A musician in the Norman pop rock band For The Hackers, Arthur inherited the family talent

The Conseil family, a real jukebox in Criel-sur-Mer. (©The Informer)

the pop rock band Performed on the music scene for hackers. Originally from Seine-Maritime, Arthur de Criel-sur-Mer, Alex, Romain, Axel and David continue their ascent. In this band, Arthur plays drums, trumpet, keyboards, guitar and bass. Undoubtedly, he inherited the talent of his fathers. Go back!

A musical family tree: This is how we can describe the family of Christine and Laurent Conseil, who have been living in Criel-sur-Mer since 1998.

Originally from Monchy-sur-Eu and Melleville, Laurent’s parents, Alphonse and Marguerite, settled in the EU after their marriage in 1946.

music in the blood

Bathed in the music of Marguerite’s brothers from their early childhood, they gave birth to five children: Lucien à AccordionErnest horse jazz (that’s what the drums were called) friendly band members Mitou Jazz and Gilbert tooharmonica always ready to play for the happiness of the family.

My in-laws raised their children to enjoy music, but above all to dance, have fun, gather and share.

Christine Consultingmusician

“My mother-in-law was the last of a woman big family, he himself wanted a big family. My father-in-law was a simple glass worker, but it was important to be well received in my homeland, just as at home, a little north, and it was good to celebrate all the events,” admits Christine Conseil.

To each his own group: Methane, Golden Boys and Common Accord

It is not surprising that the children wanted to continue this musical chain: Laurent, the youngest at 56, singer and guitarist The Golden Boys have been setting the stage on fire with their rock ‘n’ roll vibes since 1987.

Videos: currently on Actu

Covers of national and international varieties.

Jean Marie, 65, horse guitar and vocals and 61-year-old sister Pascal’s husband, guitarist, brother-in-law Philippe danced and sang with hundreds of Eudois. hard rock band Methane in the 80s at the Le Royal cinema.

Philip later joined the Golden Boys. His daughter Helena, 30, sings and plays guitar in Commun Accord with Tonton Jean-Marie. includes national and international varieties.

Jean Claude, the oldest is 75 years old, make videos brothers! Dominique, 68, is the guitar player at family parties.

“The scene is always an event,” says Jean-Marie. ” It’s adrenaline, a great moment to share with the public! Laurent adds.

Criel resident Aimee, who attended a concert in aid of Restos Du Coeur at the Reggiani Hall in Treport last May, testifies: “The Commun Accord singer, her voice is warm and cheerful! Live musicians. Golden boys, our eyes, ears and hearts were full, what generosity! Incredible stage presence! It’s a real treat! “.

“One day you will have your own group”

With Arthur, the succession is secured.

His father Laurent told him when he was a child: “One day you will have a band.”

A talented songwriter and musician, Arthur, 27, started playing drums in the seventh grade, but his passion for music caught him in high school playing music with his kindergarten friends in Criel and never let go. Together they create For The Hackers.

Arthur explains: “My parents were very nice. “They were worried that I only wanted to do music, but they never forced me to quit.”

“And now he’s living off it!” adds Christina, her eyes shining with pride and emotion as she sees her children reunited with her husband some time ago. concert. Because their two other student children, Louison and Anna, 23 and 18, play bass and piano respectively.

Over the years, For The Hackers has become a real professional project.

Ultra creative, these friends compose, write and perform their songs together.

They participate and win about fifteen springboard (national competitions) intended for young groups.

They create their own production company, Carpanorama, and cross France with a bus (the bus is solar powered) with an integrated recording studio and a concert stage for euphoric and ecological shows.

France 2 notices this innovative idea and forces them to appear twice in the newspaper du midi, request a flood, write several titles broadcast on many channels (Spotify, Deezer) and are about to release their first album in co-production with Sony.

When friendship chemistry and musical legacy after they meet, it gives birth to a group, carried by the love of a united family, that people do not stop talking about it.

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