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Gerard Pique will retire this Saturday. An opportunity for a Real Madrid supporter to send him an open letter. Between hatred and little respect.


Dear Gerard,

After fourteen years of stormy relationship, we are now parting ways. You, a great defender, because of your size (a lot) and because of your talent (a little). It must be said that for me you are his ultimate personality Clasico. To my chagrin, it crushed me too much to feed my resentment against FC Barcelona every season. Because yes Gerard, I hate Barça: its colors, its “identity”, its supporters’ tricks and of course fraudsters players.

“Five years Gerard, yes five years, you darkened my football life. »

My first two memories of you are positive. This is how you develop in Zaragoza when I met you, it’s January 14, 2007, I’m 11 years old and I’m watching Sport+. Before my eyes, Robinho, one of my childhood idols (before he filled the ranks of FC Jail) drags you down with his body tricks and steps. Pure delight. Then a year later I find you smiling because you’re posing next to my real role model, Cristiano Ronaldo. This time with Manchester United. In Moscow, in the rain in Luzhniki, you lifted the first Champions League, before your paths had completely gone. Ours too. This summer of 2008, you really decided to sympathize with the devil. The often-disguised evil has this time taken the form of a tactician named Josep Guardiola. Wanting to build a team in his image, Pep brought you home and decided to make La Masia his spearhead. And what a springboard! Five years Gerard, yes five years, you darkened my football life. I meringue convinced, accustomed to luxury and spawn, I found myself eating gravel weaned by a hungry (and very strong) opponent. At least, that’s what my mind tells me when I invite myself to re-think each of these moments from the beginning of the last decade. And this great Barça: you were a part of it.
I remember the 2-6 score at the Santiago Bernabeu on the afternoon of May 2, 2009. When you scored the last goal in the game, you took off your shirt and celebrated, as if you were showing the superiority of the capital of Catalonia. . And what about celebrities “manita” , taken from the gums, November 29, 2010. Again you mocked Madrid’s feeble brains by proudly waving your hand to form a “5”. Just like the slap you just gave us. Standing in front of my HP Pavilion computer and its failed stream, I could only nod. Defeated, I realized the power symbolized by the mighty Carles Puyol (the only Barcelona that has a special place in my heart) surrounding you, but also your technical quality, which never ceases to amaze me, I admit. Your hook on Ivan Cordoba in the Champions League semi-final against Inter will always leave me speechless.

“It was just an added pleasure to see you slide off the turf with every flood from Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Above all, your presence has allowed you to create a rivalry that pits you against equal Sergio Ramos. You loved to hate each other like cats and dogs. Between saving objectives for your respective teams, uncontrollable combat and cooperation with the authorities. Until they offered Spain two European Championships and a World Cup. These are a few traces of love that I have been able to give you during this long career. For the rest, football took my revenge. Seeing you slide off the turf with every deluge from Cristiano Ronaldo was simply an added pleasure. If only Nani would use his brain…

It was also a repeat pleasure to see you suffer against Roma, sink against Liverpool, get crushed against Bayern Munich and finish at the Europa League meander on Thursday at 7pm. Moments of grace, for all Real Madrid supporters, come heal long-opened wounds with your celebrations. anti Blancos. However, when I suddenly found out that I had decided to hang up my butterflies, nostalgia struck a note in my footballing process. Understand that the latter is one of the “survivors”. Giant Barça pulling away made me shiver a little. Behind you, only Sergio Busquets still bears the scars of the battles that the world tasted. At the service of the Messi-Ronaldo duel.

So I can assure you that no one likes to see your club push you around, following Xavi’s characteristic trickery. I wish you could say goodbye to 90,000 ends at the end of the chapter in a spring, with a happy face. Instead, it’s the chill of the “Spotify Camp Nou” graced by Generation Z. so 2022 and gluten intolerance awaits you. I never loved you, Gerard, but I always respected you. For your consistency, Real Madrid and for “Tsamina mine, eh, eh” . Now you can easily destroy tennis.

By a Real Madrid supporter

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