Black Friday iPhone 2022: promotions are now available

BLACK FRIDAY IPHONE. With Black Friday officially starting in just a few days, some sites are rushing to offer some promotions on various iPhones.

The annual Black Friday high is approaching. During the event, the iPhone may once again be hit with some great deals. This is already the case with several versions, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, which have benefited from several price cuts over the course of several months. While the classic models are still very popular, the mini versions are the cheapest at the moment. Note that these two devices are still very efficient despite their age.

Best offers

Black Friday is traditionally held a few weeks after the release of the latest iPhone. However, the iPhone 14 should not benefit from promotions directly related to the event. However, it is possible to find some references to the iPhone 14 on sale, especially on sites like Rakuten, which have offered some price cuts on the latest iPhone since its launch.

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What are the iPhone 13 deals after Black Friday?

There were some very interesting promotions on the iPhone 13 last Black Friday! To everyone’s surprise, Apple’s phone directly benefited from some price cuts during the event. Also, it is often possible to find promotions on this latest and efficient model:

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What’s on offer on the upcoming Black Friday iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12, launched more than two years ago, is Apple’s smartphone with more to offer and should return in 2022. Last Black Friday promotions were more interesting than previous years. the euro had to be “scratched” on the barely sold iPhone 12.

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What does Apple iPhone 11 Black Friday offer?

One of the most anticipated phones on Black Friday is the iPhone 11. The device almost always enjoys promotions during the event, sometimes even before the famous Black Friday begins. Although it was released a few years ago, the iPhone 11 remains a great phone that can often be had at discounted prices. The iPhone 11 should remain a safe bet and can be had for less this year.

What’s on offer on the iPhone X, XR, or even the 8 or 7 on Black Friday?

If finding a really cheap iPhone in 2022 is your priority, deals on the iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even the iPhone XS might still be the best deal for you. While the iPhone X isn’t generally available as much, it can still be found new at a few retailers since it hasn’t been manufactured by Apple for several years. In recent years, second-hand and repaired ones also dominate.

As for the iPhone 7 and 8, they’ve seen their stock dwindle in recent years, but they’re still popular. You should also go for unlocked/refurbished versions to find them at retailers like Amazon, CDiscount, Fnac, Darty or even Boulanger. But be careful: when buying a refurbished, in other words, second-hand smartphone, make sure that the second-hand model has been checked again by the manufacturer or dealer.

What are the iPhone SE deals after Black Friday?

As we’ve already seen, Apple, and especially its resellers, don’t hesitate to drop mid-range iPhone prices during the holiday season. These iPhones still have the advantage of capturing the advanced technologies of the latest model in the old format (reference will be iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 for SE).

Is Apple still cautious on Black Friday?

Over the past few years, Apple has relaxed a bit about its promotional operations, and especially Black Friday, which the Apple brand has been slowly following. A quasi-historic deal with Amazon a few years ago also made iPhones the biggest seller on Black Friday. A rare thing to note: Apple offered Black Friday deals on its official website last issue. Unfortunately, the offers on this occasion were not the best.

Apple fans or consumers looking for a high-performance smartphone at a lower price should still be careful, even though the last Black Friday is over. Many offers continue to be available at various specialty retailers. Be sure to check out Black Friday 2022 iPhone deals to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals!

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