Kyrie Irving was suspended for 5 games by the Nets!

If the NBA condemned and condemned the action and attitude of the star, a week later, with the voice of its head Adam Silver, the Brooklyn franchise decided to act with punishment. “We were appalled that Kyrie refused to unequivocally say that he does not hold anti-Semitic beliefs or to acknowledge the specific hateful content in the film when given the opportunity to speak to the press (on Thursday).”The Brooklyn franchise lamented in a statement. “Such a failure to deny anti-Semitism is deeply troubling, contrary to our organization’s values, and constitutes behavior detrimental to the team.”he therefore added nets, which he could not do properly “No longer associated with the club”.

This stop “It will continue as long as the player does not remove the negative impact of his behavior”, they concluded. Last Thursday, the Brooklyn star shared the “Hebrews to Negroes: Awaken Black America” ​​poster on Twitter and Instagram with a link to Amazon to rent or buy it.

Sin, NBA sin

This 2018 documentary directed by Ronald Dalton Jr. is adapted from the 2015 book of the same name. “many famous high-ranking Jews” there is “confession” “Worshipper of Satan or Lucifer”. “Kyrie made a reckless decision by posting a link to a movie that contains deeply offensive anti-Semitic ideas”Adam Silver had blamed it on himself before “It is disappointing that the film it chose to present to the public is unreservedly apologetic and, more specifically, for the vile and harmful content it conveys.”.

The interested party, who has since deleted his controversial posts, responded by simply saying that he had taken it down “responsibility”acknowledging that “Some things there were questionable, wrong”. “I didn’t have any bad intentions. But I’m not the one who made the documentary”defended himself before attacking further: “Where were you when I was a child and learned about the traumatic events in my family history?”. In a press release on Wednesday, he was content to admit that his approach was one of a kind “adverse effect” about the Jewish community while pledging to donate $500,000 to organizations working to end hate and intolerance, including the ADL, a non-governmental organization that combats all forms of anti-Semitism. But the latter refused his money on Thursday evening.

Being treated like a “stupid”.

As for Adam Silver, he said he intends to “To meet with Kyrie Irving in person next week to discuss this situation”, now the question is whether he will impose sanctions in turn. However, in recent days, many voices have been raised to criticize the passivity of the league to condemn the action of the star, but at the forefront of the fight against racism. Shaquille O’Neal called Irving“stupid” and Charles Barkley protested that the NBA did not suspend him. “This anti-Semitic label attached to me is unjust and does not reflect the reality I live every day. I accept all origins and all religions”Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Instagram defended the player who drew attention in September by conveying a message about the “New World Order”.

“Just because I post a link to a documentary doesn’t mean I’m anti-Semitic and automatically on everyone’s side. I’m proud of who I am and can reject all the labels you put on me because I read.”, he continued with the rebellion. The controversy echoes the case of Kanye West, who was banned from Twitter and Instagram after posting that he would attack Jews. The rapper, who says he suffers from bipolar disorder, has seen his collaborations with several brands such as Adidas fall through, and several athletes such as Celtics wing Jaylen Brown have decided not to be represented by his Donda Sports agency.

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