“Politicians have never impressed me as much as artists”

Anne Sinclair in “Orchestra Chairs” in France 5. DELPHINE GHOSAROSIAN 2018

SERVICE – As France 5 hosts pianist prodigy Alexander Kantorov in “Orchestra Chairs,” the queen of “7 of 7” reflects on how she never gave up her passion for classical music.

TV Magazine – Accept France 5Was it difficult for a brilliant and in-demand concert pianist like Alexander Kantorow?
Anne SINCLAIR. – For a long time, I wanted to receive this exceptional pianist Alexander Kantor, who at the age of 22 won both the first prize and the gold medal at the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. We have been in contact with Morgane Productions for over a year to host it in France 5 “Fauteuils d’Orchestr”. It is very inspiring to see this young man living with his time, shocks and passions. He has a great freedom and proves that classical music is not the monopoly of old fools! The time of holy wolves and untouchable divas is over. Alexandre Kantorow remains a normal guy. He has a wonderful conversation with a friend of his generation, the cellist Aurélien Pascal, who beautifully explains the dizzying world that opens up to those crowned in major international competitions.

Was it a requirement that his father, Jean-Jacques Cantor, the international Paganini competition violinist, be at the helm of the Paris Chamber Orchestra he led?
This is Alexander’s choice, as they often work together and record piano concertos by Camille Saint-Saëns. This agreement with his father is very valuable because it gives a human dimension to the dialogue. Alexandre says very well that he did not itch deeply to sit in front of the piano. But incredibly talented, he fell in love with the instrument. We feel his father’s pride. Backstage, his mother was also a violinist.

“You don’t have to love classical music for an opera singer to sing Jean-Jacques Goldman’s title”

Anne Sinclair

This number “Orchestra Seats”unlike some programs that also feature classical talent, it does not compromise on other musical genres. What do you think about this trend?
Classical music doesn’t need an opera singer to interpret a Jean-Jacques Goldman title or a concert pianist to play Sidney Bechet to be loved. For his part, Alexandre Kantorow spontaneously played a piece on the piano Hungarian rhapsody n°2 by Liszt, which fascinated him as a child while watching cartoons Tom and Jerry (Tom wakes his beloved mouse from a peaceful sleep on piano hammers and competes with virtuosic ups and downs of scales and arpeggios). I found it to be lovely.

What are your first memories or first impressions of classical music?
My father fed me with classical music and my grandmother with opera. When I was about 8 or 9, my mother gave me Gerard Philipe’s ‘Mozart Told to the Children’, an LP I’ve been listening to on my Scottish Teppaz since the late 60’s! I soon wanted to hear more of the pieces on offer and get the works in full. I also attended the Colonne concerts on Sunday mornings at the Théâtre du Châtelet, where I watched Arthur Rubinstein perform. I was also lucky to know Daniel Barenboim when I was young. One day my grandmother took me to the Opera Garnier to listen Faust By Gounod. I was absolutely amazed. I also love Offenbach’s operettas and have been able to see the famous “musicals” on stage in the US. My fair lady and West Side Story. This musical formation never stopped me from rock dancing!

Do you really have to be in the orchestra pit as a child to love classical music?
No, I don’t think so. Besides, I’m not an expert, I don’t play any instrument, and I regret dropping out at such a young age. Life took me to other things. But I had to read for fun. I also love concerts because they create a real dialogue between the instrument and the orchestra. The ones in Saint-Saens are an absolute wonder.

“I’ve written enough about my family, myself or complicated moments in my life. Introspection has its limits. »

Anne Sinclair

In the memoirs of Jacques Chancel, one can feel how he was influenced by the talent of his guests. Do you feel it, you who interview the biggest political animals?
I have endless admiration for great artists or great thinkers, creators in general, and when I try to have a natural conversation, I’m always worried that I can’t get the job done. Politicians have never impressed me so much! I got a bit of a vaccine when I saw them often! “Fauteuils d’orchester” on French TV is a very difficult program to set up, but it brings me a lot of happiness. This is a prestigious window that offers a one-hour concert after our discussion.

You told the story of your family on your mother’s side 21 rue de la Boetieand from the father’s side Collection of notablesAdapted for TV by Gabriel Le Bomin, do you still have projects in this direction?
I think I have written enough about my family, about me, or about complex moments in my life, and introspection has its limits. But the phenomenal success of Gabriel Le Bomin’s documentary made me want to work with him again. I am delighted and flattered that this is the biggest audience of the year for this type of show. I have a few projects spinning around. I appreciate the pedagogical aspect of work, I believe that I am a “returned teacher”!

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