Basketball: the journey Rodez’s new leader Nils Poulard taught

Hired by RBA this summer, the forward has established himself through a number of clubs already visited in his young career. Meeting on the eve of the 8th day of the National 3rd match with Rodez against Frontignan in the Ginette-Mazel room (20.00).

Only 24 years old and already the fifth major club. Heading down to Rodez from Toulouse this summer, Nils Poulard profiles a great traveler and player already experienced with previous adventures at National 1 and National 3. The leader continues the Tour of France in Aveyron, which also passed Oberhoffen. (Bas-Rhin), Brissac (Main-et-Loire) and Vanves (Hauts-de-Seine). Not forgetting his first steps on the parquet floor in Marne-la-Vallee (Seine-et-Marne) and the transition from the Orchies (North) training center. “I’m glad I did all this.he said. It allowed me to get to know different mentalities and shape myself.”

According to the Parisian by birth, this is explained by jealousy “Opportunities and Ambitious Projects” who came to him “My studies at Staples allowed me to move because I could do them anywhere”, he adds. The change of scenery does not scare him, because before becoming a student, he moved to the United States, Miami, for a year. “I was able to combine high school (high school)”Touching the American dream slips. “At the basketball level, I thrived on aggressiveness and toughness, the fundamentals there. details. It was a very good experience, but my profile is more suited to the European game.”

Nils Poulard believes that this phased course allowed him to expand. “I worked with great coaches. Thanks to their different views on basketball, I was able to shape myself.”, – says the person concerned. He also learned from his former partners. “I met the high level quickly (debuted on N1 five years ago, editor’s note) and I was able to put myself on par with professional players. We want to be at their level, so we try to adopt the same routines.”, he says. Off-court areas such as food, recovery, etc. “When I was in college, everyone knew that Thursday nights were without me.”press

“Basketball is my whole life”

These numerous trips also reveal Nils Pollard’s passion and ambition for basketball “To be able to play at the highest possible level”. The Parisian was very young affected by the fever of the big orange ball. A flaw in the family environment since his father, Luc, thrived in Pro B, especially in Brest. “Basketball is my whole life. I don’t know where I would be without it.smiles neo-rutenois. When I was young, I played tennis and music. At some point, a choice had to be made. And it happened quickly! “

In Rodez, Nils Poulard hopes to put down his bags for a while “to be part of a medium or long-term project”. The leader, who was recruited to strengthen the team that advanced to National 3, has worn two more hats. He is an employee of the Aveyron club due to his marketing activities (he follows the sandwich course), which makes him take care of steps with partners and events. The Parisian also coaches RBA’s U15 team at the regional level. A continuation of a profession that he intends to deepen. “I have already received diplomas and hope to further my education at a professional level”, – says the person concerned. This could give him an excuse to continue his travels.

“Match capital” this Saturday evening

Rodez (11th out of 14) and Frontignan (13th), who have just two successes in seven matches, their opponents play big this Saturday (8:00) on Day 8 of the National 3 at the Ginette-Mazel room. the rest of the season. “Obviously, if we look at the classification, it’s a decisive match,” said Aveyron head coach Matija Sagadi, who could also have the whole group. “But in any case, we have targeted all the matches at home. We have great facilities there, the public watching us and a beautiful atmosphere. We have to take advantage of that.”

Group: Poulard, Williams, Chumiatcher, Gelin, Rigal, Pecovnik, Guirao, Bensaada, Frugère + 10th candidate will be nominated.

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