Handball. Proliga: Live Cherbourg’s win against Villeurbanne with commentary

Thanks to Ivan the Great Gautier, Cherbourg defeated Villeurbanne. (©Nadine Djebbar)

The Cherbourg got it Villeurbanne this Friday, November 4, for 8e day Proleague. Relive SC’s win (20-15) with live commentary.

Live commentary

End of the match: Cherbourg – Villeurbanne: 20-15. After man-of-the-match (16 saves) Ivan Gauthier’s final parade with a penalty, JS Cherbourg won and were confident. Nothing was easy for the Mauves, but it was good to see their rediscovered spirit and defensive tenacity!

59′: Another save from Ivah and a goal from Biagui on the counter attack. JSC will win! (19-15)

58′: Chazallet leads Villeurbanne back by three lengths. Time set by JSC. 120 seconds left to play (18-15)

57′: Another penalty was converted by Perez Arce and ASC took the lead 18-14. It starts to smell nice… (18-14)

54′: And a superb lob by Muel that gave the Mauves a four point lead! (17-13)

53′: Jason Muel gives ASC a three-goal lead (16-13)

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52′: After 17 minutes without scoring, Villeurbanne finally got a reaction from Baizidi (15-13)

50′: 14e Gauthier Ivah’s suspension (in 25 shots), which restored last season’s standards. And Rodrigo Pérez Arce scores soon after. Jean-Jaurès is breathing better! Timeout requested by Villeurbanne on the street (15-12)

48′: Peres Arce leads Cherbourg by two goals! Villeurbanne has not scored since 35e minute… (14-12)

47′: Two minutes in for Villeurbannais Kaabeche and Nkonda scores quickly. This is the first time ASC has taken the lead in the match (13-12)

43′: Post found by Léo Weber, ASC still can’t get over it (12-12)

42′: Lucas Jametaaaaaal scored the equalizer! (12-12)

41′: Villeurbanne coach Semir Zuzo requested a timeout. The match is still intense (11-12)

39′: Perez Arce sent the penalty onto the post and missed the equalizer (11-12)

39′: Perez Arce scores his 5th goal of the night and the atmosphere goes up a notch! (11-12)

37′: The Purples regain hope with a Basualdo find and Perez Arsene’s penalty kick. (10-12)

35′: Scenarios seem to repeat themselves for SC… Ball losses and missed shots multiply and the opponent avoids the score. (8-12)

34′: Unexpected miss from Loppy stumbling on Dupjachanec! And in the process, Villeurbanne widens the gap… (8-11). Timeout fouled by Edu Fernandez.

33′: Watch out, Villeurbanne go two up thanks to Fofana’s powerful strike (8-10)

31′: It started very strongly for Jean-Jaurès, three goals in one minute, Fofana and Bludzien Villeurbanne, Cherbourg for Goujon Bellevue (8-9)

Halftime: Cherbourg – Villeurbanne: 7-7. At the end of a first period where the technical level was quite low, there is a general tension between the two teams at the bottom of the table. ASC never took the lead in the first 30 minutes and will need to raise their voice after the break to get back to winning ways. The two goalies, Ivah (saved 8 of 14) and Dupjachanec (saved 8 of 15), are the two big men of this first act.

29′: Perez Arce scored another equalizer from the penalty spot (7-7)

27′: The time-out created by Villeurbanne was useful, the Rodanites regained the lead (6-7)

26′: Perez Arce equalizes for SC in the penalty (6-6)

24′: A break set by ASC head coach Edu Fernandez (5-6)

21′: John Nkonda scored the equalizer on the counter attack (5-5)

21′: With the opposition thin in front of goal, the Purples can fortunately rely on the great Gauthier Ivah tonight. Eighth save with 12 shots for the Cherbourg goalkeeper! (4-5)

18′: John Nkonda’s failure! Villeurbanne leads the table (4-5)

16′: Two minutes for Jason Muel, luckily ASC defend well on the next move and win the ball back (4-4)

15′: This time it is Rodrigo Perez Arce who unites the two teams (4-4)

11′: Second goal in a row for Jason Muell who equalized from close range again (3-3)

10′: The score finally develops, Muel Kaabeche responds, the two teams are still level (2-2)

7′: The Cherbourg side have already lost two balls, but luckily Gauthier Ivah had a good evening. Third save in four shots for the Mauves goaltender. It should be noted that Pauli Jacobsen, a victim of head trauma in Nancy, is not present this evening (1-1)

4′: Tomas Loppi already receives a two-minute penalty (1-1)

3′: Like a good captain, Antoine Léger scores his team’s first goal (1-1)

2′: Fofana opens the scoring for Villeurbanne (0-1)

20:30: A blow is given.


CHERBOURG: Ivah – Loppi, Léger (closed), Nkonda, Abie Resende, Biagui, Muel, Perez Arce, Jametal, Dalmont, Weber, Basualdo, Goujon-Bellevue, Ledoux, Safel, Rezzouki. Head coach: Eduard Fernandez Roura.

VILLEURBANNE: Quintalet, Champin, Dupjachanec, Zuzo, Bludzien, Chazallet (cap.), Druget, Kaabeche, Glorious, Baizidi, Gabrieri, Cornel, Fofana, Zaatir, Paquiom. Head coach: Semir Zuzo.

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