretary of Seoul’s Unification Ministry, said on Friday, referring to the Halloween stampede in Seoul that left 156 dead.

The government strongly condemns North Korea for its ongoing threats and provocations based on our annual and defense exercises, which have increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula.“, he added. He called the escalation of tensions “reckless nuclear and missile developmentFrom Pyongyang.

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“Aggressive and provocative military maneuver”

baptized”Vigilant Storm» («Vigilant Storm“), South Korea organizes American exercises “An aggressive and provocative military maneuver targeting the Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaOn Wednesday, he condemned the North Korean regime, which threatened Seoul and Washington.pays the most terrible price in history“.

North Korea has always viewed US-South Korean military maneuvers as dress rehearsals for invading its territory or overthrowing its regime. Analysts attribute Pyongyang’s particularly angry reaction this time to the use of “Vigilant Storm“, the advanced stealth aircraft F-35A and F-35B, is regarded as an ideal vehicle to implement”head-snapping blowsFlash against the leaders of North Korea.

North Korea had already revised its nuclear doctrine in September to allow it to launch pre-emptive strikes in the event of an existential threat to the Kim Jong Un regime.command and control system“North Korea is a nuclear weapon”when threatened by an attack by enemy forces, an automatic and immediate nuclear strike will be launched“, defines the new doctrine.

Seoul and Washington have been warning for months that North Korea will conduct its seventh nuclear test. Except for exerciseVigilant StormThe South Korean military has announced that it will hold its annual training next week, which was scheduled for Saturday.Taegeuk“designed for”improve war performanceand crisis management.

It’s a computer-simulated exercise to strengthen “ability to perform practical missions anticipating various threats such as nuclear weapons, missiles and North Korea’s latest provocations“, according to the South Korean military.

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