Ecology, feminism and politics

From the end of summer 2022 Reporter research on what to call it The Bayou affair ». At that time, her ex-girlfriend, who thought she was a victim, contacted us psychological abuse ». We then interviewed several female feminists and ecologists who criticized the former national secretary of Europe, Écologie-Les Verts, for what they considered unacceptable behavior towards them. They said psychological abuse » had caused very painful and harmful consequences in their lives.

In parallel, in September, it caused a media frenzy in conditions that did not allow for a calm examination of the facts: rumors strengthened positions in one direction or another, and commentators mostly did not know what the exact question was. Although Julien Bayou was able to give his version, the women’s words were ignored. It was important that these be heard, and we allowed it by questioning and testifying other Companions who were not troubled by their relationship with Mr. Bayou. He refused to answer us.

However, if it was only a matter of personal life, this study would not make sense. The issue is actually both political and social in nature. Politics is an environment created by men and for men. Everything revolves around the character of the tribune, a dominant person who must be able to put his fist on the table. We conclude with a way of considering politics as an arena. This has important consequences for the recruitment of political personnel. He is recruited for his aggressiveness and ability to dominate »Mathilde Viot explains in a podcast.

This former employee of left-wing elected officials published a book: Politician, I compost (Stock, 2022), describes the violence faced by women seeking a career in politics. He talks about the sexism and humiliation faced by those working in political circles. This can lead to young women refusing to commit despite their initial enthusiasm. These are the statements we collected about Mr. Bayu’s behavior. Sandrine Rousseau explained it BFM TV Sunday, October 30: These are women who joined the environmentalist party and left political ecology because they were in abusive relationships. The question I ask myself as a political leader is how can we get women to invest in politics en masse, how can we get them to come, deliver on their vision, honor their words and stay in politics? »

How to achieve mass involvement of women in politics ? »

Since psychological violence has been recognized by law since 2010, this issue is also of a public nature. It is a crime punishable by a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of 150,000 euros if the rape causes the victim to commit suicide or attempt suicide. (Article 222-33-2-1 of the Criminal Code) and three years and a fine of 45,000 euros if the facts do not produce any results ITT (loss of total working capacity). They are identified as such actions, which may consist of words and/or actions, resulting in deterioration of the victim’s living conditions, changes in his physical or mental health ».

At the time, we welcomed this recognitionexplains Chantal Paoli-Texier, the founder of the association AJC (Association for the rights of victims of domestic violence). But we quickly became disillusioned because referees need to be trained to enforce these offenses, which is not always the case. » Thus, his union organizes trainings for judicial employees on the process of psychological violence. They’re often happy because we give them pointers to decrypt files they don’t read the same way later. Often psychological abuse is dismissed as being too subjective. » It remains to agree on what the concept covers. The discussion is open.

Finally, the feminist question is part of the ideal of emancipation carried by environmentalist and leftist parties. Therefore, the behavior of elected officials should be consistent with their public duties. Julien Bayou actually claimed to be a feminist man. In 2019, she signed a column calling for a march against gender-based and sexual violence. In 2020, after the removal of his advisor Stephane Pocrain inappropriate behavior » said against women Reporter : Our priority is to build a movement where women feel safe to take on all the roles that belong to them. We want tomorrow’s talents to emerge. » In June 2022, the feminist union We Are All protested against it in the context of legislative elections. In the question: You consider yourself a feminist ? », he answered : Yes, feminist or ally, she is determined to make equality a reality anyway. »

There is a connection between the destruction of nature and the oppression of women »

Ecology and feminism are closely related. It is a thread that Reporter Since the creation of this information site, it has drawn, among other topics, touching on ecological inquiry, in the debate with Élisabeth Badinter or in 2012 with the re-emergence of the term ecofeminism coined by Françoise d’Eaubonne in the 1970s, then forgotten. Since then, we have continued to cross this theme with others, contributing to the emerging concept of ecofeminism in the general consciousness. At its core, ecofeminism teaches us that there is the connection between the destruction of nature and various forms of oppression against women ». Therefore, the struggle for the preservation of the world cannot be separated from the struggle against the oppression of women. That is why among the thousand forms of freedom and struggle against domination Reporter echoes, we cannot turn a blind eye to sexist and gender-based violence, especially when it occurs in self-proclaimed environmental circles.

One can only hope that the Bayou case helps the left and environmentalists think through all of these points to give them a face that is entirely consistent with the values ​​they hold. Women’s participation in political activity is an important component. And as Karima Delli (Green European Parliament) said Reporter, social and mental barriers remain. But we are moving forward by knocking them down one by one. It is up to us to take power without waiting for it to be given to us ».

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