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Clinging to Cologne (2-2) on the 6th day, OGC Nice still kept the leader of its group. The Azure club thus qualified for the 8th Conference of the European League.

Nicolas Pp was generally quite reserved.

After losing a double lead within minutes, OGC Nice were held to a 2:2 draw with Cologne on day 6 of the Europa League Conference.

The result is still enough to keep the 1st place in the group and qualify for the 1/8 finals without going to the playoffs.

Decisive Schmeichel!

“Nice” could not play the best game of the season. Apart from Brahimi, who was caught in Extremis, and Dante’s chances with a header, the Aiglos were not dangerous at the beginning of the game.

At the other end, without further inspiration, Köln forced Schmeichel into two crucial saves against Adamian and especially Tigges! Both teams were heading for a logical draw at halftime. But at the end of this first move, Nice flew in the crowd thanks to Laborde (0-1, 40) and Brahimi (0-2, 43)! In the other match of the group, “Partizan Belgrade” took advantage of Slovakko (1:0) and it is a pleasant realism as they put pressure on the Sports Hall.

Nice almost ruined everything!

At this time of the evening, Nice had nothing to panic about. Only here, Lucien Favre’s men missed the start of the second round! As a result, Huseynbašić (1-2, 48th) shortened the score. Then, on the hour mark, Duda (2-2, 60′) took advantage of a Niois side’s carelessness to equalize. The representative of League 1 thus rose to the 2nd place in the group and only qualified for the playoffs.

One more goal for Cologne and Nice could lose everything! With Adamyan’s goal, we feared the worst… right after Germany’s second goal, it was disallowed for offside. Nice suffered but hardly missed a clear chance until the end. Another good news is that Slovakia beat Belgrade (1:1), giving Nice top spot and a ticket to the 1/8 finals in C4!

Match Score: 6/10

Technically, both teams were tied. But the stakes, the tension, the intensity and the atmosphere offered us a good match until the last seconds.


– Brahimi crosses towards Laborde after a very good overflow on the left flank. The Niois striker, blocked at first, gets up, passes the ball to the left and finds the net with a shot blocked by a defender (0-1, 40′).

– After a high recovery, Atal immediately releases Brahim deep into the center. The Gym winger was momentarily late against Schindler entering the area and shot through the side’s legs to surprise goalkeeper Schwbe (0-2, 43).

– After a corner, Pedersen does a good job of Huseinbasic sliding the ball into the area on the right. He hits Schmeichel in the middle without control! (1-2, 48th)

– After a quick free kick in the midfield, Huseynbašić passed Duda’s goal on the right wing. Thanks to Lemina’s late pressing, the Slovakian footballer can pass his ball and put it out of Schmeichel’s reach (2-2, 60th).


Maxifoot assigned a score (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the Match: Jean-Clair Todibo (7.5/10)

If Dante voted, his partner in the center hinge decidedly set an example! Concentrated and always well positioned, the former Blaugrana attracted German centers. He is the author of valuable interventions and has not tried too hard to restart them. We still saw him succeed in making very good progress with the ball at his feet.


Kasper Schmeichel (6.5): perhaps we can blame him for the first goal conceded in his first post, and again. In any case, had it not been for their crucial stops in the first period, Nice would never have gone into the dressing room with a two-goal lead at half-time. The Danish goalkeeper was clearly decisive.

Youcef Atal (3.5): The right-back, who can make huge differences in pace, struggled again in the final gesture. He is certainly a crucial passer for Brahimi after a good recovery. But he ruined many favorable situations due to bad choices. In the second period, the remaining boulevards in its corridor should be underlined. Replace with 75th Jordan Lotomba (no).

Jean-Clair Todibo (7.5): see comments above.

Dante (6): Less accurate than usual on the reboot, the Gym captain still made a good copy. He never became the founder despite the pressure in the second half and always encouraged his teammates in difficult moments.

Melvin Bard (3): With so many turnovers, the left side can be happy not to offer Cologne a goal. One of his mistakes led to a chance for Adamyan to be saved by Schmeichel. The ball burned his legs this Thursday evening.

Hichem Boudaoui (4): a very mobile, right-sided midfielder left the Atal corridor to better participate in the build-up in the axis. His technical precision was invaluable in the first period. But when he returned from the dressing room, he completely disappeared under the pressure.

Mario Lemina (3): The midfielder, who should have given his team some air in the second half, failed. He took several initiatives to break the opposing lines, but very wastefully in the process. He does not react to Duda’s goal either. At the very end of the game, he still threw his last strength to save the result.

Khphren Thuram (4): his athletic qualities have allowed him to win duels and attempt several accelerations at the foot of the ball. It’s not enough to make up for his many technical errors, such as a completely missed corner kick recovery. Replace with 68 Aaron Ramsey (no).

Bilal Brahimi (7): The Niois winger made a good save after being collected in an extreme situation by Huseynbasic in a golden opportunity. In addition to his goal, he took advantage of the slowness of the German defenders and burned the opposing rear guard! He spared no effort and was logically replaced by the 75th Sofiane Diop (no).

Nicolas Pp (3.5): in better form in recent games, the winger on loan from Arsenal did not continue his spear. He has done great things like the little bridge over the Hbers. But he was rarely dangerous and was very reserved in the second half.

Gatan Laborde (4): famously determined to grab a crucial goal for his former Rennais side. We cannot always blame him for his lack of fighting ability. But for the rest, he was often alone. Due to the lack of automaticity with his teammates, he had to face difficult balls and spoke poorly in several interesting situations.

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FC COLON 2-2 NICE (average time: 0-2) – CONFERENCE LEAGUE – Group D (Nice) / Day 6
Stadium: RheinEnergieStadion, Cologne – Referee: Cesar Soto Grado, Spain

Objectives : D. Huseinbasic (48) O. Duda (60) FC KOLON – G. Laborde (40) B. Brahimi (43) NICE
Warnings : T. Hebers (55th), L. Maina (69th)For FC Köln

FC COLON : Mr. SchwbeNicola Soldo, T. HebersK. Schindler (L. Maina, 59th), K. PedersenD. Huseynbasic (E. Martel, 72nd), O. Duda (J. Thielmann, 85th), E. Skhiri, F. Kainz (B. Schmitz, 59th)S. Tigges, S. Adamyan

EXCELLENT : K. ShmeichelJ. Todibo, DanteY. Atal (J. Lotomba, 75th), Mr. BardH. Boudaoui, Mr. Lemina, K. Thuram-Ulien (A. Ramsey, 68th), B. Brahimi (S. Diop, 75th)N. Pp, G. Laborde

Tigges met Schmeichel with a header

Huseynbašić reduced the score after returning from the dressing room (1-2, 48th)

Les Aiglons tied but qualified for 8th

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