Chromebook or laptop? What are the differences?

When we talk about laptopthere is a slightly separate category: o Chromebooks. It’s a better value alternative to traditional laptops while also being more portable. If you’ve heard it before, you might not know what makes this type of car unique. that’s it Differences between a Chromebook and a laptop.

Comparison chart of the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop

Differences Chromebook laptop
use it Office and multimedia All Purpose
Bone Chromium OS Windows, Linux, macOS
Battery From 8 am to 12 pm. Between 2 and 10 hours
Storage Between 64 and 128 GB Between 128 GB and 2 TB
to cut Between 10 and 14 inches Between 13 and 17 inches
Price Less than 500 euros All prices

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook It is a type of portable machine sold by Google. The goal is to offer a more cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to laptops commonly found on the market.

This requires a smaller, more portable machine that relies heavily on the system Chrome OS and Google Services. Chromebooks don’t have a lot of power, and are mostly aimed at “beginners” using this type of machine, or people with very basic needs. It is also a device with a fairly good autonomy.

chrome book

Differences between a Chromebook and a laptop

Type of use

It can be a laptop PC all uses possible and improbable depending on the model. The most affordable machines will be limited to basic office automation, while the most powerful machines are intended for, for example, professionals with heavy work (architects, video editing, modeling, etc.) or PC gaming enthusiasts.

Regardless of model, Chromebooks are limited to one year office use and some multimedia. As the entry-level equivalent to a laptop, Chromebooks exhibit close to the same power, making them primed for these tasks. It is possible to make some graphics and play a few games, for example, but within a limited framework.

Operating system

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A laptop can be equipped with any operating system available in the market Windows, Linux or macOS for the best known. It is also possible to install Chrome OS on any laptop. From there, you get access to OS-compatible software.

Chromebooks are always sold with a Chromium OS is directly integrated. It uses the usual Android interface, but also allows access Google Play Store. In particular, the software is limited to only Android-compatible apps. It is possible to install another operating system with a bit of confusion, but that would be a bad idea.

The strength of Chrome OS lies in its optimization, which allows for great fluidity machine with few resources. Installing another OS can significantly reduce the performance of the device.

chrome book


A laptop has a battery that depends a lot on its model, brand and capacity. Most suggest Up to 4 or 5 hours of battery lifeand the top of the peak reaches 8 or 10 hours.

Chromebooks prioritize battery life, setting themselves apart from standard laptops. you can count Up to 12 hours of battery lifeat least it revolves around 8 o’clock.


Almost all of the laptops we compared have at least one small 258 GB SSD. Its size can be larger depending on the model and can easily be provided between one hard drive 500 GB and 2 TB. Additional storage may also be available.

A Chromebook will rely on more online storage. Memory rotates about 64 and 128 GB, is enough to host only the OS, as well as some programs and files. That’s why it’s important to have an internet connection on hand or on an external storage device often.


Regardless of the size of all laptops (usually 13 and 17 inches) or its strength-dependent gravity.


It wants to be a Chromebook as light as possiblewith its easily portable size, it can be moved between 10 and 14 inches. The touchscreen can also be flipped to turn the Chromebook into an Android tablet.


The laptop is located any degreedepending on the brand, power output and other characteristics.

Chromebook models are commonly found It is under 500 euros. However, some machines more or less exceed this limit to provide more powerful devices. You can find our best Chromebook picks right now.

A laptop or Chromebook

In conclusion, we can say that the computer is more complete, powerful and more responsive to use. That’s why it’s more expensive than a Chromebook. Chromebooks are the ideal solution for small budgets or people with limited computer use.

If your experience is limited to surfing the Internet, watching videos on YouTube, taking notes, Chromebook may be more than enough for you. Remember that the latter is designed to work with the cloud, but thisIt is quite possible to use it without an internet connection if you have made the necessary settings.

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