Gullivan from Mes Souliers sont Rouges presents a signature concert in Limoges.

A singer in Mes Souliers called the Rouges, Gullivan performs vocals, ukulele, mandolin, guitar, banjo, Jew’s harp, triangle and foot rhythm. This foot percussion technique comes from Canada, where he lives. Life forced him to stay in Limoges from 2006 to 2018.

What memories do you have of Limoges?

“This is a great city! With an incredible media library. The modern architecture in the center pays homage to the old. For example, there is a Gallo-Roman fresco. I loved his winter garden. I told my wife that I wanted to rent a studio next door to spend a lot of time there, making films, comics and newspapers. I loved going to the Christmas carnival at Champ de Juillet with my daughter. There were several passionate showmen who brought their carousels to life in an incredible way. There have always been many children. I also remember central halls full of character and shops that have retained their old character. I loved the outskirts of Vienna. I walked, breathed, fished there. There was also a musical venue called La Fourmi* where we performed. And the Francophonie Festival! I saw many wonderful shows there. I also have great memories of meeting school children at the John Lennon Cultural Center. They asked a lot of interesting questions. They are adults now. I would like to find it. Why not during our concert? »

The interest in the concert is largely related to the music. Can the translation of the text into a signed song be enough for the hearing impaired?

“Our singer-signer Caroline also conveys the rhythms of the music. It doesn’t just translate text. He creates an entire choreography to accompany his translation. He gestures to the beat of the music. It depends on the intensity, softness, etc. of sounds. presents signs that take into account their changes. This is a big deal. Signing for 1 hour 30 of the concert means 300 hours of work. »

How would you like to introduce Mes Souliers sont Rouges’ latest album, Faut se Mêler?

“This album was created around the idea of ​​response songs and popular dance. Songs to answer come from awakenings. We sang and the group sang along with the choir. However, this eighth album focuses on topical issues, the relationship between men and women, nature and the environment, consumer society as a flagship, My Sunday gardener friend. He explains how industry has turned the world of artisans upside down. Singer Amélie-les-Crayons also joined us in the clip. Ketanou group was also invited to the album. contributed songs A Ch’val and lady. »

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Limoges, John Lennon Cultural CenterSat 5 Nov, 8pm, €19, usual mains bookings.

Interview by Muriel Mingau

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